How to lay carpet

“We have four cats and a cat. Wool, you know, everywhere. Without a carpet would be a nightmare, since all of it would fly in the air.

Of course, you have to vacuum every other day, but for me it is easier than catching wool in all corners with a rag. ”
Anna, Barnaul

“Now we have a repair, and before that, for more than five years, carpet was lying almost everywhere. Walking on it is nice. Only here there is quite a lot of dust.

The clubs, however, do not fly around the apartment, as on a normal surface, but only stick to the carpet. ”
Tanya, Yekaterinburg

  How to lay carpet

“And I do not agree with those who argue that carpet is only dust, a disaster for allergy sufferers, etc. We had an expensive carpet in the bedroom.

Dust does not penetrate into it and, passing the outer layer, does not fall further into other, deeper layers, therefore it is easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.
Hope, Moscow

“I’m also behind the carpet! But, of course, you need a powerful vacuum cleaner. But, in order to vacuum it, it will take less time than to remove the laminate or linoleum.

And on the carpet is so great to lie with a baby. And it is warm and cozy. We are lovers of walking barefoot, and this is the most on carpet ”!
Olga, the city of Perm

“At home, the entire second floor is covered with carpet. Dust constantly (and we have allergies in the house), but the floor is very warm.

If you are not afraid of vacuuming every other day, then you can safely lay. ”
Christina, Ufa

10/24/2016 at 20:05

The first step is to unfold the carpet so that there would be a projection on the wall somewhere around 10 cm. Next, you need to properly smooth out the coating with a needle roller, from the middle to the edges. The excess from the edges, should be cut using a construction knife, and then fix the plinth. This method is stretched and under the other walls. Area doorways, you can fix the metal threshold.

09/15/2016 at 07:50

In large rooms with high permeability, it is recommended to lay the carpet on glue to ensure maximum durability of the coating.

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How to lay carpet on a concrete and wooden floor. Ways of laying on glue, tape, free fix

When decorating the premises of country houses or city apartments are increasingly used carpet. This cozy flooring is very practical, it is a good heater and it is pleasant to walk on it even barefoot. Therefore, you can often hear the question, how to lay the carpet? After all, many are trying to do it on their own.

  • Preparing the room and carpet
  • Room measurements and base preparation
  • The choice of the basis for the installation of carpet
    • Carpet covering on wooden floor
    • Carpeting on concrete floor
    • Carpet flooring on linoleum
  • Ways of fixing the carpet
  • Glue fixing carpet
    • Advantages of the glue method
    • Disadvantages of the adhesive method
  • Fixing carpet on the perimeter with the free installation
  • Free laying carpet on tape
    • Advantages of mounting carpet on tape
    • The disadvantages of sticking carpet on tape
  • Tension method (stretching)

Preparing the room and carpet

Before you start laying carpet, technology requires a number of preparatory work.

  • All finishing works, which are sources of dust and dirt, must be completed by this point.
  • The base under the carpet should be clean, dry, firm and level.
  • The room should be heated, with a humidity of not more than 75%.
  • The carpet itself must be kept at least in a repaired room for a day so that it acclimatizes there.
  • To make it easier to work, and in the process of carpeting flooring there were no problems with opening and closing interior doors, it is better to temporarily dismantle them.

Room measurements and base preparation

Before you put the carpet correctly, you need to study the geometry of the floor: take into account all the projections, niches, apertures and other details when cutting. All room sizes and details are applied to the sketch, which should be presented in the store to the seller. It will be easier for him to calculate the amount of material according to the width of the available rolls. Choosing this or that material, you need to build on the geometry of the room and the compatibility of standard roll sizes with room sizes.

Before a flooring covering it is necessary:

  • mark on the canvas the place of the cut-outs for partitions, etc.;
  • add 5 cm to the overall dimensions so that in the event of any adjustment to the position of the piece, it remains in stock.

The choice of the basis for the installation of carpet

Carpet covering on wooden floor

Before you lay the carpet on a wooden floor, you need to check in what condition it is. Polovitsy most often nailed nails, which eventually begin to bulge and complicate repair work. Before laying the carpet on the wooden floor, nail heads must be driven in so that they go under the surface of the board, and then the boards themselves can be polished, eliminating possible irregularities.

It is also possible to sheathe the floor with sheets of plywood specifically for carpeting. It very well conceals numerous irregularities and surface defects. The plywood base will be smooth and even, so then it will not be difficult to lay carpet on it.

Carpeting on concrete floor

To make it easier to learn how to lay the carpet on the concrete floor, you need to divide all the work into several stages:

  • The base is prepared – large cracks are repaired, and if there is a significant height difference, then a leveling cement-sand or self-leveling screed is made.
  • When the screed is dry, debris and dust are removed from it, and its surface is treated with a primer.
  • Carpet on concrete can be laid on a floating method or glued with special glue.

In this case, it is not recommended to use double-sided tape, because the adhesion, despite the primer, may be insufficient.

Sometimes it is permissible to lay the carpet directly on the concrete floor, but it is preferable to lay before the substrate. If the carpet has a textile base, then under it fit a soft substrate: based on rubber, polyurethane foam or felt. If the carpet base rubber, you will need a paper backing.

Carpet flooring on linoleum

Laying carpet on linoleum is permissible if the latter has no tears and bulges, and the base under the linoleum itself is completely even. In this case, various methods can be used for flooring:

  • gluing;
  • floating;
  • through double sided tape.

If the linoleum is badly worn, it has tears and air bubbles, then it is better to remove it completely, repair the opened base and only then lay the carpet.

Ways of fixing the carpet

Before you start work on the flooring carpet, you need to choose one of the methods of its attachment to the base, which for this type of coating may be as follows:

  • fixing the whole web with glue and without glue;
  • gluing fragments;
  • stretching the canvas on the slats with nails by means of special tools (stretching), in which the coating is not fastened at all to the base, but is held most reliably.

Depending on the chosen method of fastening and installation of carpet. The canvas purchased at the store should be spread on the floor of the room so that it smooths out and evens out a couple of days at room temperature.

Glue fixing carpet

Glue is used when laying carpet in those areas where there is a constant circulation of people, as well as just in large rooms. The adhesive is usually applied to the entire reverse surface of the carpet or directly to the floor, after which the fabric is pressed against the floor. If you know how to glue the carpet correctly, such a fixation can guarantee the absence of blisters, wrinkles and deformation of the material. This process can be divided into several stages:

  1. Level the surface and clean it thoroughly.
  2. Apply an adhesive to the substrate with a notched trowel and distribute it evenly over the surface.
  3. Glue the substrate (in large rooms can be fragments).
  4. When the glue dries, the piece of carpet is laid so that its edges near the walls have a small allowance.
  5. Fold the canvas in half, and apply glue on the back side of one of the halves or on the floor itself.
  1. Lay the glued canvas on the floor, aligning it and pressing it tightly.
  2. Then do the same with the second half of the canvas.
  3. Near the walls and corners, the material needs to be cut and firmly pressed.
  1. Fit the carpet under the baseboards using a special tool. Plinths to the walls are fixed with screws.

Video about laying carpet on glue

Advantages of the glue method

  • the coating can last longer than with other types of installation;
  • you can use several panels;
  • you can not be afraid of the appearance of folds and bubbles;
  • cleaning with a vacuum cleaner is allowed.

Disadvantages of the adhesive method

  • the complexity of the method;
  • the coating becomes disposable;
  • if there is a “warm floor” under the carpet, then you need to monitor its temperature so that the adhesive layer does not collapse above it.

Fixing carpet on the perimeter with the free installation

In comparison with the adhesive method, this is cheaper and simpler. It does not require the use of scotch, grippers and glue. But the appearance of bubbles and folds is possible, which negatively affects the service life of the coating.

In such a room can not use the furniture on wheels, cleaning with a washing vacuum cleaner.

Technology laying carpet consists of several stages:

  1. Clean the surface of the base.
  2. Spread the substrate and fix it in 200 mm with brackets, and its joints with adhesive tape.
  3. Roll a roll of carpet on the substrate, leaving 10 cm of overlap on the walls.
  1. Press a flat factory cut of the cover to the wall and fix it with the plinth.
  2. Pull the material against the opposite wall, and then the other two. Cut the excess in the corners and fix the carpet with the plinth.
  3. In the plane of the doorways, press the edge of the blade with a metal strip.

Free laying carpet on tape

This mode is good for small rooms with a lined base. In work rolls of a bilateral adhesive tape of various width are used (60-150 mm).

  1. At first, the tape is glued around the perimeter of the room.
  1. Then the entire perimeter is covered with half-meter scotch tape cells. The upper protective layer is not removed yet.
  1. Then the carpet, having reserves of 100 mm at the edges, is spread on the base.
  2. Further operations are carried out, similar to those required by the adhesive method.
  3. As the roll is unwinding, a protective layer is removed from the tape.
  1. At the junction with the wall, excess material is cut and removed.

Before walking around the room and, moreover, arranging the furniture in it, you need to wait until the tape or glue is completely dry.

Video on how to lay carpet on double-sided tape

Advantages of mounting carpet on tape

  • This method can join fragments of paintings.
  • You can use carpet again.
  • The method is suitable for installation above the “warm floor”.
  • No substrate required.
  • This method is suitable not only when deciding how to lay carpet on linoleum, but also in the case of parquet, laminate, tile or laminated chipboard.

The disadvantages of sticking carpet on tape

  • Wrinkles and air bubbles may appear.
  • Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause the tape to peel off.

Tension method (stretching)

In order to fix the coating during stretching, the use of grippers is needed – rails, in which two rows of nails are hammered at a 45-degree angle. To stretch the material will require a special device – a kicker or stretcher. In small rooms, you can get by with a knee kicker, and for larger ones, you need a more powerful tool.

With this method of laying carpet can be distinguished the following steps:

  1. Preparation of the base.
  2. Fastening the grippers along the walls with the orientation of the nails from the center of the room.
  1. Laying the substrate and fixing it through 200 mm brackets.
  2. Smooth factory edge material is laid along the wall.
  3. The material is fastened with a kicker on the gripper: having fastened the teeth of the tool approximately a couple of centimeters from the slats, you need to put a blow on the pillow, which fixes the carpet on the nails.
  4. The canvas is stretched with a powerful stretcher, starting from the corners.
  5. Having inserted the stretcher’s teeth into the material about 150 mm from the edge, they should be fixed, after which the ends of the gripper should be pulled with a kicker in succession in all directions.
  1. The resulting excess material can be cut or just bend.
  2. Then around the perimeter of the room mount the baseboards.

If you choose the most suitable way of laying the carpet for a particular room, then this flooring will remain comfortable and neat for many years.

How do you prefer to lay carpet? Tell us about it in the comments and explain your answer – your advice will be of interest to other builders.

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When decorating the premises of country houses or city apartments are increasingly used carpet. This cozy flooring is very practical, it is a good insulation and it is pleasant to walk on it, even…

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    Join us:

    Important about carpet:

    Instruction: how to lay carpet and 3 main ways

    It is easy to lay the carpet, so any person who does not have relevant experience can cope with this. Carpet is a floor covering consisting of two layers: the base and the pile itself. The basis can be various materials, including natural or synthetic jute, foamed rubber, felt or textiles. The top layer of carpet is made from natural wool or synthetic materials. The synthetic top of the carpet can be made of polyamide, polypropylene, polyacryl or polyester. According to the method of manufacture, this carpet can be looped or tufted, and there are several other options in each of the manufacturing techniques.If we present the possible combinations of the foundations, the materials of the top and the manufacturing methods, it turns out that the variety of types of carpet, which are offered to the consumer. A variety of colors add to the popularity of this flooring.

    Ways to properly lay carpet

    The carpet is convenient in laying on all types of surfaces. It is important that the basis for laying should not be perfectly flat. It is possible to lay carpet in any room, excluding rooms with high humidity.

    Laying carpet is possible in three ways:

    • Free;
    • Glue;
    • Glueless or tension method.

    The free way is the easiest for self styling. It can be with fixing around the perimeter for small rooms or with laying on tape. If the width and length of the room can do with one piece of carpet, then it is fixed around the perimeter.

    The easiest way to lay carpet, using scotch tape

    Acquired material is given at least a day to rest on the floor in the unfolded form in order to smooth the waves.

    The carpet is laid on the wall by 5-10 cm. Then it is smoothed with a special roller or improvised means from the middle to the edges. Extra coating is cut off at the edges, carefully measuring how much carpet will go under the plinth, and how much under the entrance threshold. The main disadvantage of this installation is that waves or bubbles remain on the carpet.

    In the second method of free styling double sided tape is used with a width of 60-150 mm. It can be fastened to the cleaned surface with squares of 50×50 cm. From the outside, protective paper should not be immediately removed. Carpet unfolds, as when using fixation on the perimeter. It is then smoothed and trimmed. When the carpet is prepared, half-fold the canvas, remove the protective paper and return it to its place. The final step is the installation of skirting boards and thresholds.

    The main advantages of a free way of laying – simplicity, speed and the ability to use on any basis. Laying the coating is more convenient in one piece. Joining two pieces is not a difficult process, but care and attention is needed. The direction of the pile and the pattern on both pieces of carpet should be the same. Glue laying is applicable for the wooden or concrete basis. There are also several such methods: direct gluing, fixing or double gluing.

    Direct bonding begins with the preparation of the coating. Then the carpet is turned away from one side in order to put a thin layer of glue. They let it soak and glue, carefully spreading the carpet on the surface of the base, the second part of the carpet is glued in the same way. After direct bonding, the coating will subsequently be difficult to dismantle, this is the main disadvantage of this method.

    When laying the carpet for fixation, a special glue is used that does not provide “dead” gluing of surfaces, or a self-adhesive membrane. The third method of glueing is widely used – double gluing. Its essence lies in gluing the substrate on the double-sided tape first, and then the carpet itself to the substrate on the glue. The tension method has emerged recently, it requires special skills and equipment, so it is better to entrust it to professionals.

    Recommendations: how to lay carpet on a concrete floor

    Carpet on the concrete floor can be laid in any of the following ways.

    To lay the carpet on the concrete floor, it is recommended to use glue

    At the same time, the following recommendations should be observed:

    • Carpet must rest;
    • The concrete base must be dry;
    • It is necessary to repair all cracks, cracks, remove other defects;
    • Concrete screed must be treated with a solution of chlorine or any antifungal agent;
    • After drying, it is necessary to prime the concrete floor to make it stronger and to avoid crumbling;
    • You can lay carpet.

    When used as the base of a concrete surface, a substrate of polyurethane, synthetic or semi-synthetic felt is used. It will make the floor of carpet softer, prevent the ingress of moisture and cold from concrete, increase the duration of the use of carpet.

    How to lay carpet on a wooden floor

    DIY technology does not change the flooring if the carpet is laid on a wooden floor.

    Extra pieces of carpet can be cut with a knife

    The preparation for the flooring is different:

    • On a wooden surface there should be no difference in height, dents or cracks;
    • Rotten boards need to be changed;
    • If the wooden floor creaks, then such areas are additionally fixed with self-tapping screws or put wedges between creaking boards;
    • The wooden surface is treated with a grinding machine or a plane;
    • Wooden floor as a base for carpet, it is desirable to treat an antifungal solution;
    • At detection of serious defects of a surface, a wooden floor is leveled by moisture-resistant plywood.

    After the preparatory work, the wooden floor is covered with a backing and the carpet is fixed in the chosen way. This coating is very comfortable.

    Instructions: how to lay carpet on linoleum

    Is it worth it to put the carpet on the laminate or linoleum – a difficult question. These materials require thorough preparation as a basis.

    Mandatory quality conditions of the basics are the same:

    • Linoleum must not be damaged or deformed;
    • Bubbles, creases and cracks are not allowed;
    • Under the linoleum itself, excessive moisture may form during operation, which leads to the spread of the fungus.

    To make the carpet level after laying, you need to wait 2-3 days

    If the linoleum is flat on the floor and the humidity in the room is within the normal range, then it will serve as a substrate and heat insulation for carpet. If there is no confidence in the quality of the laid linoleum, then it is better to get rid of it, then put the carpet on the foundation of concrete.

    Today, a lot is written about the pros and cons of using carpet. The unconditional advantages of carpet are its heat and sound insulation properties. Modern carpet eco-friendly and fireproof. This material is represented by a variety of textures and colors. The use of carpet in the decoration of the house or office makes the room cozy and easy to clean. Carpet is easy to lay on the floor itself, which can reduce repair costs.

    As the carpet has a fleecy surface, dust accumulates in it. For people with allergies, this is a negative factor when choosing flooring. Carpet can not be used in rooms with high humidity. Carpets can not be laid on warm floors.

    How to lay carpet (video)

    In recent years, carpet and laminate are among the most popular flooring, combining an interesting design and practicality, deservedly in high demand.

    Source:,, kak-stelit-kovrolin

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