Hacks for Free Music Download Without WiFi

Everyone loves listening to music on the go but it can become difficult when you are travelling without internet. Streaming can put a huge dent on your data bill and it is also costs to download music. Rather than having to resort to piracy there are many ways you can enjoy free music download without WiFi. Listed below are some apps that let you listen to music even where there is no internet connection. They are available on Android and iOS and some of them are also on Windows.


This is one of the most popular music streaming applications where you can build your own playlist or listen to a station. They have more than 18 millions songs and many live-streaming radio stations as well. You can enjoy free music download without WiFi by saving the tracks you like. However, you will have to put up with the advertisements in between if you are a regular member.


Pandora may have a smaller music collection but it is still widely used because of its simple design. The application can even be synced with your alarm clock and wake you up with some tunes. There is also the discover feature which lets you listen to the freshest beats. The app recommends music similar to your preferred artists. The free version has ads and if you want free music download without WiFi then you have to pay $4.99 per month.

Spotify is a very well-known application that has more than 20 million tracks listed on it. You can also use it to share what you are listening to with your friends once you sync it with your Facebook account. There are entire discographies of artists and you can listen to all of it as a user and get free music download without WiFi. Sportify is free for PC users but for an ad-free smartphone version you will need to pay $12.99/month.

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