Get to know the rebate process with Staple Rebate Center!

Do you know that Staples corporations are now offering rebates to consumers? Are you ready to get your rebate from the rebates center at Staple? Cause you are in luck now the Staples rebate center makes submitting a rebate a whole lot easier, simpler, to check your rebate status, and your rebate balance. Also find great rebated offers online.

Staple Rebate Center

Guide to the Staple Rebate Center

It doesn’t matter whether you bought your Staple products in store or ordered them online to your home or office. Now you have the chance to submit to easily submit your rebate, which can be done via mail-in rebate. The Staples Rebate center offers a simplified way for loyal customers to submit their rebate.

Easy rebates are a rebate product that can be submitted online. If you see a product marked with an easy rebate icon or the phrase “Easy Rebate” in the item description can be submitted online. For all of you that prefer to do it the old fashioned way and want to mail in your rebate form for an easy rebate product, you can use the “Find rebate offers now” link and print out the form.

There are certain products which are not eligible for online and require a mail in rebate. In case you don’t have a rebate form, you can get a print out from the following link  . Once you submit your rebate request it takes about 4-6 weeks before you will either get your rebate, or you can get a VISA prepaid card or check from Staples Corporation.

The best part is there are no limits to how many rebate forms you can submit online at one time. After you are done submitting your rebate the system would ask if you would like to submit another rebate request.

If you would like to track an Easy rebate you can track it via your name, or by the tracking number. For mail in rebates you have the option to track via your name, zip code or by the company name and tracking number.

All Staple prepaid card holders are able to check their rebate card balance and get prepaid tips from the Staples Rebate center.

About Staples

Staples provides products, services and expertise in the categories of office supplies, technology, furniture, Copy & Print, and cleaning and break room. Staples was founded in 1986. 

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