How to fix siding on a wooden house

The panels should have a gap of about 5 mm between them. as the material tends to expand when heated. If siding is made during the cold season, the gap should be left more.

If it is necessary to expand the panels, the connecting H-profile is used. It is possible to stack siding and overlap, blocking the previous panel by 2-2.5 cm.

Around the openings slats are inserted into the locks.

The installation system is quite simple, siding panels have locking parts and finished holes for screws or nails, so they are easy to dock with each other and fasten to the base.

Required Tools

  How to fix siding on a wooden house

For wall siding with your own hands you will need the following tools:

  • knife (vinyl panels are easy to cut)
  • jigsaw (allows you to speed up the process of cutting panels)
  • drill punch
  • screwdriver
  • level (it is more convenient to use modern laser)
  • roulette

A set of these tools certainly have every owner of a wooden house. When buying materials and tools you should not save. It is better to choose high-quality panels and accessories. But you can easily save money by doing your own lining.

Builders reviews

The material for the facade was chosen for a long time. Prior to this, the house was faced with clapboard, which had to be constantly painted. We chose the siding. The main color was taken by “peach”, and for the decoration of the corners and trim we used “cappuccino”. Mounted independently with his brother. In general, the system is quite simple, the window trimming caused some difficulties, but thanks to the instructions they managed.

Siding country house siding two years ago. Now there is no need to constantly tint it and the house looks like new. The only thing I would like to install beautiful trim on the windows until they found them in stores.

Lihnin V.I. Kursk

For a country house is a great choice. The color scheme is very diverse, resistant to temperature extremes. Manufacturers give a guarantee of 50 years, I have no doubt that it will last.

Do not hesitate, neighbors in the cottage, too, upholstered the house with siding. The materials are very good – Russian, with German quality. There are many colors for every taste!

Tarasova Olga, Moscow

Facing wooden houses with siding today is very popular. This is not surprising, because it is an easy and affordable way to improve the appearance of the house, insulate it and protect it from the adverse effects of the environment.

Now you know how to do home siding with your own hands. It is not difficult, try your hand, the result will surely please you!

Installing siding on a wooden house – crate, insulation and installation of material

Installing siding on a wooden house

Finishing a wooden house – the most common option to protect a wooden structure from external influences.

Wood, unlike other building materials, is most susceptible to destruction, under the influence of precipitation, in the form of snow and rain. Therefore, without the arrangement of external protection, the wooden structure rather quickly becomes useless and needs additional repair work.

Installing siding on a wooden house – one of the types of cladding, with which it is possible to reduce the destructive effect of environmental exposure.

Consider the finishing work using siding in more detail, starting with the installation of the supporting frame and ending with the installation of the facing material.

Bar or profile?

For most wooden houses, the installation of the lathing for siding should be carried out without fail.

First, the arrangement of the frame will help to hide the waviness and irregularities of the old supporting structures. Secondly, the crate implies the arrangement of an additional layer of thermal insulation.

As the main material for the lathing, it is possible to use long wooden bars or a metal profile. There is no fundamental difference in siding fixing and the final choice will depend on accessibility and personal preferences.

Arrangement of wooden crates

For houses made of wood, we recommend the use of timber, since this material is more reliably adjacent to the surface of the walls and prevents the formation of cold bridges.

When choosing a crate for lathing, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The ideal size is a thickness of 30-50 mm, width 40-80 mm.
  • The material must be even and without visible damage.
  • Timber must be well dried.
  • It is desirable that the tree was treated with special antiseptics against decay and insects.

As a heater if its use is meant, the use of mineral wool in the form of plates is most preferable.

Work surface preparation

As in the case of installation of any other cladding, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work before arranging the batten and installing siding.

All protruding elements must be removed from the wall surface.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. From the surface of the walls and the facade removed all the decorative elements, ebb, trim, etc.
  2. If there is an old finish, it should be removed completely or partially, depending on its condition. For heavily damaged coatings it is recommended to make its complete disassembly.
  3. After dismantling the finishes and various elements, the surface of the walls is cleaned of dirt and treated with special compounds, against the formation of fungal organisms and mold.

When performing all the above steps, the surface should dry well, after which you can begin to install the batten for siding.

Wood frame installation

In one of our materials, we examined in detail the process of installing the batten for siding with the observance of all the basic nuances.

We briefly recall the main nuances that must be observed when installing the frame for wooden houses:

  • The support structure for the installation of insulation is mounted in a horizontal direction at a distance less than the size of insulation.
  • It is best to use galvanized screws or nails for fixing the guides.
  • As a level, it is possible to use plumb lines and cords that are stretched between the upper and lower guides.
  • The distance of the extreme guides from the corner of the building should be 10-15 cm.

For example, mineral plates are available in the size of 40 × 60 cm. In this case, the step between the guides should be 38-39 cm in order for the heat-insulating plates to fit more closely to the surface of the walls.

The process of arranging the batten for installing vinyl siding will look like this:

  1. Using a plumb we find the most prominent place on the surface of the walls. At this level, install the lower guide, with the use of linings. To do this, you can use trim bars.

The cord is tensioned between the outermost guides.

  • Similarly, make the installation of the top rail.
  • Between the upper and lower timber we stretch the cord, and mount the remaining rows of guides over the entire area of ​​the wall.
  • Mineral wool slabs are placed between the exposed wooden beams. If the arrangement of the second layer of insulation is provided, then the installation of the second frame, which is located in the vertical direction, is carried out.

    Installation of mineral wool in the form of plates

  • For protection, slabs of mineral wool must be covered with a vapor barrier film. The film is fixed by a construction stapler or small studs.
  • On the frame for insulation, we mount the crate for installing siding. For this purpose, vertical rows of guides of similar dimensions are mounted on a wooden beam.
  • If the arrangement of thermal insulation is not provided, then the frame under the siding is mounted on brackets for metal profiles. U-shaped brackets are mounted on the surface of the wall, after which the timber is fixed directly on them.

    Installation of siding and accessories

    Proper installation of siding with the observance of gaps

    To begin with, we will define that the process of works described by us, is fair for installation of a vinyl siding. This type of material is quite affordable, durable and its installation does not cause any particular difficulties.

    The overall process of installing the cladding material on a wooden crate, consists of several stages:

    1. First thing, we make the installation of the starting bar. To do this, use the J-profile, which is attached to the guide with screws. It is important to remember that the self-tapping screws do not need to be tightened much, it is advisable to leave 1-2 mm between the mount and the bar.

    General scheme of fastening the starting strips and corner elements

  • In the corners of the building are installed inside and outside corners with a similar method of attachment. The lower level of the angle should be slightly below the starting bar.
  • For window and door openings installation of platbands or about a window level is carried out.

    The general scheme of installing finishing profiles near the window

  • We mark and cut the siding of the required length, leaving a distance for the gaps. It must be at least 7-10 mm.
  • Insert and snap the cut panel into the slots on the corner bars.
  • We fix the installed siding panel with galvanized self-tapping screws, leaving a gap of 1-2 mm.

    Proper fastening of siding panels

  • Similarly, we install the remaining panels on the area of ​​the entire wall. We fasten the uppermost panel only after installing the finishing bar, which is mounted under the eaves.
  • In general cases, according to the above technology, you can mount metal siding under a bar. log, stone, etc. For a visual representation of the installation, we offer you the following video:

    How to install siding on a wooden house?

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