Activate U.S. Bank Visa Check Card and Manage Your Money Wherever You Are!

Isn’t it dangerous and inconvenient to carry cash all the time? It can be damaged, stolen, or you can easily run out of cash while make big transactions. All these inconveniences and annoyances can be avoided by one simple alternation to our daily lifestyle; carrying a credit or debit card with us instead of cash. So, if you are looking for a credit or debit card, then have consider U.S. Bank Visa Check Card as it will make your financial life easier. Just swipe your card, enter your PIN, and voila its done.

About U.S Bancorp

U.S Bancorp

U.S. Bancorp, head by Andrew Cecere (President and CEO) and Richard K. Davis (Executive Chairman) was founded in 1968 and is currently headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. U.S. Bancorp is a bank holding company which is the parent company of U.S. Bank, which is the 7th largest banks in the U.S. Their products and services includes providing banking, investment, mortgage and trust funds, and payments services. It has 3,067 branches and almost 4,780 ATMs across the U.S.

Why Activate U.S. Bank Visa Check Card

If you are thinking about activating your U.S. Bank Visa Check Card but still not sure about, then read the following benefits to finally come to a conclusion.

  • Visa debit and credit are accepted worldwide.
  • Use card instead of cash and use the extra trips to ATM.
  • Track every transaction. Purchases are withdrawn directly from the checking account, so you can track every transaction.
  • Built-in fraud protection.

How to Activate U.S. Bank Visa Check Card

If you are willing to activate U.S. Bank Visa Check Card, then read the following instructions:

  • The first thing you have to do is visit the following website:
  • Now, if you are using the Online Banking or Mobile Banking, then you can activate your visa check card immediately when it arrives.
  • Simply log in to your account by clicking on the “Log In” button.

  • Then go to Customer Service and find the option for debit card activation.
  • If, however you don’t use Online Banking or Mobile Banking, then you can activate the debit card by Making a deposit or a withdrawal at any U.S. Bank ATM, or calling at 800.236.3838, or bringing your visa card at any of the U.S. Bank branches.
  • You can also enroll for the Online and Mobile Banking once your pin arrives and visiting the following URL again:

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