Let The State Hold Your Hand In Times Of Need with NJ Unemployment Claim!

Losing your job out of the blue is a terribly unfortunate thing to happen to anyone. Everyone has plans for their lives, when they get their first job, how they will progress in their career and then losing your jobs sets the entire plan back. This is why the government provides unemployment insurance to support unemployed people. The first step to getting your unemployment insurance is to first file an unemployment claim. For people living in New Jersy here is a quick break down of how to file your NJ unemployment claim.workforce development

If you wish to file it online you may easily do that by emailing the authorities at  [email protected] This is one way to contact the NJ unemployment claim office and file it via the internet by visiting nj.gov/labor/ . Other ways to file claims include calling the offices; if you live in; Dover, New Brunswick, Plainfield Elizabeth, Newton, Somerville, Flemington, and other nearby areas, your area is serviced by the Freehold Reemployment Center one-stop career center and you will call (732) 761-2020 to file your complaint. Teletypewriter (TTY) users may file their unemployment claim by calling (732) 761-2035.

Another one-stop career center serves these areas; East Orange Jersey City, Passaic Hackensack, Newark Paterson; you can call the Union City Reemployment call center at (201) 601-4100. TTY users for this area can call this number (201) 601-4159 to file their NJ unemployment claim.

Lastly if you live in Atlantic City, Pleasantville, Vineland, Bridgeton, Salem, Westhampton, and so on, your area is served by the Cumberland Reemployment one-stop career center and to file your NJ unemployment claim you can contact (856) 507-2340. For TTY users of this area to file your NJ unemployment claim you must call (856) 507-2399. For citizens that work in New Jersey but live in a different state you may file your NJ unemployment claim by calling (888) 795-6672 (toll-free).

These are the numbers that you must know if you are an employee in the state of New Jersey. This will prepare you for any situation where you may have to file an unemployment claim. This is more common than you may think since everyday people lose their jobs and 3.9% of US citizens are unemployed!

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