Month: February 2019

Skeleton hozblok do it yourself

The foundation pit after hardening of concrete is laid out under the construction of foam concrete or brick pillars. During the construction of the supports of the required type, anchors are laid in order to subsequently fix the frame shed in the place of its lower binding.

On the pillars stacked ruberoid trim to prevent rotting of the frame of the tree. Now the stage of creation of the fundamental basis is considered to be passed and it is possible to engage in further construction.

  Skeleton hozblok do it yourself

Requires checking the accuracy of the construction of pillars. To do this, put a board on a number of pillars flat and adjust the level. If there are errors, they must be corrected by mounting on the top of the post trimming boards. The control specifications are carried out by placing the board along the short and long rows. (more…)

Sheathe house clapboard outside

Century-century private wood construction has been popular in our country. Covering the house with clapboard will reflect the aesthetic and artistic taste of the owner and highlight the house among other similar ones; finishing of the interior and exterior of the building will help. A cost-effective and affordable way to transform the appearance of the house – it is sheathed clapboard clapboard outside.

  Sheathe house clapboard outside

In addition to the colorful design, with this method of finishing an additional protection of the building against the negative influence of external factors is provided, which affects the extension of the service life.
This article contains helpful tips to avoid making mistakes when covering a log house with clapboard.

Types of lining as a building material

The key features that determine the popularity of lining as a type of finish are simplicity and speed of installation, as well as a natural appearance, which allows you to quickly and well sheathe a wooden house outside. (more…)

Screed in the frame house

  Screed in the frame house

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12 things you should not buy in second-hand Check out the list of things that should always be new, and never buy them in second-hand. (more…)

Shallow-footed tape foundation with your own hands

To keep the building as long as possible, the following mistakes should be avoided when laying the foundation:
• before starting work it is necessary to completely remove the entire plant layer of the earth (turf) by 15-20 cm; otherwise, the plants, and behind it the lags will rot;

• it is prohibited to fill a shallow foundation without preliminary filling with sand-gravel mixture capable of passing water; otherwise, wet ground, having frozen to concrete in winter, will simply “pull” the tape upwards; This is especially dangerous in the absence of insulation;
• A common mistake is the incorrect binding of reinforcement in the corners of the foundation with overlapping in the shape of a cross; for a perfect connection with rods running along, its ends must be bent through 90 ° ;

• to tie the foundation of the porch or veranda to the main one is forbidden; they must be separated by a deformation seam. (more…)

How to install PVC windows in a wooden house

You may need to replace any parts of the opening. For example, in chopped houses, the areas of logs located under the window opening most often suffer. In this case, the damaged areas are cut out and replaced with pieces of logs of suitable size. Replaced areas are fixed, depending on the possibilities – with staples, long trimmers, wooden locks (groove-tenon).

Be sure to treat the replaced area with protective compounds.

Installation of windows in a window box (for chopped wooden houses, installation of a window box is carried out using a mowing or casing) is the most appropriate way to install windows. Thus, the rigidity of the aperture is preserved, a strong base frame is created. But at the same time, the window itself will be able to self-regulate during seasonal fluctuations of the house (shrinkage, movements, etc.). (more…)

Proper attic insulation from the inside

Therefore, if you want to save heat as much as possible, or in the attic you plan to make a good sauna, then you need this vapor barrier:

  Proper attic insulation from the inside

Or immediately buy insulation with aluminum side:

But remember that a good vapor barrier film is still important to properly lay and waterproof, otherwise the water vapor will still find its way.

The joints of vapor barrier cloths are usually sealed with a special adhesive tape from butyl rubber, but even in this case, full tightness cannot be guaranteed. The thing is that over time, the adhesion of the adhesive layer decreases, and with the additional load, the sheets are unstuck. That is why when installing the exterior finish, when you can mount the same drywall directly on the vapor barrier, many put an additional crate. Its task is not so much to ensure that the finish is fixed more evenly (which is also important), but to press the tape or sealant with the slats. (more…)

Thickness of reinforcement for strip foundations

The diameter and quantity of reinforcement used directly depends on the massiveness of the structure, on the type of soil at the construction site, as well as on the type of strip footing (shallow or deep). The process of calculating the reinforcement cage should be carried out at the design stage of the entire building. Only strict compliance with the requirements of project documentation, construction technology and professional construction work can guarantee the service life of the strip foundation for at least 150 years.

  Thickness of reinforcement for strip foundations

Innokentiy Andreevich Vlasov

Ivan, in this case, you need to build on a 10-liter bucket. Fill a full bucket with sand and add 1/3 of cement, mix everything 10 liters. or.

October 16, 2015

How is the calculation of finished concrete per 1 sq. M screed 5cm thick? How much sand and cement is required for this? (more…)

Tying the frame house with their own hands

Next, one corner of the future house and the installation of prepared bars or boards is mounted. All joints are laid with a special jute tape. When using a bunch of boards, you need to lay it on the edge so that all the joints between the boards are vertical.

On the straight parts, the details of the strapping are connected with a frontal stop using a special gasket made of jute tape. Fasteners of parts among themselves are using brackets or metal corners. When laying all the details of the strapping, one more additional check of the straightness of all corners of the structure and its horizontal position with the help of a level is performed.

For fixing the bottom trim with the foundation use two options:

  • With the help of anchor bolts, pre-installed in the foundation. The anchor bolt must be fixed in each pole at the base or around the perimeter of the strip base;
  • With the help of nails that need to drive into traffic jams, which are also installed in the foundation at the stage of its preparation for the final binding. This method of fastening can be considered more reliable and high quality. The installed bottom frame of the frame is once again checked for level evenness, and after it holes are made for lags.