Day: February 19, 2019

Pond at the cottage

A small body of water is enough to clean only once a season by hand. To do this, it is necessary to completely pump out the water using a submersible pump and remove the accumulated dirt from the bottom. To clean the pond, you can use a special vacuum cleaner, equipped with a filter with which you can collect dirt from the bottom.

  Pond at the cottage

Pond Vacuum Cleaner

Council If a vessel filled with charcoal is placed at the bottom of the pond, the water in it will not bloom for a long time.

Fallen leaves can be collected from the surface of the pond with a net. In the fall, during strong leaf fall, the reservoir can be covered with a special net. In order to avoid the ingress of dirt during the winter period, the pond is covered with any covering material.

Council To prevent the film from cracking in the cold, it is better not to drain the water for the winter. (more…)

The staircase to the second floor

To begin with, the location of the future structure is determined and the following measurements are made:

  1. Height of the opening. The basis is a finishing floor, first and second floors. The distance from one to another is the desired parameter.
  2. Opening width It should be noted that it can have a different configuration: from the most demanded – rectangular to figured (circle, oval or other non-standard execution). This parameter significantly affects the choice of design.
  3. Height from the ceiling to the ground floor floor. In the future, will allow to calculate the height of the passage and correctly design and construct a ladder in the house.

  The staircase to the second floor

Diagram and drawing of a ladder with dimensions in height and width

  • A scale is drawn up on the ground floor plan of a private house. The place where the stairs start is determined, the length of the march is marked on the floor. (more…)
  • Paths from wooden cuts

    But, in order not to disturb the harmony of the garden path, sawn along chubuki are used.

    Step 5 – filling the second layer of sand cushion

      Paths from wooden cuts

    Sand bedding Sand is used as the second layer. Total height of the pillow is 50-100 mm.

    In order to seal the sand well, a technique such as watering it with water is used.

    The material is prepared for the site

    Step 6 – the scheme of laying wood cuts

    The order of installation of the cuts of the tree does not matter. Pattern formation depends on the preferences of the owner.

    It can be positioned so that the space between the saws is as small as possible. And you can, on the contrary, have them widely.

    The main thing at this stage is to slightly “drown” the saw cut (rammed), and also level them up.

    Laying saw cuts Tamping saws Installation of tree cuts under the path Leveling cuts


    Than to warm the house from a bar

    As mentioned above, the insulation of the walls of the house from a timber is quite simple, but, as elsewhere, there are some nuances that we will consider, studying the sequence of works along the way. It looks like this.

    1. As mentioned above, the first stage of work related to the insulation of the house from a bar is the preparation of the walls. We talked about how it is performed above and add not much remains here – in particular, to say that the walls of the house must be treated with antiseptic impregnation.
    2. Next we collect the frame or, so to speak, the crate for the installation of cladding material. The structure of the frame is fully dependent on the type of cladding material. In principle, there are only a couple of options here – in most cases, people prefer to preserve the beauty of natural material and use all the same wood for exterior cladding. For example, blockhouse lining or similar. Alternatively, various types of panels are used under stone or wood. For panels and wall paneling you need a different batten, the structure of which you can simply find out either on the Internet or on the packaging with panels. In addition, differences in the structure of the lathing may lie in how it is planned to carry out the installation of the facial finish. For example, the same wall paneling can be installed both horizontally and vertically – the crate is made transverse to the direction of the lining. For the wooden structure of the frame is better to recruit from a wooden beam, the cross section of which is selected based on the thickness of the insulation.


    Pie wall frame house with mineral water

    Scandi-scaffold against OSB without ventzazra outside in a humid climate. But generally against PSP is strange

    Not against OSB per se, but against installing OSB on the outside of the wall. OSB is impregnated with resins and will prevent moisture from the cake.
    Double GCR over OSB is not needed. Firstly, there is no sense, secondly, material overruns, thirdly, there will be difficulties with the installation of the electric box.
    OSB on the inside + 1 layer HL will give a strong strong wall with a high load-carrying capacity and ease of installation on it of any hanging shelves, cabinets, stairs, etc.
    The optimal layering according to the results of my experience is this: Over the supporting (vertical) bars of the frame from the side of the room we fill the vapor barrier (using 0.2 mm polyethylene film), counter lattice (horizontal) from the bars 45x 45mm or 45x70mm (our standards). (more…)

    Private house do it yourself

    Frame panel. How cheaper to build a house? Gathering his own. Of course, this will require skills and equipment. Thanks to this type of construction, it is possible, although it will take a lot of time and additional money to buy insulation and other things. The frame is made of wood and sheathed sandwich panels. Each part has to be mounted separately, which affects the timing and complexity of construction.

    Frame-shield. This option is expensive, but reliable and requires much less labor. The design is assembled from ready-made shields, which are manufactured at the factory by special order. Boards are supplied already warmed and completely ready for assembly. If we compare the prices of panel and panel buildings, the first is more expensive. However, the final cost may turn out to be the same if workers are invited to assemble frame-panel housing, because you have to pay for all types of work separately – assembly, plating, thermal insulation, and finishing. (more…)