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Want to know the secret behind saving money? It’s not just coupons or clearance items. There is a another more stable and assuring way and it lasts for long term as long as you are a loyal customer. Companies call that the rewards program designed to build customer satisfaction and it is a chance for the company to show appreciation and support to their loyal customers’ base.


Overview of the Meijer mPerks rewards program

In order for you to start enjoying a lot more benefits and savings, the first step you need to do is create an online account Meijer.

The sign up process is very simple and easy and you can register by inputting your contact information, your first and last name, mobile phone number, email etc. Once that is complete choose your activation options, via text message or without a text message. In case you would like to activate without a text message you need to call 1-800-313-2913 from the phone number you used to sign up in the first place. Just follow the prompts to activate your account and sign in by entering your pin number. Once successfully registered and signed in you can choose the rewards you want. Rewards can include coupons, pharmacy rewards, for baby, or you have the option to personalize rewards for yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy these amazing benefits and Save a ton in the process.  

One of the most amazing things about mPerks is that there are no paper coupons and you do not have to go through the troubles of having to sort coupons out. Once you are a member of the mperks rewards program you can choose digital coupons online or on the Meijer mobile app to redeem on the items you picked up at Meijer stores. Once at the checkout just enter your mperks number to your mobile number and pin and you will be able to enjoy the benefits of mperks.

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About Meijer

As one of the largest retailers in the United States, Meijer is a regional hypermarket chain, and it is credited with being the first hypermarket Meijer stores are usually operated in forms of super centers and hypermarkets. For most meijer stores the operating hours are usually 24 hours and 364 days a year.

Meijer mPerks

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