Win a $500 Gift Card With Hess Express Survey Now!

These customer satisfaction surveys are built to understand the areas that are of concern for various businesses and brands. And similar to that, Hess Express has its own Hess Express survey that allows the company and its users to share the views, opinions and more that they have. Along with that, this opportunity allows the companies to get suggestions to make any moderation that is needed. And with that, the customers are allowed to get something in return as an appreciation. Read out article and find out some of the easiest steps and a guide regarding how to take this survey.hess express

Hess Express is a global energy company and functions independently. In 1919 Hess Express was widely known as the Amerada Hess Corporation. But by 1920 the name was changed are this company became part of the Hess Corporation. And so the company began exploring and producing natural gas and crude oil for vehicles. With its head office in New York City, Hess Express has become an extremely popular company for the supply of energy fuel and more

Hess Express Survey Reward

Since you as  a customer will be taking out special time to fill in this effort and help the company make an effort in its services, you will be given something in return as a token of gratitude by the company. And so when you will finish and submit the survey, at the end you will be entered in a prize draw. This draw will allow you to gain an opportunity to win $500.

Hess Express Survey

Taking the Hess Express survey is actually a pretty easy job and it will only take about 5 minutes of your time. You will basically be asked to answer some questions using the MCQs format. And then some questions you will have to rate according to how accurate you think it is. But before you begin taking the survey, you should make sure you have a recent receipt from Hess Express that has the invitation code for you. Then make sure you are of proper age and you have  a device that is functional with a working internet connection.

Now, let’s see how you can take the survey:

  • To take the survey, go for
  • Enter you survey entry code.
  • Then enter the date and time stamp from your receipt
  • Then add the amount you spent during your last visit.
  • Click on Start.
  • Now begin answering the survey questions and rate away.
  • Finish and submit the survey!

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