What does frame houses mean

  What does frame houses mean

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Video reviews and detailed descriptions of frame houses

The main reasons for the rapid rise in popularity of frame construction in our country can be called, firstly, the high speed of construction of buildings of any configuration, and secondly, the relatively low cost compared to traditional houses and apartments. But what is a frame house, how and from what it is built, and how reliable will such housing be? In our article you will find answers to all these questions, as well as be able to decide whether to give preference to a relatively new technology in the domestic construction market.

The main difference between frame houses from ordinary

The main feature of which the frame house differs from much more familiar to us buildings – is the manufacture of all parts of the structure in the factory. In fact, the building is delivered to the construction site unassembled and assembled as a normal designer. Previously you only need to equip the foundation. Its construction does not require large investments, as the frame house has a small weight, so that the load on the ground is significantly reduced.

Building the frame and its lining in most cases takes from several weeks to several months, depending on the design of the future building. At the same time, there is no need to invite a team of qualified specialists – all parts of the house are carefully fitted to each other at the factory, so no additional work is required.

A little more about the benefits of frame construction

So, we found out two main advantages which the frame house possesses, – rather low cost and high speed of construction. But that is not all. In addition, such buildings have a number of other nice advantages:

  • full compliance with modern requirements for environmental safety. Almost all manufacturers of frame houses use exclusively high-quality natural wood, which, firstly, does not emit harmful and toxic substances into the atmosphere, and secondly, provides maximum comfort in the house. At the same time, the tree is processed by innovative anti-corrosion and antiseptic compounds, significantly extending the life of the structures;
  • complete lack of shrinkage. The frame house can be equipped and settled immediately after the completion of construction, in contrast to buildings made of brick, logs, foam blocks and other materials. Due to this, the time needed for housing construction also decreases significantly;
  • Special impregnations not only protect walls from fungi, rotting, mold. In addition, they increase the fire safety of the house, give the opportunity for a long time to withstand the effects of open flame;
  • excellent thermal insulation properties. The frame house allows you to enjoy a pleasant coolness even in strong summer heat and keeps warm in winter well. This is due to the use of multilayer panels for cladding frame, as well as high-quality finishing materials and effective ventilation systems;
  • durability and reliability in operation, provided by the use of special construction technologies.

The advantages can also be attributed to the absence of the need to use for the frame construction of expensive special equipment, equipment and tools, which also reduces the cost of work.

Device frame houses and the process of their construction

What build a frame house? As we have already found out, such construction implies the use of natural wood, from which the following elements of the future building are made:

  • frame parts, which are manufactured in the factory and assembled together on a previously prepared foundation. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the bar, well dried and treated with various impregnations, is used for their production;
  • sheathing, which is increasingly used OSB-plate, resistant to any aggressive environmental influences;
  • heat-insulating materials (basalt wool or other mineral insulation, polystyrene foam);
  • hydro and vapor barrier.

At the first stage of construction, a strip, columnar or pile-screw foundation is erected. Each of these types of bases is relatively inexpensive and can easily cope with the load that a frame house has on it. Then the construction of the building is carried out in stages:

  • the implementation of the bottom strapping of durable timber;
  • installation of floor beams and vertical racks of the wooden frame;
  • installation of the top trim, ceilings and truss system of the roof of the building;
  • construction of the roof, for which a variety of materials can be used – metal, professional sheet, ondulin, ordinary slate and other;
  • covering and warming of walls;
  • laying flooring;
  • exterior and interior decorating, making communications.

Main types of frame houses

Nowadays, two main technologies are used for the construction of reliable and durable buildings on the basis of a wooden frame:

  • frame-shield technology, which involves the manufacture of all parts of the future home in the factory and their assembly at the facility. This method allows you to significantly accelerate the construction, but has several disadvantages – the need to attract special equipment for transportation, loading and unloading and installation of very massive shields;
  • frame-frame technology. It is the construction of a house of small parts, so it is ideal for doing absolutely all the work with your own hands, without the involvement of specialists and technology. The main advantage over the frame-shield method is flexibility, the ability to create a building that fully meets your requirements. In addition, the building will cost 15-20 percent cheaper. The disadvantages include more protracted construction time, as well as the need to independently carry out all the work on wood processing and adjustment of individual parts of the future frame to each other.

In our country today, both technologies are equally successfully used, allowing to build both summer houses, intended only for seasonal use, and capital buildings for year-round living.

Cons frame construction and ways to address them

So that you can make an informed decision to build a frame house on your site, we will list all the disadvantages of this technology. There are only a few:

  • low level of sound insulation. Relatively thin walls let through absolutely all sounds from the street, so you will have to additionally use modern insulation materials to eliminate this problem;
  • low resistance to aggressive environmental influences. The low weight of the building reduces the load on the foundation, but at the same time increases the risk of destruction or the occurrence of serious damage due to strong hurricane winds;
  • the walls of the building practically do not let the air through because of the wood treatment with special impregnations, therefore, it is necessary to properly design and equip effective ventilation.

Despite these shortcomings, the frame house is a reliable, durable structure that can provide comfortable living both in the city and outside it. At the same time you save money and time, get high-quality modern housing that meets all the requirements for environmental safety.

Designs of frame houses reviews of residents positive and negative

To understand the good frame houses, reviews of residents should be seen first. When building a country house, first of all, the question arises about the construction budget. If the budget is not limited, choose a brick house. A less expensive option is a log house. But often this option does not have enough money. Construction of a frame house, even with modern technologies, will be cheaper.

The main advantages of such houses

Frame houses have other advantages. First of all, it is the ease of construction. For the erection of a frame house, a lightweight foundation is first built, then a construction frame is erected, then panels are attached to the frame. Panels are also quite light. For their construction there is no need to use heavy equipment. After the panels are mounted roofing. Then you can immediately proceed to the interior decoration of the house, since the frame house does not shrink, and there is no need to wait for several years.

In addition, the frame shield houses, built on new technologies, have excellent thermal insulation. The thickness of their walls is usually no more than 15 cm, and they keep the heat as half-meter brick walls. At the same time, they remarkably retain heat during the cold period and do not heat up during the warm period. Frame walls will reduce the cost of heating the house.

Material properties

On the issue of ecology in the construction of frame-panel houses, we can say that these houses are very environmentally friendly. The material from which the panels are made is wood. This is the main material. And for the panels, it is not necessary to cut down too much wood, since the panels can be made of waste from sawmills and from uninfected pieces of wood during sanitary deforestation.
According to Canadian technology for the manufacture of panels requires quite a bit of energy. The panels consist of gypsum plasterboard, a vapor barrier and heat insulation layer, hydro and windproof film, cement-bonded chipboard, lathing and vinyl siding. On the sides of the panel reinforced frame bar. You can choose panels with siding of any color.

What do the owners say?

Doubt among the owners of frame houses causes polystyrene foam, which is used to provide insulation. But it is, firstly, harmless to health, and secondly, it is easily recyclable.

Reviews of the owners of frame houses are mostly based on the properties of these structures and materials used in them. Frame houses have “breathing” properties. They let in air and breathe easily in the house. The frame houses built using Canadian technology are so warm that they can be used for housing in the far north.

The walls of the frame-panel houses are not too thick, and at the same time they do not lose their insulating properties. The frame-shield house will be larger in area of ​​the same brick house, since in a brick house walls can occupy 20% of the area of ​​the house, and in a frame house the area of ​​the walls is much smaller.

Frame and shield houses warm up quickly. They are quite suitable for coming to the country during the winter only for the weekend, turning off the heating on weekdays and including it for the weekend. The heat in these houses is better preserved. In winter, the air temperature inside the house drops quite a bit, a few degrees. You just need to remember to turn off the ventilation. During the warm period of the year, a pleasant coolness will prevail in the house if you turn off the heating.

Due to the fact that the walls of the house are rather thin, the effect of good illumination of the house is clearly felt. If in houses with thicker windows the windows are somewhat similar to cut-out loopholes, in frame houses this effect is absent.

Frame houses have good sound insulation. Insulation used in the panels has a sound insulation property.

Features of construction

Karkasno shield house is easy to build. Panels of 1 m² in size weigh only 15–20 kg, while brickwork of the same area can weigh 1 ton. The frame house is built fairly quickly, since there is no need to use heavy equipment. You can order the construction in the spring so that the house is built by the summer. The panels, created by Canadian technology, are completely even. The panel glued firmly to polystyrene foam does not deform over time. This allows you to spend no cost on the interior decoration of the house.

Canadian technology is good and the fact that the panels mounted on the frame, fit closely, do not leave any gaps and gaps. In this regard, the fire safety of the house increases, since there are no air gaps in which fire can spread in case of fire. In addition, this technology contributes to the strength of the walls. On the walls you can easily hang a shelf or cabinet.

To build a house using Canadian technology, only panels, boards, mounting foam and screws are needed. No additional equipment and additional materials are required. That is, to spend time and money on the search for goods and its purchase is not required. There are also no problems with the delivery of materials to the construction site, since the panels weigh little. The process of building practically does not pollute the surrounding space. Construction can begin at any time of the year. The possibility of workers’ mistakes during construction is much less, since they use ready-made panels adapted to be attached to the frame.

You can build a frame house on your own. The main thing will be to nail to the base the board setting the direction along the perimeter of the wall to which the corner panels are nailed. Then you can mount the panel without using the level. The wall will not “go away.” Openings for doors and windows are planned without problems.

Canadian houses with finished panels and frames are very convenient in construction, but for now they will cost more than domestic ones. But the house from the finished set can be assembled by yourself in a few days.

If the house is built according to your own project, some panels will have to be cut, adjusted in size. The panels of the described construction are easy to handle with a jigsaw, hacksaw, circular saw. Holes for windows can be made even after assembling a house. Laying of engineering communications will also not cause difficulties.

When using frame houses, you will constantly save money on heating fees. In brick houses, it will be much more. It is especially advantageous to build a frame house on a plot where electricity is conducted. Heating with electricity is much more profitable than heating with gas or other fuels. It will take only one kW per 10 square meters to heat the house. This is many times less than with other means of heating. If you put windows and doors that provide energy savings, heat loss will be reduced. It will only be necessary to heat the air to ventilate the premises. And this is only 10% of the volume of all heat losses.

According to reviews of tenants, in the frame house, made by Canadian technology, it is easy to carry out redevelopment. The fact is that all walls are equally strong, there is no separation of the walls into load-bearing and partition walls. Therefore, the layout can be changed quite easily.

The disadvantages of frame type homes

If we consider the frame houses, the reviews of the owners are not always favorable.

Domestic frame houses have some drawbacks compared to the Canadian ones. They breathe badly. That is, there is a need for frequent airing. In addition, many distinguish their “boom”. The steps in the next room are given by the hum and vibration. To avoid this, walls and floors are covered with mineral basalt insulation. In real cases, domestic panels for frame houses do not provide sufficient strength for the walls. To hang a shelf on the wall, the wall must first be strengthened. Frame-type domestic houses differ, in addition, by low fire safety, since there are gaps between the panels into which air enters. Flames may spread in them.

In the reviews of the owners of frame houses, you can read, nevertheless, satisfaction with the fact that the frame house is inexpensive (up to 1 million rubles) and built in one month. The resident speaks well of the company “Architect”, as an acceptable organization for the construction of frame houses.

Residents also note that the frame house was strong, and, importantly, it warms up quickly in winter.

The owner, who has the skill of building with his own hands, writes that he built the frame house during his next vacation. The house was warm and durable, has been used for 5 years, and has not lost its properties. The house, built with his own hands, has good sound and thermal insulation.

The possibility of any exterior decoration of a house is also noted, as a result of which it is no different to brick and stone houses.

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