How to install PVC windows in a wooden house

You may need to replace any parts of the opening. For example, in chopped houses, the areas of logs located under the window opening most often suffer. In this case, the damaged areas are cut out and replaced with pieces of logs of suitable size. Replaced areas are fixed, depending on the possibilities – with staples, long trimmers, wooden locks (groove-tenon).

Be sure to treat the replaced area with protective compounds.

Installation of windows in a window box (for chopped wooden houses, installation of a window box is carried out using a mowing or casing) is the most appropriate way to install windows. Thus, the rigidity of the aperture is preserved, a strong base frame is created. But at the same time, the window itself will be able to self-regulate during seasonal fluctuations of the house (shrinkage, movements, etc.).

When installing the window box set on the level.

Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house

After the preparation, proceed to the process of installing the window.

First of all, we disconnect the window frame from the casements, if the window is deaf – remove the glass unit. We do not remove the protective film from the windows – it will protect the profile from possible damages and scratches.

Installation of a windowsill

  How to install PVC windows in a wooden house

Installing a window sill in a wooden house If you want to install a window sill, then first of all we mount it. When installing, adjust the plane using a level and backing plates (pieces of wood, plywood, etc.).

If the window sill is also made of PVC, then under the cap of the screw it is necessary to put a washer (so that when screwing the screw it does not fall into the cavity of the window sill). Screw the screws into places located under the future frame (so that it is beautiful and the caps are not visible). But more often, the sill is the lower wide window box board, and therefore installing an additional sill is not required.

Fitting frame

Installing the window frame in a wooden house We put the frame on bars with a thickness of about 1 cm, check the level of installation by level. On each side, be sure to leave a gap of at least 1 cm, set the bars between the frame and the window box. They will not allow the frame to move horizontally, prevent a possible deformation of the frame during installation and allow you to securely fasten the window frame to the window box.

Check the surface plane of the wall (window box) and the frame, not allowing the frame to protrude beyond the borders of the window box.

Installing the window frame

Installing the window frame in a wooden house Fastening the frame with long screws to the window box, trying not to over-tighten the screw. After installing the frame, we hang the sash and install double-glazed windows (in blind windows).

When installing a glass unit in a profile, it is necessary that there is a gap of about 5-7 mm between the glass unit and the profile. This will prevent the glass from twisting and cracking due to possible deformations of the profile (frame) during operation (seasonal fluctuations of the building, possible distortions during shrinkage and during operation).

Vertical adjustment produced adjustment plates.

Installation of a double-glazed window

Further, with the help of a plastic bead, the glass unit is fixed in the PVC profile. The spike shtapika should click into the groove on the frame. The connection should be made by gently tapping the bead of a wooden or rubber mallet or malleus.

Zaining the window

Next, zapenivaem space between the window frame and frame. We wait until froth hardens. During this period of time, it is not recommended to open or place a window on the airing in order to prevent the frame from deformation due to foam expansion.

After the foam hardens, cut off the excess and you can proceed to the trim casing.

Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house

The last stage is the removal of the protective film, the window is ready for operation.

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