Win instantly with Coca-Cola/Fazoli’s Italian Lotto (expired)

How to play games in the Coca-Cola/Fazoli’s Italian Lotto?

There are two games involved in the Coca-Cola/Fazoli’s Italian Lotto: the Sticker Instant Win Game and the Online Instant Win Game.

  1. The Sticker Instant Win Game: All you need is a sticker to participate and that you can get by purchasing a Coca-Cola fountain drink, medium size, at a Fazoli’s restaurant, that offers this service, or even email them and request a sticker. From the sticker, you will get a unique code that is to be used for the Online Instant Win Game. Just peel off the sticker and see if you have won! The first 4 prizes will be a $500 Visa gift card, then 20 second prizes will be a $50 Visa gift card and a total of 367,628 third prizes will give a coupon that can get you a free Spaghetti with Marinara and other stuff.
  2. The Online Instant Win Game: With the code that you have, you just need to follow the instructions online and get a chance to win a prize of $50,000!

About Coca-Cola and Fazoli’s

The Coca-Cola company is the producer of the famous carbonated soft drink and has been making it available since 1886. It was originated in the United States and remains, to date, the most well known drink throughout the world.

Fazoli’s is an Italian-American food chain, started in 1988 in Lexington, Kentucky in the United States. Among the food they serve is their mouth watering lasagna, spaghetti and meatballs, pizza, ravioli and much more.

How do you enter the Coca-Cola/Fazoli’s Italian Lotto

Get your hands on a computer, laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone to get started. Follow the steps that are stated below and you will be done!

  1. Visit the website by clicking on
  2. Click on “Enter”.
  3. Enter all the information or sign in using your Facebook account.
  4. Now just enter the unique code that you have and the validation code. Click on “Submit”. Start getting the codes right now before it is too late!

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