How to make a staircase of wood

When measuring, consider the height of your future staircase in a frame house. the angle of its inclination, the number of steps and their width.

  How to make a staircase of wood

As a rule, such schemes are in electronic form. There are special computer programs and applications that allow you to create such models. Professional programs for construction organizations have a 3D function. Although it is not necessary for the construction of the mid-flight ladder, the usual plan on paper will be enough.

Standard interfloor wooden stairs are installed on kosourah or on bowstrings. The difference is as follows: bowstrings are located on the side of the steps, and skewers are under the steps.

The staircase usually has two side bows. Its steps are mounted on both sides. Consider the installation and installation of the stairs with this technology.

Installation of the staircase

Initially we draw up a detailed scheme for the stairs and its parts. Pre-cut steps from boards, make 2 bowstrings and special supporting bars. Next, the steps are connected to the bowstrings. Under each step we make a supporting bar. All bowstrings mounted to the floor and to the walls.

Kosuar and bowstrings

Spiral wooden floor stairs

Oak spiral staircase

If you can not build a staircase in a wooden house with your own hands, then you can opt for a finished spiral wooden structure. The advantage of this staircase is that it will significantly save space in the house.

It is important to consider when building a spiral staircase its angle of inclination. If it is too cool, it can be dangerous to health, especially if there are children and elderly people in the house.

A simple way to install and install a spiral staircase is to buy an already finished, measured structure. Saving on installation will also bring you significant benefits.

A spiral wooden staircase consists of three main parts: a stand, a handrail and steps. When choosing a tree for the steps, choose an oak. He is not only one of the most durable materials, but also has a beautiful view and excellent performance.

Before buying a spiral staircase, measure dimensions in detail to choose the right design for your home. There is another option – to hire a specialist who will make all the measurements himself, and after that make an order for the stairs. If you have skills in construction, you can make the steps yourself, ordering only a rack and railings. Usually racks and railings on order make chiseled, although there are also rectangular.

The device is a spiral staircase

– On one side, the steps are attached to the stand, and on the other, they have holes for the railing.

– Racks most often metal. They have a flange to which the steps are attached.

– The most common design of the stairs – “in duck step.” It assumes a special form of steps.

– Rack mounted between floors. It is attached to the floor with anchor bolts.

– After installing the rack, the installation of steps. The distance between the steps should not exceed 20 cm. This is necessary for your safety. When installing and installing steps, count so that the last step of the stairs fits exactly to the floor of the second floor.

In the spiral staircase, as in the marching many decorative elements and details. And each set has its own decorations and different parts, and fastening elements. When installing and installing a simple mid-flight ladder, the calculation is different, the geometry of the opening is rectangular. The opening at the spiral staircase is a circle.

If you decide to order a finished wooden staircase, then contact a proven and reliable company with good reviews. Buy a finished wooden ladder or do it yourself with your own hands is up to you.

Stair Coloring

Painting the stairs is divided into three main parts:

– preliminary preparation of all parts of the stairs;

– painting the stairs and its parts;

– painting the stairs with a protective lacquer coat.

Before starting work, you need to prepare each element of our stairs for painting. And this means: putty and polishing the stairs. Putty need to produce special mixtures for wood. The use of compounds that are not suitable for wood is strictly prohibited.

When the puttied layer has dried, proceed to sanding the surface. Grinding goes in two stages. The first stage is rough, it is also called superficial. After it you need to wait a few days. You will notice that villi form on the surface of the tree. Blow with air before the second grinding.

After completion of the grinding work board will be perfectly smooth and smooth. Now feel free to start applying the first coating.

Before starting painting, apply a coat of primer on the wooden stairs. And better to choose a primer in tune to the paint.

When choosing paint stop your attention on alkyd or urethane coating types. These paints are ideal for the flight of stairs. Choose lighter tones from the color range.

If desired, instead of paint, you can use impregnation. or use a stain or varnish. The advantages of the stain are that it perfectly emphasizes and highlights the unique pattern of the tree. Your stairs will look perfect. Choose a stain with varnish. And do not save with the purchase. The better the coloring composition, the longer the ladder will last. Stain is not only a decorative finish, but also protection from various factors.

After the paint has dried, apply a top coat of varnish. Choose matte or semi-matt varnish. Varnishing is carried out in three stages. And before each subsequent application of the previous layer of varnish should dry. If air bubbles form on the lacquer, then at the end of the painting just sand them.

Video on the production of straight stairs

Spiral staircase production video

Making wooden stairs do it yourself: drawings. Wooden staircase manufacturing techniques

February 13, 2016

Modern country country houses are rarely one-story, mostly they have two or three floors, if the building has only one floor, then it is complemented by an attic.

The need to use the stairs

In these cases, there is a need for high-quality movement between floors. The most successful solution will be the manufacture of a wooden staircase, with the help of which it will be possible even to lift heavy items of furniture or equipment. Conducting such work can not be called a simple process, if there is an opportunity to order a project, then experts advise to do just that. However, if you have carpentry skills and are completely confident in your abilities, you can start building the structures yourself.

Components of a wooden staircase

In order to understand how to make the stairs yourself, you must first understand the design features of the product and its main parts. Thus, the kosour is a carrier beam, which is designed to support the approach and steps from below. This element accounts for the entire load. The manufacture of spiral wooden stairs involves the use of a bowstring, which is necessary to perform the support-bearing function. In this element there are grooves in which steps should be led by their end part. A string is not as preferable as a stringer, for the reason that it is not capable of undergoing heavy loads. Even if the staircase is adjacent to the wall, they are still trying to make it on kosoura. Steps are wooden beams, which are composed of treads and risers. The first are arranged horizontally, while the second – vertically. A person will step on the surface of the tread. While the riser is a vertical beam, located under the step. It encloses the space and supports the construction. Quite often, the stairs are made without the use of the riser, in which case the space will remain free, the foot will not rest, but the design in this case is not so reliable and durable.

For reference

If you will manufacture wooden stairs for the house, then you should take into account the fact that the steps can be radial, rectangular, which looks very nice. Sometimes they are turning at a certain angle to replace the separation platform. If you want your staircase to look attractive, you should choose a handrail, which is represented by handrails and balusters. Their size and shape can be completely different. As a rule, these components are made to order in the form that the consumer wishes to see.

If the staircase design implies the presence of more than one march, then a support pole is used in the manufacture, which is sometimes replaced by poles in the places where the staircase turns.

Tread width

Making wooden stairs with your own hands, the drawings of which you can prepare yourself or entrust the matter to professionals, provides for the correct determination of the width of the tread. According to the rules, the smallest tread width should be 22 centimeters, with regard to the maximum value, it varies from 37 to 40 centimeters. If this figure is less, it will be quite problematic to descend, if it is more, then the step will be lost.

The choice of design

The manufacture of wooden stairs must begin with the choice of design features of the product. It is important to consider how much free space you have. Aesthetic considerations should be taken into account. If we speak conditionally, then all the ladders can be divided into marching and spiral ones, the latter type is used quite rarely, mainly in cases when free space is extremely limited in the room. Among other things, spiral staircases are low-functional. If there is a need to bring heavy furniture, then it will be extremely difficult. It can serve exclusively for lifting or lowering one person.

What the master needs to know

To carry out fabrication manipulations, it will be necessary to carry out quite complex calculations, since the bearing will occur on one pillar, or rather, a support. The manufacture of wooden stairs can be carried out on the basis of the march structure, which is the most common. The structure includes staircases, steps and platforms, which are separated by a march.

Material preparation

The manufacture of wooden stairs must begin with the purchase of lumber. For the manufacture of kosour or bowstring you need a bar, the cross section of which is 50 x 250 millimeters. The minimum width is 150 millimeters, which is true for the case when the design allows.

For the manufacture of the entrance should be purchased beams, the minimum thickness of which should be 25 millimeters, you can use more massive material. For treads, beams from 30 to 40 millimeters are best suited. Manufacturing technology of wooden stairs provides for compliance with certain rules. Thus, you can order balusters and handrails from the manufacturer or purchase it as a finished product. Some experts make them on their own, but it is quite difficult, for this you need to have certain equipment and experience.

Installation of kosour and bowstrings

If you are going to make a wooden staircase, then the beam purchased for the kosur must be cut from the bottom and top so that the desired length of the staircase is obtained. After that, the bottom should be cut the thickness of one tread, which will be 5 centimeters. By calculating the number of treads, you can ignore the thickness of the steps. It is not so important for the construction, with the exception of the first stage, its height must be increased by the thickness of the tread. Wooden stairs, the manufacture of which you can make yourself, provide for cutting out the opening in the kosour for the steps. At the construction square, you need to note the height of the approach, and after that – the width of the tread, 4 centimeters should be subtracted from this value. Now the pencil should transfer the markup to the inner base of the beam. The master should cut off the excess, for which it is best to use a saw or electric jigsaw. However, if such tools are not available, then you can use a hand saw. If you decide to make the manufacture of wooden stairs with your own hands, then you need to attach the kosour to the place where the stairs will be located. Its upper edge should rest on the overlap, and the lower edge – on the floor of the first floor. Next, you should analyze how horizontally gash for the steps.

Nuances of work

Kosourov will need two, but depending on the loads that the ladder will have to undergo, there may be more. In this case, you will need to prepare the rest, using the first as a template. The entire surface must be treated with sandpaper. If necessary, the outer edges need to be machined with a router, making them rounded, so the design will look more aesthetically pleasing.

From above and below, the bridges should be connected with a beam between each other. For what it is necessary to cut them up to a quarter above and below. For a thick beam, fasteners should be made using anchor bolts. If possible, fix the bridges to the walls, and anchors will also need to be applied. When using one bowstring, it should be cut so that it has the desired length. After the inside you need to make drunk using a cutter, making holes that will be the recesses for the installation of steps. The string is fastened to the wall surface with anchors. The master must analyze how correctly the kosour and the string are located on the other hand, they must be at the same level, only this way it will be possible to eliminate the slope of the steps.

Installation of the risers and steps

Wooden staircases, the manufacture of which you can install yourself, presuppose a tight fixation of the kosour, as soon as these manipulations have been carried out, you can proceed to the installation of the approach. For this, the beam must be cut into the required number of risers of the desired length. These elements should be trimmed relative to each other, and then sanded. Fastening should be carried out to the kosour using self-tapping screws, installing them from the front. Holes after this can be putty or hide with decorative elements. Some experts use a special glue for this. When the risers are installed, you can proceed to the steps. To do this, you need to cut the beam to the number of steps that is needed. After this, the blanks are milled. Then these elements are installed on top of the risers and fixed with screws, which are sometimes replaced by screws. If you use the string on one side, the tread must be inserted into the groove that is cut in the string. The edge of the step will need to be lubricated, as well as the holes in the string.

Recommendations of specialists

Manufacturing and installation of wooden stairs can be made by any home craftsman, but it should be guided by technology. Balusters should be installed on the steps, and after fixed with a pin of 100 mm length, the thickness of the fastener should be 8 millimeters. Top mounted and fixed with screws screws railing. On this we can assume that the work is completed, it remains only to paint the stairs. This will preserve the wood, highlighting its natural beauty. Quite often, experts use clear lacquer coatings. So the product will look more natural. If the interior assumes the presence of relevant items, then the stairs will harmoniously fit into the space.

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