Do-it-yourself house building

In addition, do not forget that a copy of the project will need to be submitted along with an application for a construction permit. In conclusion, it is worth noting that the project of the house consists of several sections – this is:

  1. Engineering part, which includes: Electrician. Sewage system Water supply and heating.
  2. The architectural part – it includes drawings and sizes of structures.

After the project is ready we move on. Now it is necessary to equip our site: first we put a construction trailer on the territory – it is necessary so that at the first stages of construction there is where to change clothes, and also where to hide an expensive tool from the rain and not invited guests, except to cheer up with a warm tea when you are tired.

In the initial stages of construction, a construction wagon will serve well

The next step of the construction path is the construction of a fence. The fence is a very functional thing, firstly it will protect the initial construction from uninvited guests, as well as from animals that continually wander into your site. A slab fence is a very quick and convenient solution that will provide an indispensable service at first. We also advise you to read about a fence made of a picket fence. and of course the now popular fence from a professional sheet.

Beautiful fence for home

The site is equipped with the exception of the toilet, do not forget about it, because this place is quite visited about the toilet in the country can talk for a long time, but one thing is for sure, do not do the toilet in a hurry. Make a good cesspool for the toilet, if you have free time, immediately connect it with a septic tank (for example, with a septic tank made of concrete rings), then you will not have to redo the structure of the sewer system several times.

So with the preparation for construction figured out. Now proceed to the construction of the house:

At the initial stage, we will need to lay the foundation. The foundation is laid starting from the type of structure, soil freezing in the region, as well as the construction of the house. Of course, you first need to decide on its type and design, let’s give them a brief description:

  1. Brick foundation – Extruded technology, but which is still suitable for light houses, greenhouses, gazebos, verandas or baths.
  2. Pile and strip foundation – Technology that is perfect for weak and heaving soils.
  3. Monolithic foundation – Technology, which is used mainly for the construction of houses of non-standard construction, such foundations have high qualities of reliability and durability, but require high costs.
  4. Shallow-foundation – Widely used technology that allows you to save on construction, but at the same time has good durable qualities.
  5. The foundation of asbestos-cement pipes is mainly used for light frame houses, greenhouses, and so on. This technology of laying the foundation is also often used in areas prone to flooding, because this type of foundation is not influenced by groundwater.
  6. Ribbon foundation – a type of building that is used to build houses and cottages. Ribbon foundation is often cheaper than solid construction.
  7. Floating (slab) foundation – the foundation, which is used on floating, heaving, peaty, marsh soils prone to constant movement. This type of foundation is laid on the bulk pillow and mixed with the movement of the soil, it does not go deep to the height of the freezing, which allows you to maintain its integrity.
  8. Bored foundation – a foundation that, like the pile one, is used mainly in areas with a large amount of groundwater and on floating soils.

Construction and reinforcement of the foundation

After you have finished with the choice of type and reinforcement of the foundation, by the way, carefully select the appropriate concrete to fill the foundation. Next, we warm the foundation from the outside and from the inside to keep the heat inside the house and not to spend money on its heating.

The next stage is the bottom trim of the frame house. and the construction of walls, as for the walls, then decide on what the house will consist of bricks or cinder blocks, and maybe of wood or expanded clay blocks. Incidentally, the construction of walls often in our time has become fashionable to use wood concrete blocks – this is a sample of material that is made from sawdust, cement and special impurities that keep heat well and are fireproof.

After the erection of the walls comes the moment at which the erection of the roof occurs, you first need to make armopoyas under the power plate. then organize the roof truss system to determine its constituent elements and select the type of roof:

  1. Sloping roof;
  2. Gable roof;
  3. Three roof and others;

The roof is sheathed with any materials at hand, of course, we advise you not to decorate with straw because now they are popular:

  1. Soft tile – an excellent material with low cost and excellent quality.
  2. Ondulin roofing is a material that is otherwise referred to as Euro-slate, but unlike slate, it has less weight and more beautiful shape.
  3. Slate is a classic roofing material.

Before you start to cover the roof with cladding material, of course, you must make the sheathing.

So, we also figured out the roof, now we need to start making a porch, insert windows and other appropriate procedures that fall within the framework of design structures. Speaking about the construction of the porch, we will tell you how to do:

Brick porch

After the main stages associated with the construction, we will now gradually move to the outer (outer) decoration of a country house. At first we will make installation of an obreshetka under a siding. then we will make the installation of vinyl siding or metal siding under the tree the foundation after its insulation is also desirable to finish the siding or thermopanels with clinker tiles – this will allow at the same time to warm and give a beautiful look to your home.

Home decoration siding

Well, in general, the house is built, now let’s proceed to the sewage system and drainage.

Water supply on the plot is a very important thing along with electricity. But if everything is clear about the electrical wiring in a wooden house, then as far as the water supply system is concerned, then this is another question, of course, the water supply system can also be made from a well. but here you need to know about the level of groundwater, but how to find out about it, we are not geologists. The answer is simple – ask the neighbors and find out if they are making wells or bore wells. The difference is often very significant and it manifests itself in the cost of work, so read our section about the construction of the well and the well, where you will find answers to the questions: when is it better to dig a well. better wells than wells and more.

Now about the sewage system: First of all, we will need to make a sewage system. It is either a drain to the sump. either to the drain hole. Generally speaking about the sewage system, as such, it is better to design it according to standards, that is, not to use drain pits, as this could undermine the ecological situation on the site and pollute the water to you and your neighbors. It is desirable to make sewage when using a cesspool, but then you will often have to call an ashenizator machine, and the best way to build a sewage system is to connect all the plumbing components to the septic tank, and then to drain the filtered water to the aeration fields.

Sewage do it yourself for a country house

Speaking about the use of septic tanks, they can be divided into several types, which one to choose, let’s decide:

  1. A septic tank made of concrete rings is a type of septic tank that is created with its own hands. At the heart of the device are concrete rings in which the wastewater is gradually processed with the help of bacteria and, at the final stage, is cleaned and finally filtered in the groundwater.
  2. Septic tank aster – septic tank from the manufacturer, characterized by compactness and relatively simple installation.
  3. A septic tank of eurocubes with their own hands – characterized by a simple installation (when compared to a septic tank of concrete rings), as well as a small cost.
  4. The septic tank TANK is a domestic septic tank whose main goal is high-quality waste processing.
  5. Septic TRITON – another sample of Russian production.
  6. And if all of you decided to install a septic tank, then read about Topas septic tank and its characteristics.

Building a house from A to Z with your own hands

There will be the full content of the phased construction of the house from the moment the site is selected to the housewarming. Those who are already building will be able to choose the material from which he is building the house and the stage at which he stopped and to gather the necessary information for himself. Just as important is your participation in the project, in the comments you will be able to add material that in the future can help in studying the issue of building a house.

Preparing to build a house

Foundation and wall construction

Overlap in the house

Roof and roof

Windows and doors


It is important to understand that building a house is better once and well, which means it is necessary to thoroughly study the issues of each stage in order to avoid mistakes. Errors will be no longer significant and after building a house you can correct them on your own.

Good luck in building your own home!

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