How to fasten a plastic window in a wooden house

  How to fasten a plastic window in a wooden house

Scheme of installation work

Installation work consists of the following steps:

  • Okosyachki assembly;
  • window sill fasteners;
  • window fasteners;
  • fastener reflux.

Consider each of these steps in more detail.

Okosyachki making

Okosyachka with installed wooden window sill

The order of installation of plastic windows in a wooden house is such that the first thing to do is to manufacture the casing.

This is done as follows:

  • Cut out the opening. If the opening is already there, check its sides for irregularities. All protruding fragments of the opening carefully cut off the chainsaw.
  • On the sides of the opening we cut a “ridge” – a protrusion corresponding to the size of the carriage (carriage – vertical walls of the casing, which have characteristic protrusions in the form of a groove or spike).

The protrusion on the opening cut a chainsaw. We try to work carefully, applying a narrow tire so that the cut is straight.

  • The casing box is assembled from two sides, as well as the bottom and top. The connection of all the elements together is done in half-wood.

Nailing or fixing with screws is not used, as the design must compensate for the deformation of the opening. Casing assembly is performed directly in the opening.

Important: The finished casing does not attach to the aperture; it forms a sliding joint with it. If the casing is screwed to the wall with screws, there will be no sense from this construction, as if the wall is deformed, it will lead to the octopus.

Installation of glass

Installation instructions for plastic windows in a wooden house, provided that the casing is already installed, differs little from the installation of similar structures in a brick building.

Installation work is performed as follows:

  • We prepare a double-glazed window for installation. Namely, we dismantle all the mounted elements from the frame.

This stage is relevant if the glass comes in the collection. If all the items are shipped in a disassembled state, you can immediately begin to install.

  • The frame is inserted into the casing and is aligned in it in accordance with the water level. In order for the positioning of the frame to be successful, wooden chips of the required thickness are inserted from different sides into the gap.
  • After the frame is set in accordance with the water level, from the inside in the frame we drill holes for screws.

If at installation of windows in the brick house dowels with plastic tips are used, then in wooden constructions self-tapping screws which enter a tree and reliably in it are kept are used.

The length of the screws is chosen in such a way that they enter the casing, but do not reach the opening in the wall.

  • After the screws are screwed into wood. slightly spray the gap between the frame and the casing from the sprayer. This is done in order to provide better adhesion of foam and wood. Then we apply foam into this gap.
  • After complete curing of the foam, we proceed to the installation of the window sill and the outflow.

Installation of a window sill

Proper installation of plastic windows in a wooden house with your own hands implies the installation of a window sill after the installation of the glass unit is completed.

Instructions for installing wood window sills are as follows:

  • In the lateral parts of the casing, at the level of the location of the future sill, special grooves are made to a depth of 1.5-2 cm.
  • The window sill is moved into the grooves.
  • In the upper part of the window sill is fixed with screws, which are screwed directly into the casing. In order to prevent the screw caps from being visible, sweats are pre-drilled before them, which are subsequently filled with wood putty.

Fitting plastic sill

Installation instructions for plastic window sills do not imply the use of screws. Also, as in the previous instruction, grooves are selected in the sidewalls into which the plastic cover slides. Fixing the cover in the opening can be performed using foam.

Montage tide

The rules for installing plastic windows in a wooden house imply the need to install an external pour.

Low tide is needed for several reasons.

  • First of all. with the reflux set, the window looks more attractive.
  • Secondly. provided proper selection and installation of low tide, rain will not fall on the surface of the wall under the window.
  • Thirdly, the mounting foam applied around the frame will be protected from exposure to UV rays and will not lose its original insulating qualities.

Installation instructions for reflux are as follows:

  • Low tide is applied to the casing in such a way that it is the upper edge went to the bottom edge of the window frame.
  • After the ebb leveled we secure it with screws.
  • After that around the entire frame are mounted trim.

Fully installed double-glazed window with window sill and platbands

Upon completion of the installation work, the doors are hung on the frame, and the glass unit is considered to be installed. If a set of windows comes completely disassembled, you will have to assemble the sash, namely insert the glass and press it with plastic bead.

In this article we looked at the installation of plastic windows in a wooden house. So now you can order the glazing of your country house without installation and thus save money.

There are questions that need clarification? More useful information can be found by watching the video in this article.

Plastic windows. Installing windows in a wooden house with their own hands

tanya (Builderclub expert)

It is more convenient to start with a longer bead, usually a bead along the height of the window. Of the tools you need only a wide knife, such as a shoemaker’s knife (you can buy in the building supermarket). It has a blade about 4 cm wide, about 2 mm thick and the blade is diagonally beveled in such a way that at the end there is a sharpened flat plane about 5-6 cm long.

Shoemaker’s knife Or any wide knife with a strong blade (so as not to bend).

Use your hand to gently hammer the knife blade between the bead and the frame. The length of the bead is approximately in the middle. Now, slightly loosening the knife back and forth, again with the effort of the hand we bend the knife in the direction of the glass unit, and at the same time the bead comes out of the groove. It can be removed. The remaining beadings are removed in the same way, only the knife is better placed not in the middle, but closer to the free end of the bead.

Sometimes it is advised to remove the bead with a conventional flat screwdriver. But it is better not to try – plastic will sweat.

It is safest to hammer back the beadings with a special rubber hammer.

Thanks, I will try.

I will clarify. The part of the tool (with which you will remove the bead) that will go in between the bead and the window profile – 3-5 mm should have a minimum thickness. I usually use an ordinary black spatula, on which all the faces have already sharpened. Such a spatula is thinner than a shoe knife, but it is less stiff. In general, here without fanaticism.

When inserting a double-glazed window, do not forget to return all the gaskets to the places; they must sit tightly in place; the double-glazed window is exactly in the center of the frame!

And you need to score a bead in the following sequence: two short, then two long! If there is no rubber hammer, then it is possible to wrap a 300-400 gram hammer with a cloth (cotton).

Thanks for the addition!

The article is informative. But if the tree house is new? We builders before installing windows, put okosyachki There video of such installation. Okosyachku is also called a casing and it is necessary that the house, while shrinking, does not deform the windows. This is how it looks like:

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