Strengthen the foundation of a private house with your own hands

There is another progressive way to strengthen the foundation of the house – with the help of brown injection piles. This technology belongs to the category of modern, but is not suitable for independent execution. For the production of drilling operations will require specialists and special equipment.

The essence of the method consists in drilling inclined wells penetrating the body of the old foundation. The diameter of the well can reach 250 mm. The depth of drilling depends on how deep the solid layers of soil are located.

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Fine concrete mix is ​​poured into the finished holes, and reinforcement cages are immersed. A house reinforced with brown injection piles receives many additional points of support. Their number is determined individually for each building.

The above method has one major drawback: it is very expensive for a homeowner. The minimum price per linear meter of pile is 2400 rubles.

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Video about strengthening the foundation of a private house with your own hands.

Strengthen the foundation of a private house with your own hands (step by step instructions)

Strengthening the foundation of a private house with your own hands is a necessity for any owner,

  Strengthen the foundation of a private house with your own hands

requiring solution after a certain time. Neither the quality of the laying of the base, nor its protection can withstand the effects of time, natural precipitation and groundwater.

In deciding this question, you should decide whether you can manage on your own or should resort to the help of a qualified specialist.

Causes of destruction

Prior to the start of repair work and the process of strengthening the base, the reason for its change and its criticality should be identified. It can be:

  • High level of soil moisture under the building;
  • Broken construction technology;
  • Level change of groundwater;
  • Additional load due to add-ons;
  • Lack of waterproofing layer.

The destruction of the base contributes to the appearance of cracks on the wall panels, which may not expand and sufficiently seal them with cement. At expansion of cracks the structure is subject to destruction.

To determine the stability of the situation or the continuation of the destructive process, you can use paper tape or plaster, which is applied to the crack.

Their modification indicates the continuation of the expansion of cracks and the need to urgently strengthen the foundation.

Ways to strengthen the foundation with their own hands in a private house

To enhance the basis of the structure it is possible to use several technologies. Reducing the load on wall structures is possible when using wedges, jacks or their reinforcement with special beams.

The choice of technology depends on the assessment of the state of the foundation, the natural conditions of the location of the private house and its design. Let us examine a few cases.

In case of deformation due to subsidence or loosening of the soil, it is strengthened around the private house by forcing hardening solutions and bituminization, using resins, silicates, and cement.

In order to increase and strengthen the foundation of the house, small wells are drilled for high pressure injection into the soil and the foundation of special compositions, which contributes to an increase in the bearing characteristics of the structure.

Installation of 20-meter buroin injection piles under the additional foundation in the presence of significant additional loads on the structure. Wells for piles are drilled through the existing foundation and next to it. Next, they are reinforced and filled with resilient and waterproof concrete.

In the presence of a tape base, it is replaced by a base plate. For this purpose, certain sections of the old base are opened, and new sections are brought under the supporting wall structures.

Step-by-step instruction

To begin with, certain materials and tools are being prepared and purchased: gravel; cement mortar; sheet material from steel 100 * 100 mm; reinforcing rods with a section of 12-14 mm; steel mesh for the base; construction shovel.

Restoration of the base should be fragmentary. That is, small sections of 1×1.5 m to the depth of the foundation are excavated and repaired in turn. Process steps:

  • Strengthening the foundation of a private house with your hands begins with the corners, which are dug up to 1 m in both directions. The cause of the sinking is emptiness, which should be filled with gravel and tamped;
  • The steel sheet is folded in half and 2 holes are drilled into it from 2 sides, after which it is screwed onto the excavated corner. 2 reinforced 2-meter rods are bent in half and welded to the steel sheet from above and below. This is a reinforced belt;
  • Next, formwork is built, reinforcing rods are tied into a frame and concrete is poured;
  • The basis is strengthened along the entire perimeter of the structure by welding reinforcing bars to the corner pieces and pins, for which part of the wall panel is excavated;
  • This is followed by a transition to the 2nd tier, for the base, which is already the basis, therefore, the rods with a cross section of 8-10 mm are used.

In the case of the complete disintegration of the foundation when digging corners or drilling holes, its reinforcement is not advisable and complete replacement is necessary.

The reinforced foundation in the first year gives a natural shrinkage, therefore it is better to repair the wall panels after this period.

General recommendations

The strengthening of the base is carried out in stages. First, a partial repair is carried out on a 3-meter section, then a transition to the next section is carried out.

In case of uneven subsidence, the amplification starts from the side of the most “sagging” wall structure. Perhaps the “point” reinforcement of a certain area, which requires a diagnosis of the structure.

The main condition when digging and strengthening the corners of the base – the ends of the reinforcing rods should go beyond the size of the corners for their fastening with the rest of the structural elements.

When strengthening the walls is not permissible to expose the entire perimeter of the base immediately. The walls of the foundation are strengthened “crosswise”, starting from one side, and only after that – from the opposite.

Prevention of the foundation will contribute to the extension of its operational life. “Pain points” grounds that require special attention:

  • Prior to the construction of the foundation, it is necessary to resort to the services of surveyors and geologists to determine the possibility of building a private house on the land plot;
  • Strict consistency with the requirements of building technology;
  • Changes to the building plan that can affect pivot points are not permissible;
  • It is recommended the construction of an air cushion under the base, gutters and moisture insulation protection;
  • Necessary communications are laid before the construction of the base.

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If there are no defects, but strengthening of the foundation is necessary for carrying out construction work on the reconstruction of a private house, then these works should be carried out after the final hardening of the cast concrete solution.

It already depends on the brand of cement powder, aggregate, outdoor temperature, etc.

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