Day: March 14, 2019

We make the foundation for the house

Fill the formwork with fittings with concrete of a grade not lower than 300. To arrange the foundation, we will need several cubic meters of mortar, therefore we should either rent a concrete mixer or order ready-made concrete from the manufacturer.

It is advisable to fill in at once, in order to avoid cold bridges. Immediately after pouring, we gut the concrete (pierce with a metal bar) or treat it with a vibrating compactor to remove air.

  We make the foundation for the house

Pouring mortar from concrete mixer

For complete drying, the strip foundation requires at least 30 days. All this time, it is advisable to cover the surface of concrete with polyethylene to slow down evaporation and more efficient strength building. When the surface under polyethylene starts to crack, it should be moistened additionally.

Block foundation

Preparation for laying

If you do not want to mess around with the construction of the formwork and its subsequent casting, you can build a prefabricated foundation of building blocks. (more…)

The furnace for the garage to work out their own hands

An example of a homemade stove from the pipe

  • The finished air and fuel supply pipe is welded to the cap. She is exposed so that to the bottom of the case she did not reach 120 mm.
  • We make a bowl for fuel
    1. Now a piece of 30 mm is cut from a pipe with a diameter of 133 mm, with a wall thickness of 4 mm.
    2. Cut out from sheet steel with a thickness of 2 mm a circle with a diameter of 219 mm.
    3. Weld to a piece of pipe. The result was a bowl where the fuel is fed.
  • Assembly.
    1. A bowl is installed inside the case at a distance of 70 mm from the bottom. It will be possible to observe it (and rekindle) from the lower viewing hatch.
    2. Install the cover with a fuel / air supply.
    3. A chimney is installed on the flue pipe. Pipe with a diameter of 114 mm, a wall of 4 mm. Its height is not less than 4 meters. The part that remains in the room may not be isolated, it is better to warm it outside. Chimney – only vertically upwards, inclined sections are excluded.