How to build a cheaper house

In areas with a very harsh winter in a two-layer wall, it may be advantageous to lay the bearing part of less durable, but more “warm” blocks: aerated concrete, gas silicate, foam concrete or porous ceramics, with a density of 600 – 1200 kg / m 3. This solution will reduce the thickness of the layer of highly efficient insulation, but due to the lower strength of the wall material will have to increase the thickness of the walls.

One square meter of the frame wall contains the maximum amount of highly effective insulation. This is probably the most profitable construction of walls in terms of the recoupment of construction costs.

  How to build a cheaper house

The frame wall of an inexpensive home for a harsh climate:

  • Between the racks of the frame slab mineral wool insulation density of at least 45 kg / m 3. 100-200 mm thick.
  • Outside of a plate of insulation from extruded polystyrene foam (EPS) or foam or facade slabs of mineral wool with a density of at least 125 kg / m 3. 40 to 100 mm thick.
  • Thin-layer plaster on the insulation.

However, the frame house has other features. which not all developers like.

It is also profitable to build a house with frame walls in areas with less severe winters. The outer layer of insulation on the frame wall in areas with a milder climate can not do.

Single-layer wall of an inexpensive house for the southern areas. (south of Orenburg – Saransk – Kursk – Kaliningrad):

  • Laying on glue or heat-saving solution of blocks from autoclaved aerated concrete, gas silicate with a density of 300-500 kg / m 3 or hollow blocks from porous ceramics, masonry thickness is 380-510 mm.
  • External cement putty 3 mm.

In areas with mild winters, houses with single-layer walls made of lightweight cellular concrete are less expensive. warm porous ceramics or large-pore keramsit concrete without additional insulation and masonry thickness not exceeding 510 mm.

Wooden walls of timber or logs in most climatic zones of Russia do not meet modern requirements for heat saving. Wooden walls of houses for year-round living need additional warming.

Warming of wooden walls practically negates the environmental friendliness and other features of such houses. For example, after insulation, this property, for which many value wooden houses, is how high the uncontrolled breathability of wooden walls (“breathing walls”) is lost.

It is advantageous to build wooden houses without additional wall insulation only as summer houses, for seasonal living and short-term winter raids.

Nevertheless, houses with traditional wooden walls for year-round living continue to be built now. Our ancestors built such houses for thousands of years, as they simply had no choice. Now there is a choice.

X ozyaeva wooden houses without additional insulation walls are continually pay higher fuel consumption for heating – for what? Apparently they found the answer to this question. Or maybe they just did not ask him.

Service life, durability at home. Do I need to build a house for the ages?

When choosing the design of the walls and other elements of the house should also take into account durability, or as builders say – capital construction. Distinguish between the total service life of the building and the service life to overhaul The longer the planned service life of the house, the higher the cost of its construction.

The service life is determined by the design features of the building elements and the properties of the materials used for the construction. In the general case, if there are no flaws in the structure, a house with stone walls will last longer than with wooden walls of a log or a bar. A house with frame walls will be less durable than all the others. The greater the thickness of the bearing walls of the house, the higher the capital of the structure.

When overhauling, they restore, change the most damaged, less durable parts of the building that are available for repair, for example, facade cladding, insulation, roofing, windows, engineering systems.

The house over time grows old not only physically, but also in the mental plane. The layout, set and size of the rooms in the house no longer correspond to the lifestyle of the family. People’s perceptions about architecture and the level of improvement of a private house are changing. Often, even the street and the village where the house is located, over time, become less attractive to life. Look around at private houses built 50, 70, or 100 years ago. Would you like to live now in such a house, in the house of your parents, on that street, in that village? Your children, when they grow up, are also likely to answer you this question – no.

It makes no sense to build a house for ages, the family nest for many generations. Build a house for yourself with a lifetime of 50 – 60 years. Give children the opportunity to build their own, different home, the way they want, and where they want to live.

What not to save

1. On technical supervision of construction. Even if you read a lot of materials on the topic of construction, without having experience, you still can not fully control the quality and understand the logic of construction work.

Building a house is a complex, multifaceted activity. You need to bring to the work of a technical supervision engineer or a person with a building education and experience you trust.

A professional engineer of technical supervision will help you:

  • To pick up a project, materials for building a house.
  • Choose a contractor and draw up a contract with him.
  • Check estimates for the scope of work, materials, prices and prices.
  • Control the work for compliance with SNiP and current practice.
  • Control the purchase and consumption of materials by the contractor.
  • Accept construction work, inspect the acts of delivery of work compiled by the contractor.
  • To be your representative on the construction site, to defend your interests before the contractor.

2. On the project of the house and binding the finished project to the construction site. Pick up and buy a finished project at home. When buying, specify the climatic conditions for which the project was made – outdoor temperature, snow and wind loads.

Have local designers assign the project to the conditions of the construction site.

Be sure to bind the foundations to the ground conditions of the construction site. Compliance of the foundation with the soil conditions and construction of the house will provide the necessary minimum expenses for its construction.

It is often possible to observe when the foundation is made with an unjustifiably large margin of safety. The developer regretted money for the designers to tie the foundations, listened to his foreman-contractor, to whom the more expensive, the better, as a result, he uselessly buried a significant amount in the ground.

Major changes in the project: the replacement of the material and the location of the walls, the dimensions of the openings in the walls, the installation of additional windows, the replacement of floors, should also be entrusted to design specialists.

Do not give the design and construction of the house in one hand – it must be different, independent from each other experts or organizations. The competition of interests and opinions of these specialists will allow you to choose the optimal solution and avoid unjustified costs.

3. On communications and engineering systems. Electricity, heating, water supply, sewerage, ventilation, communications, and access to the house provide the comfort of life.

Do not give up on any of the systems. They, like the systems of the human body, must be healthy, healthy, reliable and in the right place.

What material is better to build a house?

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In the comments, please justify your choice: cheaper, warmer, more durable, and more.

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What is cheaper to build a house – various ways

I agree that houses from frame housing construction are the most economical. This also applies to the box and the foundation itself. I am now engaged in the construction of a house from SIPS turnkey panels (Saransk). This is the cheapest option in construction. I looked at this aerated concrete more… I was bribed by the fact that the housing itself from SIP would then be more economical to operate. Less money will go to heating definitely. And with our winters it is significantly displayed financially on the pocket. Still thinking about what to do roofing. Probably get along with shingles. She for the money, too, is the most economical option.

My husband and I will soon retire. I really want to seriously prepare for this moment. We live in the city, so we bought land in the country and decided to build a house. For a long time we could not decide on the choice of a construction company, did not want to risk money. And then the godfather came and boasts that she ordered a bathhouse and a guest house for the company in the Woodland Company from Vologda, they have already brought log houses. Husband traveled, looked at the material, talked with the builders. All liked it. The next day we already chose the house on the site of the company. I liked the fact that the payment after the fact. The wood for the walls was delivered in two weeks, although they were carried almost halfway across the country to the Rostov region. The logs are large, there was no mink bug, or cracks. Log cabin was ready in a week. Now settles. And we are waiting for the continuation of construction.

Cheapest home. How to build a cheap house

For most people, building your own home is an unattainable dream. The reason is that any construction is very, very expensive. Take a look at the proposals for the sale of real estate – the prices of houses very few people can afford. Therefore, many do not even think about the possibility of solving the housing issue in this way.

However, nowadays a lot of modern technologies and building materials have appeared, the use of which can dispel such pessimism. Increasingly, we have the opportunity to make sure that a home-built house is fully capable of being reliable, aesthetic, and, most importantly, inexpensive!

Cheapest homes – what are they?

Let’s try to understand what common features are inherent in budget new buildings. Are there cheap houses in principle? After all, the prices for materials and services of contractors have not been canceled. But if you correctly comply with certain conditions, construction costs can be reduced by almost a third.

So, signs of cheap housing. These are, above all, such houses (cottages) that are optimally planned. They can be not only modern, but also functional, thoughtful, compact. The usable area should occupy as large a share as possible (ideally up to 90 – 95%). Successfully planning a house, we will achieve at least 20% savings.

Another “trick” is the use of modern, economical building materials and the management of the construction process with new high-tech methods. This will save us about 40% of our budget.

Country house cheap

Both external and internal design of the house should be as functional as possible, simple, not containing any excesses. This will actually save about 10% of the budget. The roof should be made either gable or pentagonal. Floor should be only one. Luxury cottages with balconies and columns are not our option. The area of ​​the dwelling should initially be provided for a small one with the possibility of transformation, that is, the addition of additional premises in the future.

We don’t need a basement. The foundation should be deepened not very much. If geological and climatic conditions allow, it is better to make it easier. Finishing, both internal and external, should be chosen as uncomplicated as possible. For the facade is quite suitable version of the cement-lime plaster. Believe me, and with it the house can look just great.

A significant “weight loss” for the construction budget is the presence of numerous windows (especially of irregular shape), a multi-slope roof with complex relief, several floors, a large number of partitions, and an abundance of decorative external elements. All this eats up a huge amount of money. Avoid unnecessary costs, retaining the basic functionality, it is quite possible. In addition, a country house, built concisely without an abundance of “bells and whistles”, looks elegant and stylish.

Themselves with a mustache!

Another major item of economy is the use of your own labor. Theoretically, a private house can be built yourself. About 90% of all construction work, almost anyone can do it yourself. It makes sense to hire people from outside only for complex types of work, to produce independently which the level of qualification does not allow. Or those who are not in principle capable of a non-expert.

A mandatory condition for the retention of the budget “within the framework” is a strict and constant control over the quality of the work carried out (in the case of a hired brigade). Check and track necessarily need the prices of purchased materials, and the process of their acquisition. This, again, is that the supply will be engaged by the involved workers.

The expense of attracting a specialist engineer who will help you adapt your chosen standard project to your specific needs, taking into account the climatic conditions, will fully justify itself. In any “tipikov” you can make profitable changes to the budget. For example, to replace part of building materials with cheaper analogues. The project itself is quite realistic to modify to specific requirements. In this sense, a private house is an open field for creativity.

What else can we save?

In addition, it is possible to optimize the engineering equipment system incorporated in the project, which will give further savings in the process of operation on maintenance and heating. The cheapest houses are costing well with domestic equipment, which in a number of parameters is not inferior to imported equipment. Plumbing and other items should also be chosen as simple as possible.

When buying building materials, it should be remembered that the purchase of a large lot involves a good discount. But still, before going to the market or to the store, it is best to carefully examine the prices, taking into account seasonal fluctuations, the range of available products (both imported and domestic), get acquainted with reviews, find out about the currently available promotions and As a result, choose the option that is optimal in terms of value for money.

With any choice, too carried away by the process of saving, you risk to buy low-quality materials. Even the cheapest houses should look aesthetic and have a margin of safety. Do not forget that housing is built for several decades to come. Therefore, the “components” should be bought as good as possible, as your wallet allows. Otherwise, “shines” the need for additional costs for reworking a marriage and a quick repair.

The best option is the use of seasonal discounts. In winter, due to falling demand for building materials, prices can be significantly reduced. Save, in addition, you can on self-delivery purchased to the construction site.

Human factor

If you absolutely can not or do not want to do the work with your own hands, you will have to “go bow” to the specialists. It is best to invite the brigade immediately. By choosing it should be approached as seriously as possible. Do not be lazy to ask all applicants in detail, talk to those who hired them shortly before you, study the reviews. This will subsequently save you not only a decent amount of money, but also time and priceless nerves.

Attracting specialists, it is necessary to conclude a written agreement with them. It should be compiled in as much detail as possible with the smallest nuances: deadlines, volume and quality, full cost. The contract must be spelled out such moments as the type and amount of penalties for violation of its conditions and terms, as well as all other obligations of both parties. These include a clause on providing workers with accommodation, tools, household amenities and, if needed, food.

For failure to comply with the stated conditions must be stipulated a penalty. If the brigade breaks the contract, it is best to terminate the contract and hire other people or complete it yourself. Redoing poor-quality work will be much more expensive.

What is your home worth

How to save on the foundation? If the project is small (with an area of ​​less than 40 sq. M. Or it is a country house), it can be made piling. This is the most economical, although not the most reliable option. A larger dwelling with heavy load-bearing structures will require a strip foundation. It is the most durable, but it is also the most expensive.

The solution may be an intermediate version with a combination of both types, which can be a reasonable compromise while retaining all the advantages. Again: as in any stage of construction, carrying out the maximum possible number of works when building the foundation itself can save a lot of money. Own forces are quite realistic to dig a pit or trench, install formwork or dig holes for piles.

The calculation of the foundation must be carried out especially carefully. The width of its tape or the number of piles should be sufficient to reliably support the entire structure. At the same time, it should not be overly heavy – again for the sake of economy.

Look above

Let’s go to the walls. How can I save on the box at home? It is easier to achieve this by taking cheap building materials – timber, log, foam blocks. One of the most budget options – prefabricated houses. Numerous supplying companies are calling for us to purchase and install a frame house cheaply and without much hassle in our site. Such finished buildings (of Canadian type) have recently gained immense popularity due to the combination of price and the possibility of quick assembly.

This option is not the most durable in our climatic conditions. But with a neat assembly of such a house is able to serve a number of decades. Since the climate of Canada resembles the Russian one, inexpensive prefab houses manufactured using the local technology do not require any special refinement. It is only important to pay attention to the thermal conductivity of the material, which will be formed walls. In general, the frame house will cost you cheap and can be an excellent way out for those who are not inclined to “long-term construction”.

When purchasing material for the roof, pay attention to the shingles, corrugated steel or metal roofing. Of course, you can choose any material, carefully studying and comparing all the advantages and disadvantages. It is clear that the country house is being built to meet the requirements are not as stringent as in the case of housing for permanent residence.

And on what you can not save?

First of all, do not try to do this due to the quality of the purchased materials. After all, it directly depends on how your house will turn out. It also will not work to “fake” paperwork (documenting and obtaining a building permit). This procedure, unfortunately, will require a lot of personal time and certain costs.

All design should be undertaken before you start building something. Otherwise, at the end of the work you will have at least a painful procedure to legitimize your samostroya. In addition, properly and timely executed documents – a pledge of installation and connection of utilities in the optimum time.

Reliability – at the forefront

It will also not be possible to save on pouring a quality foundation. This is the case when good quality and reliability are fundamentally more important than any economy. The roof frame is also not the most suitable article to save. Best and most reliable if it is made of wooden beams.

Materials for the supply of engineering communications should initially choose high-quality and modern (plastic pipes, reliable electrical cables) and not save on their professional connection. Be sure to require technical supervision in the implementation of the project. It should be conducted by a visiting engineer, or, in extreme cases, by an experienced, familiar builder. Even the cheapest houses require such supervision. It is especially necessary in the case of independent performance of work or disagreements with a hired brigade. Experienced look specialist will be able to instantly identify the shortcomings and settle relationships with contractors.

Thus, to build a cheap house is quite realistic, and how quickly you do this depends on you.

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