Day: February 24, 2019

Stove in the garage for working out with their own hands

It is possible to kindle the stove with chimney matches or torches lowered into the tank through the hole.

  Stove in the garage for working out with their own hands

Kindle the stove to work

After the stove has flared up, the hole is covered by half, and after it is heated, the flow of air into the tank is adjusted to ensure that the gases in the perforated pipe are even

Tip: It is strictly forbidden to pour gasoline, kerosene, any solvents and flammable substances into the oven. This could trigger an explosion.

More details about the design of the furnaces for testing, their advantages will show the video.

You can learn more about heating the garage with your own hands on our resource.

Furnace for working out for the garage

Furnace for working out for the garage has its own specifics of operation. It should not only warm up the entire volume of the room quickly and economically, but also burn through immediately after the fuel supply is turned off and cool down quickly. (more…)

Step by step construction of a frame house

Mounting the frame house with their own hands, the developers from the very name of the technology understand that the main element of such a structure is the frame, and it is on it that the entire structure is retained. The skeleton consists of vertical posts fixed with bolts and horizontal strapping. As before, here the entire construction process is carried out in stages. The material used is wood or metal profile. for the installation of which will require a welding machine and certain skills. If you decide to create a frame of wood, it is recommended to choose hardwoods, such as larch or the most popular oak. The height of the rack should correspond to the same parameter of the room. Connect the rack thorn-groove on the principle of lower strapping. After fitting, there should be no gaps. (more…)

Thickness of mineral wool for ceiling insulation

The conditions of the Russian climate with a short summer and a long frosty winter create the need to take additional measures to warm the residential buildings. One of them is the mineral wool ceiling lining. This procedure will ultimately help not only to increase the period of heat preservation in rooms, but also to avoid the appearance of mold and fungus on the ceiling due to condensation, which is formed as a result of a direct collision of cold and warm air.

Thermal insulation of the mineral wool

Warming of the ceiling in residential buildings is recommended to be carried out using mineral wool, because it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly material, does not rot, is refractory, and insects and rodents cannot start there.

Most importantly, it has excellent heat and sound insulation qualities. (more…)

Step-by-step instructions for the construction of a frame house

In general, it is possible to lay one beam 100-150 cm, but its price is much higher than two boards, which together give the same thickness, and correctly fastened two boards have a greater bearing capacity, although it takes more time to lay them. So that they work as a single timber, they are knocked down with nails in increments of 20 cm in a checkerboard pattern.

We put the strapping and logs

Next to the rail board is attached strapping. Its size is also 150-50 mm, but it is placed on the edge. It is leveled at the outer edge of the foundation, and is nailed with long nails (9 cm) to the sunbath every 40 cm.

  Step-by-step instructions for the construction of a frame house

Installation of the harness: according to the instructions, the assembly of the frame house continues with the installation of the harness to which. will lag the floor

The next stage is the installation and installation of the lag. (more…)

Than to warm the wall outside

Despite what material is used as a heat insulator, any of the above options cope with its main task – insulation of the room. In addition, the outer insulation allows you to keep warm and protect the surface from moisture. About how to insulate the walls in a private house outside, tell step by step instructions and practical recommendations of experts.

  Than to warm the wall outside

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