UofM Health Connection is Lets You Keep Up with Your Health in Your Busy Life!

In today’s time, we all know how busy all of us are, even so busy that we don’t even have time to take care of ourselves. How many times have you delayed your doctor’s appointment because you were so caught up in work that you couldn’t make an appointment call with the doctor’s assistant? Or so busy that you didn’t even bother to go and collect your health tests results from the laboratory? Or you didn’t go to the pharmacy to get your medicines or visit the hospital to get the prescription you needed to get the medicines you require? All these things can be made easy for you if you sign up with UofM Health Connection!

About Michigan Medicine

Established as U-M Medical School back in 1850, Michigan Medicine has evolved ever since and has grown.  It is an academic medical center owned by the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It has clinical programs in collaboration with other of its fellow or sub-institutes or hospitals to provide specialized care throughout Michigan.

Michigan Medicine

Why apply for UofM Health Connection

UofM Health Connection has a lot of benefits to give to you if you sign up for them, and here are some of the perks which you will be given;

  • You will not have to go and visit the laboratory to collect your test results regarding your health or wait around for a call or a letter for the tests results you seek; you can simply access them online.
  • Plan or schedule your next appointments with your doctor; you can even keep a tab on the past appointments, in case you need a history of them.
  • Send online requests through UofM Health Connection asking for the refill of your prescriptions.

How to apply for UofM Health Connection

Here is how to sign up for UofM Health Connection;

  • Go to this URL myuofmhealth.org
  • Click on “SIGN UP NOW”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to sign up with UofM Health Connection

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