The technology of building a frame house with their own hands

  The technology of building a frame house with their own hands

Recently, screw piles have become widespread. Their main advantage is that their device does not require the involvement of construction equipment. Their device is capable of making three people.

Device of a rough floor

A waterproofing layer is arranged on top of the foundation. All boards of the frame are treated with antiseptics and fire-fighting compounds. It is very important to use high-quality and dry wood for the structure of the house. Boards are set on the ground strictly on the level, the slightest bias can lead to a violation of the geometry of the entire structure. It is also important to maintain the accuracy of the angles. The laser level will be a good helper in this.

Boards are fastened to the foundation with anchor bolts. After placing the lag, you can proceed to the insulation. Insulation is placed between the lags on a layer of wind protection. After a layer of insulation it is necessary to lay a layer of vapor barrier, taping the joints with adhesive tape. After that, the finishing floor is laid on the logs, fixing it with nails or staples. It is very important to use wood of the same wood type during construction.

Building a house frame

The first stage of the construction of the frame is to install the bottom trim. It is better to arrange it without the use of metal fasteners, since the wood in places of contact with it will rot quickly. For it use a bar with a section 150 * 150 or 200 * 200, previously processed by antiseptics. The timber should be installed around the perimeter of the building and under the supporting walls.

After that, the vertical boards of the frame are exposed to the height of the ceilings. The whole process begins with the corners of the building. Corner posts are placed vertically on pins and mounted with vertical braces. After that, the top trim is performed.

All this must be done, strictly observing the angles. Ceiling beams are attached to the vertical racks. After that, put up additional racks in the places of the device partitions and as supports for the beams. They will provide the necessary strength to the home.

Roofing device

The rafter system can be assembled on the ground, and then raised to the top, but for this you need a crane, which is not always possible during the construction of a private house. It is much easier and more convenient to assemble the structure in place.

It is better to do a gable roof, using the same materials as for an ordinary roof:

Sheathing frame house

It is very important to properly trim the frame. The frame after construction is treated with an antiseptic. After drying lumber, you can proceed to the building paneling OSB. All other work will be carried out from inside the premises.

On all walls with the help of a construction stapler we stretch a wind-proof film. The joints are carefully taped. This will protect the insulation layer from weathering and subsidence over time.

After that, between the racks of the frame, mineral wool is laid. If a house is being built in a region with harsh winters, then it is better to use mineral wool mats in several layers. In this case, layers must be laid in a checkerboard pattern, overlapping the joints of the first row mats in the second row. After this, the vapor barrier is pulled over. Joints also need to glue tape.

At this stage, you need to build a communications system and arrange ventilation. After that, all the walls are sheathed with two layers of drywall.

Outside the house can be sheathed with siding, block house. You can make a plaster on the reinforcing mesh, using special putty. Interior decoration is no different from the improvement of ordinary apartments and houses.

The construction of a frame house can be completed in one season, without waiting for its shrinkage. Building a house with this technology is currently the most economical option.

Frame house in stages: construction and step-by-step technology

An important advantage of such buildings is that a person has the opportunity to build a house in full compliance with their preferences. After all, you can choose any suitable project.

Features of the construction of houses on frame technology lies in the fact that before being built a rigid frame of a house with a roof. After this, finishing with sheet material and thermal insulation begins.

Further construction is also carried out frame-shield method. If you take up the construction with your own hands, then the construction of such a dwelling can be completed within six months.

Frame house: phased construction

When building a house using this technology, it is very important to take into account the estimated time of residence there. Because if it is seasonal, then there will be the same requirements for the house, if it is planned to use the dwelling all year round, it should be carefully insulated.

Construction technology: the foundation

All frame buildings have a fairly small weight, so they do not require a capital foundation.

It is possible to do one of the following foundations:

The final choice of foundation depends on the height of the future house and the type of soil in the area.

Low-rise building will be enough simple columnar foundation. which is suitable even for capricious soil.

Recesses are made in it with a diameter of about 20 centimeters, and about a meter deep, at a distance of 0.8 m from each other.

Recently, the pile-screw foundation is in demand, the peculiarity of which is that it can be installed without the involvement of specialists. It is better to do this manually, so that the piles are screwed in without deviations, strictly on the level.

At the same time, one should try not to make a mistake, since it is not recommended to re-inject them, otherwise the soil already rammed will be broken.

Two different technologies are most commonly used – Canadian and Finnish. Given that they have different names, the principle of erection is practically the same. And there and there the foundation is a frame, made of metal or wood. Frames from different types of timber are very popular.

Construction stages: strapping

It is necessary to prepare wooden bars that have a cross section of 20/25, 15/15, 20/20 cm. Before installation, the timber must be prepared. It is treated with a special antiseptic composition. On the tops of the piles, in turn, put a double layer of mastic, and cover them with a double layer of roofing material. The beam should cover the entire area inside the perimeter of the future home. Between themselves, the individual bars are connected by nails.

Metal corners in the corners of the joints will provide greater structural strength. The construction of the strapping is fastened to the foundation with special screws. The bar is inserted into the grooves, screwed. A plank is laid on top of the trim, overlapping the joints of the bars. Later here stand up the main frame. Like all wooden parts, the board is treated with antiseptic.

Do it yourself: rough floor

You will need to make logs from a bar. A material of 15/10 size is used, the step width between the individual bars is 0.6 meters.

Between them is placed insulation. the purpose of which is to protect from moisture from the cold. A layer of vapor barrier film is laid on it.

The rough floor itself is usually made from unedged board, the cheapest material.

But he must be treated with antiseptic agents. Boards to the logs are fastened with nails, logs to the trim with metal corners.

House in stages: frame mounting

You will need a board of a different format: 10, 20, 5 and 15 by 5 centimeters. First, the corner posts are made, which are fastened with reinforced corners of steel. With the help of the same corners are fastened and the other installed racks. For the reliability of the frame, wall stitches are made that will not allow it to loosen.

By cutting, the timber is fastened at the corners, in other places with steel corners and self-tapping screws.

Diagonal braces also serve to ensure durability. When building walls, remember the ceiling. or rather, its height. The optimum value will be about 2.5 m. After finishing and decorating it will remain no less than 2.3.

If you intend to hide in the walls of communication. then it is advisable to hold them right away.

Installation of ceiling beams is carried out in one of three possible ways:

  • steel corners;
  • cutting method;
  • by perforated brackets.

The choice of the most suitable depends on the place of attachment. Timber strapping will serve as a support for the beams. The latter is fixed with screws.

Phased construction: roof installation

Separate rafters at the top are fastened together by means of nails. For strength they are reinforced with boards. Further on the wall are laid rafters. so that the protrusion is 20 cm in size. With a few mowings and nails, the rafters are fastened starting from the edges. After fixing their central elements mounted ridge board.

Then, with the help of edged boards made crate. Roofing material is laid and attached to the made crate.

It is fixed with large-boned nails. Installation of roofing material occurs at the very last stage. If the technique allows the use of the material used, then all activities can be done by hand.

House in stages: insulation and finishing

There are many different materials used for exterior decoration. This is siding. timber simulator, wall paneling, block house. Chipboard plates and stuff. The final finishing is preceded by the mounting of the batten from 50/40 bars, with a distance of 0.6 m between them. Metal profiles are successfully used for this purpose.

If the crate is wooden, then it must be treated with fire-fighting and antiseptic agents.

Then there is a manual finish in accordance with the technology used for finishing the material.

In order to build a house with his own hands, the frame house was warm and cozy, it must be insulated. This will require both internal and external insulation. Outside the building is insulated with mineral wool (even before the finishing), which is mounted foam.

As an internal insulating material is used mineral wool and drywall. All available slots and openings are filled with foam from a pistol. All should warm – the floor. ceiling, walls and roofing. Between the decorative trim and insulation is placed a layer of vapor barrier material.

The final stage of work is the provision of all necessary communications, and final finishing, the type of which depends on the preferences of the owner. Today’s selection of finishing materials will satisfy the most biased taste. It is possible to embody any fantasy and project in the dream. There would be a desire! Successes you in construction.

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