Day: February 22, 2019

What is a hip roof

Studying the device truss system of the hip roof, it should be noted that within this type, there are several types of structures. In turn, this makes adjustments to the overall process of erecting the frame of the truss system.

Classic hip roof

It differs by supporting diagonal ribs on the skate support beam and the location of the overhangs at the same height. The individual elements of the hip roof correspond to the triangle (pediments) and trapezium (ramps).

  What is a hip roof

Diagram of the device truss system and the appearance of the hip roof (normal, standard)

Hip roof

It is distinguished by the absence of a skate support beam. This leads to the fact that all diagonal edges converge at a single point, and ordinary short rafters are already adjacent to them. This roof is preferred in the presence of a square box at home. (more…)

The design of the floor in the frame house

After laying the pipes, it is necessary to carry out their hydraulic test, which will make sure that the system does not leak and heats the room properly. After checking, it is possible to stack aluminum heat distribution plates on top, to cover them with a waterproofing substrate.

At the device of a heat-insulated floor it is useful to think over at once layout of the room. So under the large-sized furniture in the presence of a heated floor does not make sense, and when placed under the appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, etc.), it will only harm it with additional heating.

On average, a warm floor will cost between one and a half – three thousand per square meter.

Other options for underfloor heating in the frame house

An alternative to a water-heated floor will be electric – cable or with an infrared carbon film. (more…)

Skeleton hozblok do it yourself

The foundation pit after hardening of concrete is laid out under the construction of foam concrete or brick pillars. During the construction of the supports of the required type, anchors are laid in order to subsequently fix the frame shed in the place of its lower binding.

On the pillars stacked ruberoid trim to prevent rotting of the frame of the tree. Now the stage of creation of the fundamental basis is considered to be passed and it is possible to engage in further construction.

  Skeleton hozblok do it yourself

Requires checking the accuracy of the construction of pillars. To do this, put a board on a number of pillars flat and adjust the level. If there are errors, they must be corrected by mounting on the top of the post trimming boards. The control specifications are carried out by placing the board along the short and long rows. (more…)