Get a USBank DCS ReliaCard for All Your Financial Needs!

People don’t carry cash with them all the time – sometimes they are not ready for making a purchase, or haven’t decided if they would be buying something, and other times they don’t feel safe carrying large sum of money with them. USBank DCS Reliacard provides a hassle-free way for one to get their payments, as they are directly deposited to the card, and ability to carry not the money but the card which can be used for numerous purposes.

About USBank DCS ReliaCard

DCS ReliaCard is a US Bank issued prepaid and reloadable debit card. It is a superb alternate of paper checks to get your government agency payments easily. It is widely accepted and can be used to make online and instore purchases, pay bills, withdraw cash from ATM and works just like a regular debit card.

Why Apply for USBank DCS ReliaCard

If you are planning to apply for a USBank DCS ReliaCard then you should know the many benefits you can avail, which include:

  • You can use the card to make purchases online.
  • Withdraw cash from ATM, banks and credit unions.
  • Pay your bills.

And there is no fee when you make a purchase in stores, online or over a phone.

Card is widely accepted and can be used to make everyday purchases like:

  • Retail and Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • Gas Stations
  • Medical stores
  • Airlines

Then additional features of the card are:

  • You can check your available balance online, through the USBank DCS ReliaCard Mobile App, calling cardholder services at 855-282-6161.
  • There is also the feature of Text alerts for notifications like when money is added to your card, when balance gets low and recent transactions as well.
  • The online portal lets you see your transaction history, your statement and balance and all card related information.

How to Apply for USBank DCS ReliaCard

If you’re planning to apply for the USBank DCS ReliaCard and enjoy all the services, then please follow the instructions below:

  • You need to apply for the USBank DCS ReliaCard through U.S. Bank. Fill the form and your card will be delivered to you via mail.
  • After getting your card you either call 24 hours Cardholder Services at 855-282-6161 to activate the card and setup your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Or go over to or for activation.

  • On the website homepage you will see all the options and answers to whatever questions are roaming in your mind.
  • You can see all the information about the card, go over to FAQs to get answers to frequently asked questions or go to ATM locator to find the nearest ATM’s.
  • Then there are three other options at the right side of the page.
  • For first time user you need to create your account so click on “First Time Login”.
  • Input the 16-digit card number, your PIN, and your card verification number. Then click continue.
  • Now you can access all the features your card comes up with like Card Information, Card Activity, Statement, Change PIN and Logout.
  • The returning users can login in with their User ID and Password and then there is the option of forgot User ID as well as forgot Password which will benefit people who have created accounts and have forgotten either of the two login credentials.

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