Debenhams Beauty Club Rewards Card! Stay Beautiful Forever

It is a lot easier to be beautiful if you the Debenham Beauty Club Rewards Card. This allows you to enjoy Debenham Beauty club membership, stay up to date with the latest beauty news, hot new products, free beauty makeovers, skincare massages, gifts and special offers. The most important aspect is that you get 3 reward points for every $1 you spend on beauty products online.

ebenhams Beauty Club

ebenhams Beauty Club Rewards

Guide To Debenhams Beauty Club Rewards Card

The Beauty club reward card is a loyalty card, which allows members to earn points while they shop for their beauty products online or in store. As a loyal member to the Debenham Beauty Club you could get a lot of benefits from points and rewards:

  • Beauty makeovers on the house whenever you want them.
  • Free shipping and handling when you purchase with your Beauty Club reward online.
  • Members get exclusive gifts, promotions and offers from their favorite brands.
  • Expert skincare consultations.
  • Tips and advice
  • Latest beauty news and email notifications about new products

Activate your Debenham Beauty Club Reward Card

If you want to turn your points into rewards, you are going to have to activate your reward card. A valid email is necessary for activation. There are several ways to activate your Rewards card:

  • If you picked your card from a store, simply activate it online.
  • You can activate the reward card in store with the help of a staff member.
  • For iPhone users you can simply just download Debenham Beauty app from the App store to activate your card. Or just register an existing activated card to turn your plastic into a virtual one with the help of the app.

Debenham has new offers as of January 2013: Any member would collect 3 points for every $1 spent in beauty, fragrance, beauty electricals in stores and online. Debenham does not have a qualifying spend which makes that whole process even more simple. In short to get a $5 reward for your Beauty Club reward card you need to earn at least 500 points.

About Debenham Beauty Club

Debenham beauty club is owned by Debenham which is a leading retailer in premium beauty products in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Debenham was founded in the 18th century as a single store in London. Today the company has grown to over 160 locations worldwide. To find there store outlet in the UK please visit

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