Day: February 17, 2019

Plasterboard partitions in a wooden house

The construction of partitions on a double wooden frame allows you to solve the problem of laying inside the engineering communications partition and even install water heating batteries in them. In width, these partitions are much higher than those discussed above.

For the installation of an expanded partition, two straps set apart enough to accommodate the communications are installed. All operations during the installation of the frame are performed in the same way as in the first case. First, determine the distance by which the two frames will be spaced apart from each other, then mount the strapping bars and vertical posts.

After one side of the partition is faced, inside it, in pipes or special boxes made of galvanized steel sheet or plastic, all necessary communications are laid. Installation inside the partition and radiators is also possible, although this will require additional work. (more…)

Scheme frame house constructive

  Scheme frame house constructive

Fight nails in the overlap lags through tying lag (true for the first floor, where instead of tying – laying or tying piles):

Nail connection lag overlap on the central supporting wall of the skeleton:

How many nails do you need to beat the lag above the central pole in the lintel:

Marking black floor tiles

Black floor and its attachment to the floor logs (true for wall cladding with slab material):

The walls of the frame house

We hammer nails into the lower frame of the frame wall:

Top trim of the frame house wall to the wall uprights:

We bring down the frame racks of the wall to the bottom trim and the black floor:

Frame racks in the middle of the house are fastened to the bottom trim and overlap lags in the middle of the house:

The second upper trim of the frame house is attached to the lower trim and the frame frame racks:


The better to warm the log house

Sheathing timber houses with plastic siding

To sheathe a house from a bar outside it is desirable to use wooden boards, the thickness of which will be at least 25 mm. Also that they were made of larch, pine or oak. In this case, an important parameter will be performed, in which both the cladding and the walls breathe better.

  The better to warm the log house

Wood paneling allows walls to breathe

Important! During the installation of the cladding at the lower and upper edges of the facade, special ventilation slots should be created. In order to avoid rain or snow falling behind the facade, you can install special visors.

In the next article we will look at the technology of warming a frame house – which insulation is best suited for this type?

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Overlap between the floors do it yourself

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Proper construction of the walls of the frame house

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    The overlap between the floors in a private house: the types and technology of construction

    The overlap between the floors in a private house are structures that divide the room height, forming floors. These designs separate the basement and attic rooms from the main ones. They must have sufficient strength to undergo a load of its own weight and a payload that turns out to be furniture, people, and equipment.

    general description

    The size of the payload per square meter will depend on the purpose of the premises and the nature of the equipment. If we are talking about the attic floor, then this value is not more than 105 kilograms per square meter. (more…)

  • Screed floor in a wooden house under the tile

    In other words, the composition of the mixture is no different from the composition of the solution, which is used for the production of screed, for example, in apartment buildings. Many recommend using laundry detergent as a plasticizer (per handful of 100 l one handful of powder).

    • The solution is poured on the floor between the guide rails. The height of the screed must be at least 50 mm.
    • Filling is carried out in one run, without significant interruptions. We can not allow part of the area to be flooded in one day, and the other part the next day.
    • To eliminate air bubbles, the surface of the freshly screed is treated with a needle roller.
    • The surface of the cement screed must be absolutely flat. To do this, use the rule that smooth the solution, based on the beacons. If there is a need, then they pass it on top with a construction float.
    • After pouring, the screed must be allowed to dry completely, and she needs help with this. To do this, several times a day, the screed is moistened with water and covered with plastic wrap.
    • Two days after pouring, you can remove the beacons, after filling the void with the same solution.
    • Then the screed is again wetted with water and covered with a film. In this state, the screed “reaches” another 2 weeks. Only after this, the floor covering can be laid on the screed.


    The device overlap on wooden beams

    At this stage, beams of the required length are prepared. The length depends on the installation method. If the beam gets into the wall, it is calculated as follows: the length of the room plus 300-400 mm. for fixing in the wall. If attached to a wall, the length of the beam is equal to the length of the room.

    Installation of wooden beams begins with the extreme beams. Each beam is checked by construction level. After that, the beams are fixed in the nests of the wall using dry rubble.

    Next, install intermediate beams. To do this, it is advisable to stretch the line between the outer beams and put the rest on it. The distance between adjacent beams should be the same.

    When the beams are set exactly at the level and the horizontal is checked, they can be concreted in the landing slots.


    Roof of soft tiles do it yourself

      Roof of soft tiles do it yourself

    Soft roofing is a term that unites a number of flexible roofing materials with excellent consumer qualities. Its piece and rolled varieties perfectly protect the house from atmospheric “misfortunes” and effectively decorate the exterior. They weigh little, do not require effort in cutting and fastening. One of the advantages is the ability to lay the cover with his own hands. For a perfect result, it is not necessary to have the skills of a roofer. We need skill, patience, tools and information about how the technology of laying a soft roof differs from other methods and how to properly arrange the roof.


    Materials from the group of soft roofing coatings are modified versions of the old-good roofing material. New development borrowed from its predecessor flexibility and ease, rightfully topping the list of benefits. (more…)

    Pouring the pile foundation with your own hands

    Rostverk is a kind of strip foundation that connects the tops of the piles. It is recessed and not recessed.

    At the same time, the grillage is the main component when creating a pile foundation with your own hands. In order to make a buried, or partially buried grillage, you need to dig a trench between the tips of the pile, which should repeat the perimeter of the building, and also should be located under the bearing walls inside the structure of the future home. Fill the trench with sand and tamp it. On top of the sand, make a layer of gravel. The surface of the bed should be approximately the same height as the tips of the piles.

    It is necessary to lay a rubble cloth roofing and make formwork. Moreover, as tightly as possible, so that the concrete mass does not squeeze it out. Then, it is necessary to make a reinforcing skeleton for the grillage, connecting it with releases of the skeleton of the piles. (more…)