You can easily Pay MyDish Bill now

Do you ever forget to pay your bills before time? Trust me, you are not the only one! We can not say much about your gas or electricity bill but you can easily pay MyDish bill, nowadays. Thank god we are living in the cyber age. In this age, everyone loves to binge watch shows and everything is so digital that no one wants to stand in huge lines to pay their bills but this is not a problem anymore. You can easily pay MyDish bill and you don’t even have to leave your comfortable couch. All you have to do is move your fingers and the job is done!

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Something about MyDish App

No matter where ever you are the MyDish app is always there to help you. The MyDish app allows the user to access their DISH account from anywhere in the world. This application is free and available both on the and . It enhances your TV experience on the whole new level. You can manage your appointments, programs, set your channel preferences, and even pay and view your billing detail summary. All you have to do is create a myDish account by setting a username and password and you are good to go! The myDish app offers many options; you can view your current bill breakdown, make a payment, and even visit the previous billing history. You can order movies, event, sports-it’s a fun package.

Different Ways to Pay MyDish Bill

If you want to pay MyDish Bill like a pro all you have to do is download the MyDish app for whichever device you’re using i.e: Android or iPhone. Following are the few ways you can easily pay MyDish bill now:

  • Online: Visit the Pay My Bill and use your username and password to sign in. If you tend to forget submitting fees on time you can access AutoPay where the app can submit the fee for you and will remind you.
  • Text Message: If you desire to pay MyDish bill via a text message all you have to do is type PAY BILL to DISH1(34741).
  • Phone: Punch in this number (800-333-3474) and make a call to pay through an automatic system you can request a customer service officer as well; whichever way you’re comfortable.
  • Reciever: Look for the My Account option in the main menu and pay your bill.
  • Mail: If you wish to pay MyDish bill via mail, you have to select your state or region and the place where you want to send your mail. The whole process can take more than 10 business day to acknowledge your payment. Comparatively, this method of payment is slower than the above-mentioned ones.
  • Cash: It can be submitted to any retail store that offers CheckFreePay, Western Union Payments, and MoneyGram Express. You can visit the Pay-in-Cash-Locator option and find the nearby location to submit your bill. This will include processing fee as well.


MyDish gives you plenty of options to pay your bills on time. So, go watch DISH as much as you want and can afford because payment is not an issue anymore!

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