MyLicon Gas Relief is Perfect for Relieving Your Infants’ Gas Discomfort!

According to statistics three out of four babies suffer from painful gas problem, which cause discomfort and lead to crying. Your solution lies in MyLicon Gas Relief

About MyLicon Gas Relief

MyLicon provides safe, effective infant gas relief. It is the number one brand, trusted by parents everywhere, to take care of their babies’ gas problems.

Pros of Using MyLicon Gas Relief

There are several positive factors associated with MyLicon Gas Relief and the website, parents can take advantage of the website while the products can help the babies. Some of these are listed below:

  • Pros of the Website:
    • You can sign up for product news and can share tips with others to help them out regarding child care.
    • There is a section on how to calm your crying baby
    • Another section tells you details regarding infant gas
    • There is also a section on why babies cry
    • Section on how much sleep babies need
    • You can also find the Nursery Checklist for all the products you would require for a new born.
  • Pros of MyLicon Gas Relief:
    • It works gently as the active ingredient simethicone (20 mg) gently breaks up bubbles in the stomach.
    • You can give it with each feeding for up to 12 times a day.
    • It is safe to use for newborns
    • Does not get absorbed into the bloodstream.
    • It is Gluten free
    • Does not contain Alcohol, Artificial flavor, or Saccharin
    • Contains no saccharin, artificial flavors or alcohol.
    • No artificial color is added

How to Order the MyLicon Gas Relief

To order the MyLicon Gas relief all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Site is available in both English and Spanish languages.
  • You can find the language change button at the top right of the page.
  • To see where you can buy the products from click ‘Where to Buy’
  • Select the area and then the product you want, the results will show you retailers in your area who have the product.

  • If you are a professional, then click ‘Healthcare Professional’.

  • You can fill the form to receive all professional material and information which you can provide your patients.
  • You can also read the Directions for Use and Dosages prescribed under the ‘Healthcare Professionals’ page.

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