Installation of windows in a wooden house

After the preparation, proceed to the process of installing the window.

First of all, we disconnect the window frame from the casements, if the window is deaf – remove the glass unit. We do not remove the protective film from the windows – it will protect the profile from possible damages and scratches.

Installation of a windowsill

  Installation of windows in a wooden house

Installing a window sill in a wooden house If you want to install a window sill, then first of all we mount it. When installing, adjust the plane using a level and backing plates (pieces of wood, plywood, etc.).

If the window sill is also made of PVC, then under the cap of the screw it is necessary to put a washer (so that when screwing the screw it does not fall into the cavity of the window sill). Screw the screws into places located under the future frame (so that it is beautiful and the caps are not visible). But more often, the sill is the lower wide window box board, and therefore installing an additional sill is not required.

Fitting frame

Installing the window frame in a wooden house We put the frame on bars with a thickness of about 1 cm, check the level of installation by level. On each side, be sure to leave a gap of at least 1 cm, set the bars between the frame and the window box. They will not allow the frame to move horizontally, prevent a possible deformation of the frame during installation and allow you to securely fasten the window frame to the window box.

Check the surface plane of the wall (window box) and the frame, not allowing the frame to protrude beyond the borders of the window box.

Installing the window frame

Installing the window frame in a wooden house Fastening the frame with long screws to the window box, trying not to over-tighten the screw. After installing the frame, we hang the sash and install double-glazed windows (in blind windows).

When installing a glass unit in a profile, it is necessary that there is a gap of about 5-7 mm between the glass unit and the profile. This will prevent the glass from twisting and cracking due to possible deformations of the profile (frame) during operation (seasonal fluctuations of the building, possible distortions during shrinkage and during operation).

Vertical adjustment produced adjustment plates.

Installation of a double-glazed window

Further, with the help of a plastic bead, the glass unit is fixed in the PVC profile. The spike shtapika should click into the groove on the frame. The connection should be made by gently tapping the bead of a wooden or rubber mallet or malleus.

Zaining the window

Next, zapenivaem space between the window frame and frame. We wait until froth hardens. During this period of time, it is not recommended to open or place a window on the airing in order to prevent the frame from deformation due to foam expansion.

After the foam hardens, cut off the excess and you can proceed to the trim casing.

Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house

The last stage is the removal of the protective film, the window is ready for operation.

How to install windows in a wooden house

How to install windows in a wooden house? Currently, when building houses made of wood, installation of plastic windows is often carried out in them. The process of installation of glass in the future may be complicated if the installation does not take into account the features of buildings made of wood. Houses made of wood, for many years shrink. The settling of a house made of timber or log, unlike a concrete house, lasts for the entire life of the building.

When installing window openings it should be noted that the wooden house settles over time.

When installing window openings it is necessary to consider the shrinkage of the wooden house. The wood house shrinks. The greatest subsidence of the structure occurs in the first year after the construction of the house. In the next 5 years there is a strong shrinkage of the log house. Sometimes in some regions such shrinkage lasts the entire life of the house.

When sitting wood, the height of the house can be reduced to 1.5 cm per meter of construction. Thus, the building height can be reduced by 6 cm.

With the usual installation of plastic windows, a gap of no more than 2 cm is left. Nevertheless, the installation of plastic products in a wooden house is possible thanks to the construction of a special product called an ossyachka.

What is okosyachka or obsad

This design is designed to give window designs independence from shrinkage of the walls, to prevent any load on the frame during deformation of the bearing walls.

Okosyachka performs the following functions:

  • does not allow boards to move vertically in the window opening area;
  • does not interfere with vertical shrinkage of walls;
  • accepts mechanical loads from bearing walls;
  • strengthens the wall of the building in the window area.

How to make a casing

The most simple casing design is as follows. Make a vertical groove at the ends of the logs of the window opening, which has a size of 50×50 mm. In this groove set the bar of the same size. This method of installation casing used in the installation of wooden windows.

When installing plastic structures apply a more advanced method of mounting okosyachki. At the same time, at the ends of the logs, a special comb is cut out, onto which a carriage with a groove is worn. In this case, during the shrinkage due to the presence of the ridge of the board will move inside this groove. However, they will not deviate from the vertical position and thus will not press down the window.

In some designs, okosyachki groove is made in the log, and the spike is performed on the window carriage.

The carriage is a vertical bar having dimensions of 150×100 mm. At the ends of this bar, special cuts are made with dimensions of 50×50 mm, which are designed to install horizontal wooden lintels having dimensions of 150×50 mm, which have special spikes at the ends.

Okosyachka in finished form is a product that has dimensions smaller than the window opening by 8 cm vertically. This distance must be left in case of shrinkage of the wooden wall.

In the manufacture and installation of the casing in the window opening it is necessary to wrap the ridges with tow and to install window carriages on top of it. Due to this, thermal insulation of the structure occurs, and the walls will not creak during shrinkage.

Installation of windows in a wooden house

Materials and tools:

  • wooden beam;
  • thin boards;
  • roll tow;
  • square;
  • building level;
  • plummet;
  • plane;
  • sandpaper;
  • a circular saw;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • nails.

Tools for installing windows: building level, screwdriver, hammer, screwdriver, measuring tape, pencil.

How to install windows in a wooden house? First of all, in the wall cut out the window opening. The distance from the floor to the window sill should be 80 cm. Such a distance is chosen so that a person can comfortably rest his hands on the window sill. Standard tables in the room are about 80 cm high. The window sill should be slightly higher than the table tops. It is necessary to take into account the thickness of the foam layer, which is 2 cm and the thickness of the window sill 4 cm.

After that cut out the opening. Using the building level, marks are made to draw horizontal lines. Then, using a plumb line, the vertical lines of the future structure are drawn.

First, hold the bottom line of the opening. Then mark the top line.

The height of the opening for the installation of double-glazed windows should be 14 cm higher than the frame size. This is because from the lower border of the opening to the window frame 4 cm are left for mounting foam and a window sill, 4 cm for casing and 5 cm for building shrinkage over the frame.

Using a plumb line, vertical lines are drawn. The opening should be 12 cm wider than the size of the glass unit. At the same time, 1 cm on each side is left for the foam, 10 cm for the casing.

After that, with the help of a building level and a plumb line, horizontal and vertical lines are checked. This is necessary to avoid skewing the structure.

Installation of a window in a wooden house.

Then install the lower jumper. Then make the comb. The crest is wrapped with tow, they are put on carriages.

After that set in the upper gap and fixed in the grooves of the upper jumper.

The completed design is fixed with screws. It is necessary to observe special care. In no case can not fix the comb, because because of this can all work on the installation of okosyachki come to naught – it will not perform its functions.

In the grooves between the logs and the casing stack roll tow.

Then perform the installation of plastic products in the prepared casing. Shrinkage of the house will not cause the destruction of the frame.

After that, thin boards are laid into the gap between the okey and the logs of the walls, having previously overlaid them with roll tow.

After some time, when noticeable shrinkage of the walls occurs, these boards are removed and replaced by others. The upper casing, which is attached only to the okosyachka, is removed. Then carry out the replacement of thin boards and roll tow. After that, the upper casing carefully set in its place.

This installation of glass in the house of wood ends. At installation of windows in the house from a felling or a bar the technology of performance of work described above is strictly observed.

The main thing during installation is to equip the structure with an octagus, which will prevent the negative impact of the building’s shrinkage of wood.

How to replace wooden windows with plastic

Installation of windows in a wooden house: top and bottom view.

How to replace windows in a wooden house? Often there is a need to replace old wooden windows with plastic windows in the house. To do this, remove the old products. Then remove the trim to perform the necessary measurements. In the presence of cassation replacement of products is easy.

But there are such cases when there is no censure. When installing wooden windows are often similar cases. In such conditions, the window opening box plays the role of a casing.

In this case, there are 2 options for installing plastic windows. The first option: install smaller items. But it is necessary to significantly reduce the size of the frame. During installation, it will be necessary to add the thickness of the frame, the size of the awl, the thickness of the layer of foam to the size of the future window. Then the window opening will significantly decrease in size. Pick up the design of glass will be quite difficult.

Therefore, in such cases, usually resorted to the second version of the installation: rework the opening for the installation of okosyachki. After that, installation of a window in a wooden house is carried out according to the above technology.

In no case should windows be made in a wooden house without casing. Only high-quality installation of windows in the presence of an okosyachki will be strong, reliable and durable and preserve the design features of a wooden house.

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