Sprint Buyback Lets You Sell Your Old and Used Mobile Devices!

Wondering what to do with your old, used or broken-down phones? Sprint Buyback has the answer for you!

About Sprint Buyback Program

Sprint Buyback Program

Sprint buyback program lets you sell your old and used devices for mobile credit, new device, or accessories.

Benefits of using the Sprint Buyback Program

Benefits of Sprint buyback program are:

  • Quickly sell your old and used devices
  • Shipment is free
  • Get mobile credit in return
  • If you use the In-store feature, you can also use the credit to purchase a new device or accessories.

Sprint Buyback Program

How to use the Sprint Buyback Program to sell your device

To sell your device through Sprint buyback program follow the instructions below:

  • Open up your browser and enter the URL: sprintbuyback.com and press enter
  • On the main page, you will see ‘Sell,’ click it to begin the process.
  • Find the device you want to sell.
  • You can use the carrier, manufacturer, model to filter your search
  • Or you can use the ‘Device Search’ to find the device.
  • Once you have found your device, select the specifications for it to estimate its value.
  • If you have multiple devices the same devices, then add the quantity.
  • If you want to sell other another device, then click ‘Add and Select another device’ else click ‘Add and Proceed.’
  • After this answer the questions about your device and its condition.
  • Enter IMEI or MEID number for the device
  • Enter your Sprint mobile number
  • Enter a promo code if you have one (optional)
  • Click ‘Add to cart, I´m done.’
  • Then you have to complete the Customer Information section
  • After reviewing everything click ‘Accept ’
  • Read the Terms and Conditions.
  • Click ‘Complete Offer’
  • If your offer is accepted, you will be receiving shipping material within five working days.
  • Follow the instructions to send your device.
  • Wait 7-14 working days for the shipment to be received and processed
  • Once the device is processed, it will take another four weeks for your credit to appear in your monthly bill.
  • If you´re also participating in the Sprint Clean Slate program, you can use the same site mentioned above to sell your device.

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