Penn Medicine Patient Portal Login!

Looking for a healthcare website or portal where you can communicate with your care team, renew prescriptions, access your test results, and manage your appointments all at one? We are here to help you, Penn Medicine Patient is there for you. In order to be able to do all of those things at once, you need to have an access to Penn Medicine Patient Portal Login. Now it is so easy to manage your healthcare!

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About Penn Medicine Patient Portal

MyPenn Medicine portal makes it so easy to get all information regarding your medical health or for your loved one. You can access medical records, prescriptions, and other important information concerning your health. It makes it so easy to manage your health care. MyPennMedicine provides important and reliable information such as:

  • Personal medical information online and accessible 24/7.
  • A list of your medications and health summaries.
  • A tool to request prescription refills, physician referrals, and pre-certifications.
  • Lab or other test results.

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How to access Penn Medicine Patient Portal Login

If you want to ask questions from your health care team, you can ask them on Thi portal provides easy and secure communication to gain access to the information you need. All you need to do is log into your account if you are a member. When done, you can have an access to your test results, referrals, refills, appointments and more.

If you are a member, you need to enter your username and password and enjoy the benefits. You can access all of this as a new member as well, you have to send a request to activate your account by entering your activation code. If you have forgotten your password, or want to change your username, you can access the reset forms and you will be set.

If you are registering an account for the first time, you need to provide accurate information that is accordance with the information at Penn Medicine. You have to complete the activation form on time otherwise they will reject it. If you successfully register, they will email you the activation code. In case your given information fails to match with the information they have in their records then they will contact you. Please remember that you to be of 18 years or older to enjoy these benefits, otherwise there might be a problem. The following information is required for new account activation:

  • Give them your Name
  • Enter your current living address
  • Provide your Date of birth
  • Carefully enter the last four digits of Social Security number
  • Give them a valid email address, the one you are currently using so that you won’t miss any important announcement
  • Provide your home phone number

You can use Penn Medicine Patient Portal Login service from your home, sitting comfortably on your couch and by using your desktop. You can also download the apps available through the App Store and Google play store. These apps will give you the full experience and you can access them everywhere using your smartphone or tablet, isn’t that great?

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