Day: February 18, 2019

Project hip roof drawings

Here is an example of how the dimensions of the components are calculated. This should be done before or during the time when the hinged roof truss system is planned. The roof scheme is just an example, only an individually created project is suitable for each house.

  1. The measuring rod measures the horizontal distance of the ramp intermediate rafter. According to the table of calculations for roofs, we choose the optimal angle of inclination and see the result of the product of the obtained data.
  2. We measure the length of the rafter from the ridge to the place of attachment, given the protrusion.
  3. The length of the overhang is determined by the sum of the correction factor plus the horizontal projection.

The correct angles of the rafters for attachment to the ridge are also calculated in a mathematical way, the tight fit of the angle to the ridge board is a guarantee of a sturdy construction. (more…)

Warming log houses outside with their own hands

If the ambient temperature in winter falls below the indicated mark, then it is necessary to use two or even three layers. Experts advise to lay just a few layers, and not 1 layer with greater thickness. The amount of insulation is calculated from the total surface area multiplied by the number of layers of material.

In addition to the insulation, you must also use wooden slats and timber:

  • for 1 layer of mineral wool a batten 50 * 50 m is used;
  • for 2 layers of mineral wool need rake 50 * 100 mm.

The total number of rails for the lathing depends on the parameters of the step, i.e. from the width of the slab mineral wool.

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Installation of insulation on the wall of the house

Warming a wooden house on the outer wall is carried out in a certain sequence:

  • execution of preparatory work on the surface of the walls;
  • laying a layer of waterproofing;
  • laying battens from the rails;
  • installation of thermal insulation material;
  • laying a second layer of waterproofing.


Partition of timber in the apartment

– the connection of the partition with the wall with the help of dowels

  Partition of timber in the apartment

– ligation with outer wall

As a result, we get the following construction:

Next, the timber is cut to the width of the doorway, and to achieve the height of the doorway – install a solid timber, which will bind the underlying.

This method is characterized by the fact that the partitions will shrink simultaneously with the outer walls, but the price will be slightly higher.

Frame partitions in the house from a bar represent the wooden racks connected among themselves by horizontal communications in the form of a bar with the subsequent covering.

Plasterboard sheets, gypsum plasterboard (gypsum chipboard), wall paneling and so on can be used as cladding.

The device of such partitions consists in the following: the places for the installation of the lower and upper straps are laid out, the upper one is installed, then MANDATIVELY WITH THE GLAZE OF THE TOP ARE attached to the frame itself and the casing. (more…)

What you need to know when building a private house

Interpretation of the abbreviation IHC – is an individual housing construction. The individual housing construction provides for the construction of a residential building on an owned plot of land.

IZhS objects are: residential building, extension, superstructure, garage and other capital buildings. Those. those buildings for the construction of which requires the permission of local authorities and, in some cases, the consent of neighbors.

Land is an area with clearly defined boundaries. At the same time, the surface layer of the earth is also considered private property. The depth of the layer at the legislative level is not spelled out. But it is worth remembering that when you are going to dig a well, you are acting within your interests. If the plans include drilling an artesian well, then you encroach on state property, which means that its drilling must be coordinated and documented. (more…)