How to mount imitation timber inside the house

Installation of imitation timber inside the house will also involve decorating corners, for this purpose special internal and external elements are used. They are purchased with panels. But between the walls and the ceiling should be installed baguettes. For the bottom of the room you need to buy a plinth. Once you have finished the finish, you can sand it and apply varnish on the surface. In some cases, carry out toning, but this approach is “an amateur.” It is best to install painted panels on the ceiling, this will save time and effort.

  How to mount imitation timber inside the house

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How to mount imitation timber inside the house? Consider the technology performance

If we talk about the design of the house from the inside, the design decision can be wrongly realized, which is why the general atmosphere will seriously suffer.

Today the decoration of the house in a rustic style, in which the room is simply overflowed with elements of wood, is very popular. In this design, a very important role is assigned to the imitation of the beam, which can give a room a finished laconic appearance.

Imitation timber can be used from various motives. Basically, it performs a decorative role, but it can also carry quite a functional load.

If the installation is done correctly, you will have the opportunity to zone the space, which will give even more unusualness to your home. In the long years of service facilities doubt and not worth it.

The artificial bar is a high-quality, strong cloth which will not lose the attractive appearance at operation for many years.

The main types of material are shown in the table.

Installation of imitation timber inside the house

Installation of imitation timber inside the house

The use of imitation timber in the interior decoration of the room – this is relevant, fashionable, stylish, reflects the desire of the owner to harmony and beauty.

To take or not to take… Everyone who wants to do the work independently, but has no experience, asks this question. The answer to this question is a personal matter. But for those who are confident in their abilities, has a minimum set of tools, time and desire – this instruction is intended.

In it we will consider in detail the stages of installation of a raised beam, as well as focus on some of the features that will allow you to perform the work efficiently and reliably.

Where does the installation begin

If you are not an expert, then before you begin decorating a room, you must find out in what sequence and with what tool this work is done.

To work you need tools:

Material calculation

To calculate the required number of bars imitation timber correctly, you need not only to know the exact parameters of the surface being trimmed, but also the geometric parameters of the board itself. In addition, please note that trimming (residues of minor length) you can not use. This is due to the fact that their docking will adversely affect the general appearance of the room. Also, one should not just take away the area of ​​doors and windows from the general quadrature, but take into account their parameters. In any case, take two or three spare boards. This will not greatly affect the purchase price, but it will save you from wasting time on additional purchases in case of an erroneous cut or split board when fastening with screws.

Material preparation

To maintain its size after installation, the strip of the raised beam should correspond to the humidity of the room in which it will be mounted. Therefore, in order to acclimatize, the material must be held in a room for three to four days.

Wall mounting

Ceiling mounting

As long as the finishing panels acquire the characteristics required for fastening, you can proceed with the installation of the batten. As the base used as wood planed bars. and galvanized profile. The lathing material is fixed perpendicular to the mounting direction of the beam imitation. The pitch for the wall is 500 – 600 mm, for the ceiling – 300-400 mm.

Waterproofing and insulation

As a rule, in the house is not made action on insulation. Firstly, it reduces the useful area of ​​the house. Secondly, the inner insulation does not protect against freezing of the wall of the house, and therefore does not protect them from destruction, the formation of condensate. Therefore, it is more correct to warm the house outside.

However, if there is a need to warm the house from the inside, between the crescent bars, the insulating material is placed, covered with a film, which is fixed with a counter-rail, and only then the imitation of the beam is fixed.

In the warmed house there is no need to use the film and insulation. Therefore, it is possible to mount the boards directly to the crate. Thus, under the layer of imitation of the beam there will be free space that prevents the formation of condensate.

Fixing the raised beam panels is not a complicated procedure, but it also has its own features:

  • Panels are mounted, as a rule, horizontally. Although, if desired, it is possible and vertically. However, such a surface will resemble a clapboard trim. But this is not what we wanted. The most important thing in the imitation beam finishing procedure is to install the first strip strictly horizontally. For this, it is desirable to use the building level.
  • On cross seams the small chamfer is removed.
  • The seams themselves are mounted offset from the previous row.
  • The choice of fastener is determined by the width of the panel.

A narrow imitation of a bar can be fixed with klyymer, brackets or self-tapping screws. They are screwed into the groove panel. It is better to fix the wide strip with screws in the board itself, as a secret fastening can not withstand the load. If you use a screw, be sure to drill a board, otherwise the tree may split.

Important! A stapler is never used to mount the board to the ceiling. Since such a fixation is extremely unreliable.

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The huge choice of modern building materials and technologies often makes it difficult for developers to choose the best option for their own construction. Each manufacturer is trying to effectively market its products; unfortunately, the advertising does not always reveal the whole truth about the physical and operational characteristics of the material. Sometimes a half-truth is given, and sometimes it can be seen.

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The most demanded wooden product on the construction site is not a log, but a timber. The wooden bar can be made of solid wood or of individual boards. The production of solid edged timber implies a simple machining, during which the usual round log is given a rectangular shape. Consider in detail the methods of production.

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Sheathing clapboard – this is undoubtedly a finishing option that deserves attention. Lining can not push out a variety of newfangled trends in interior decoration. That is why the one who decides to sheathe, say, a wall with a decorative board, most likely, does not fail. After all, lining for many years now remains relevant and does not go out of fashion. And most importantly – serves much longer than wallpaper or.

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For covering the room, you can use absolutely any kind of lining. To complete the exterior of the house, it is best to use wider boards, while for finishing the house inside you should use boards of medium width. The wider, longer, the fewer knots in each slat, the more expensive lining. Variants of larch, Angarsk pine and precious wood are even more expensive.

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