Cafe Nero Survey Is Here To Help You Win Free Coffee!

If you are a coffee lover and you cannot live with a dose of coffee per day, you probably cannot even function without coffee, you should know about Café Nero. Café Nero wants to know how their coffee tasted for you, if you appreciate the quality provided to you and the cleanliness of the café you went to. And so, they have their own Café Nero survey that you can take in order to share the opinions you have. These surveys are deemed a great way by these companies that help them understand all their points of weaknesses and you as a customer also get something in return!

Café Nero Survey

Café Nero is a coffee house and a brand that provides European-style setting to its customers. This company is also privately held and it was discovered back in 1990. Café Nero actually has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom and it was established by its founder, Ian Semp. This company now has about 700 of its café houses around the world such as Ireland, UAE, Turkey, Canada, Cyprus and so on.

Café Nero Survey Reward

Because you will be taking time out and completing a survey for this company as well as letting them know how you feel, you will be rewarded for your help and guidance. And so when you will complete this survey, you will be given an opportunity to win a prize draw. The winners of this prize draw get a chance to take home some free delicious coffee from Café Nero. And this win does not last just one time. In fact, you will get a free coffee supply for a while week and you can also get an iPad to go with it!

Café Nero Survey

Café Nero Survey

In order for you to be ready to take this survey, you should make sure you are following some basic rules such as:

  • You have a recent receipt from Café Nero with you that has the survey invitation as well.
  • You should make sure you meet the age limit of the survey.
  • You should have a smooth internet connection as well as a functional device!

To take the survey:

  • You will go to
  • Enter the survey ID from receipt.
  • Enter the date and time of visit.
  • Hit Start
  • Begin answering all survey questions by picking the best ratings for each statement.
  • Finish and submit the survey to enter the prize draw.

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