Partition of the rails with their own hands

  Partition of the rails with their own hands

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How to fasten partitions from wooden boards (vertically)?!

Hello! Also lit up with such an idea) Here they made such a partition. She stopped at this version. The ceiling will be a little build up plasterboard. Wooden bars in a horizontal position, I think, nailed to thin perpendicular slats, lift the structure, set in the thrust to the drywall and fasten to it through these very slats. Caps of self-tapping screws paint / posts / 26317 / namechtala-koridor-i-kuhnya /

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    Wooden interior partition do it yourself

    After buying a new house or apartment, everyone wants to make not just repairs, but a complete redevelopment. Sometimes you want to make an office in the living room or in a spacious room to allocate space for the nursery. In this case, you need a wooden partition. It is much easier to brick, does not require parsing the sexes, while its functionality is no less.

    Master class: Making interior partition of wood

    Work on the construction of wooden partitions will be conducted in stages.

    Stage 1: Setting the guides

    At this step, it is important to set the vertical wall and install guides. To do this, fix the bar on the wall in an upright position. In the middle we screw in 1 screw, and we do not screw it in to the end. This will allow you to rotate, correct the bar, referring to the level.

    We start punching timber with nails, each time checking on the level, if it does not deviate from the vertical. The distance between fasteners is equal to 6 cm. After the vertical is established, go to the guides. We nail the lower and upper guide bars, respectively, on the floor and ceiling.

    Then on the main timber we fill in addition along a small bar, on both sides. The selected wall thickness affects their size. We fix plates to these bars. The material of your choice – take at least chipboard, even fiberboard or plywood.

    Stage 2: Assembling the frame framework

    Of course, you can adhere to strict forms, observe the sizes of squares, but you can also make a frame of any shape. The frame is inside, its shape, the number of bars will not affect the stability and strength of the structure. Therefore, you can save material, time and effort.

    The plate fastened earlier is a stiffener, serves as an additional plane. Having installed the second plate, on the other side, we will reliably strengthen the future partition.

    Thus, we collect the frame from the timber in random order and attach 1 lower plate to it. In the frame-based provide for the presence of horizontal guides, giving stability and the possibility of additional binding to them. When the bottom plate is fixed, make the installation of the following.

    On a four-meter-high wall, with a ceiling height of 2.75 m, 7 chipboard will leave.

    Stage 3: Soundproofing

    The construction market offers a wide range of soundproofing materials. You can choose any mineral wool, for example, but not rolled material, but mineral plates. They are more convenient to cut, mount.

    Mineral wool starts to be laid inside the frame, tightly pressed to the installed plates. When the heater is laid, we repeat the operation: fix the chipboard, starting from the bottom sheet. The design is almost ready.

    Stage 4: Finishing moments

    Chipboard joints need to be processed using a putty. This will protect the structure from moisture and the seams from swelling.

    Experts advise for better processing of joints and mates of the plates with the walls, use simple materials: self-adhesive mesh and corners, plastic or aluminum. When the seams dry up, you can proceed to the final finish of the wooden partition.

    Wooden interior partitions do it yourself. Video

    Partitions made of wood have an attractive appearance, durability and reliability. Even without much construction skills, you can zoning in a room and divide the living space to your taste. DIY repair is easy to do if you follow the advice of experienced craftsmen.

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