Many home craftsmen build a foundation of asbestos pipes with their own hands, because such structures are easy to install, reliable and have a relatively low cost. The main material here are asbestos pipes for the foundation – an inexpensive and affordable material. You will be able to perform the whole complex of works with your own hands, without using expensive special equipment and the services of professional builders.

Tools that you need to work:

  • Hand drill.
  • Concrete mixer.
  • Standard hand tools that each owner has.

Pros and cons of such a foundation

  The foundation of asbestos pipes with their own hands

In the photo – the appearance of the column structure.

The foundation on asbestos-cement pipes has both positive and negative characteristics, which you should be aware of when starting work.

  • Price. For example, a monolithic base will cost you at least twice as much.
  • Land works are reduced to zero. You do not need to level the soil or dig a pit.
  • High installation speed and the ability to start building a building almost immediately. So, the foundation of asbestos pipes should be left for 6-8 days, while the strip base needs about 28 days to do this.
  • Since the main building is 30 cm above the ground level, it is not threatened with flooding during heavy rains and floods. Also, with this design, communications (water and sewage) are greatly facilitated.