Get Your Free Tickets ASAP By Taking the Carmike Cinema Rewards Program!

What would you say if I told you that you can watch your favorite blockbusters and get rewarded for that at the same time! The awesome part is that you can use the reward points you receive amazing prizes, or even get a free ticket to the next superhero movie. Carmike Cinema is full of surprises as new blockbusters are released this year clients are wild about the chance having to win amazing prizes.

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Guide to Carmike Cinema Rewards program

Members are enthused as Carmike Cinema holds the rewards program for them. Not a member of the program yet? No reason to fret just visit your nearest Carmike Cinema and pick up a rewards card there. After activating the card online, it can be used to get 1 point for every $1 you spend watching your favorite movies at the box office. Now you can concession items and free movie tickets the next time you are around Carmike Cinema with your reward card. Become a Carmike member today and get +5 bonus points.

Activate New Account Online

  1. Please click the following link to proceed with the activation process
  2. Now you have to enter your rewards card number which is shown on the reverse side of your card.
  3. Once done press “Next”
  4. Answer the questions shown on the page to complete the registration process successfully.

After creating an online account with Carmike you will be able to receive all the latest news, exclusive offers, reward information, check out your point level, view movie listing at the preferred theater you want to go to, access to transaction history and you can also sign up for the Carmike Rewards Newsletter.

Already a member? No problem just login to check your points and manage your account online:

  1. Visit the following link
  2. Now enter your username and password
  3. Press “Login” to access your account.

About Carmike Cinemas

Carl L. Patrick Sr was the man that founded Carmike Cinemas in 1982. Headquarters for Carmike Cinemas is located in Columbus Georgia in the United States of America. Carmike Cinema was once dubbed the “American Home Theater.” It was the fourth largest cinema chain in the United States. Carmike Cinemas currently has 276 theaters in 41 states. Carmike Cinemas employee about 7800 people throughout the United States. I hope you found this article helpful in case of any questions or concern please visit the Carmike cinemas website and go to the FAQ section.

Carmike Cinemas

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