Day: February 16, 2019

Pie interfloor overlapping on wooden beams

Interfloor wooden ceiling of the beams is installed on the condition that the span width is not more than 8 m. Between the floors there are also supporting structures, and these are beams for which the beam with a section of 150×100 mm or 150×150 mm is used. To determine the distance between the beams, you can do the calculation yourself. As a rule, this parameter varies from 0.6 to 1 m.

Among the advantages of wooden floors between floors, it is worth noting the long service life and reliability.

In any case, the presence of a vapor barrier film is required, which excludes penetration and the formation of excess moisture.

The surface of the floor, both attic and basement, must be treated with special wood preservatives. Wood floors are the lightest and therefore they are installed in residential buildings, especially used for attic space. (more…)

Pillar foundation on the slope

The cheapest of all types of foundations is columnar, and it can be made on any slope. Cheapness is determined by small labor costs, a small amount of building material and the fact that you need only one assistant to build such a foundation. You can make columns from any available material – brick, concrete, reinforced concrete blocks, concrete, asbestos-cement or metal pipes. The supports are installed at a distance of no more than 1-1.5 meters from each other, as well as at the points of intersection of the supporting walls and at the corners of the building.

Features of the pile and pillar foundations:

  1. On them you can build light houses from timber, chopped houses, frame-shield buildings.
  2. Best suited for houses built on a slope.
  3. Cheapness of construction.
  4. The bases are not affected by the depth of soil freezing.
  5. Long-term operation.
  6. Possibility of installation at any time of the year.
  7. When the groundwater level is high, columnar and pile foundations are not recommended.


Pros and cons of frame houses expert opinions

  Pros and cons of frame houses expert opinions

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Pros and cons of frame houses: how to avoid mistakes during construction


Overlap between floors in a private house

6. high installation speed and immediate continuation of construction.

The disadvantage is the limitation of the span width. To make the deflection of the bars minimal, in the premises establish columns and retaining partitions. The stacking step is determined by the load and the cross-section of the beam. Stable floor decks are erected over spans up to 5 m, and attic widths do not exceed 6 m. With an average load of 400 kg / m2, bars with a section of 150×200 (225) mm are installed with a step of 0.6 m, 150×225 (175×250) mm at 1 m.

Before installing the wood is treated with antiseptic. After impregnation, a protective coating is applied against fire, mold and insects. Beams are fixed in the slots, which are formed during the construction of load-bearing walls. The ends of the bars are cut at an angle of 60 °, oiled and wrapped with roofing paper with the place of contact with the stone blocks. (more…)

Rules for laying laminate on wooden floor

It is important!
After the laminate is purchased and brought home, you should hold it for several days in the room where the installation work will take place. This is necessary in order for the plates to adapt to temperature and humidity, to take appropriate dimensions.

It is important to understand that when using the phrase “wooden floor” it is not only wood that is meant. It can be hardboard, plywood, chipboard, parquet. All of the listed surfaces are subject to various factors contributing to deformation (mechanical pressure, moisture, linear and non-linear expansions), while the main condition for proper installation of the laminate on a wooden floor is a perfectly flat surface.

The first step is to assess the condition of the floor. Horizontalness is verified using a building level. (more…)

Staircase to the second floor do-it-yourself drawings

To begin with, the location of the future structure is determined and the following measurements are made:

  1. Height of the opening. The basis is a finishing floor, first and second floors. The distance from one to another is the desired parameter.
  2. Opening width It should be noted that it can have a different configuration: from the most demanded – rectangular to figured (circle, oval or other non-standard execution). This parameter significantly affects the choice of design.
  3. Height from the ceiling to the ground floor floor. In the future, will allow to calculate the height of the passage and correctly design and construct a ladder in the house.

  Staircase to the second floor do-it-yourself drawings

Diagram and drawing of a ladder with dimensions in height and width

  • A scale is drawn up on the ground floor plan of a private house. The place where the stairs start is determined, the length of the march is marked on the floor. (more…)
  • Pie frame house recommended

    The components of this facade in the picture:
    – Baumit KlebeSpachtel glue
    – Valmierovskaya front mesh
    – Baumit UniversalGrund Soil
    – plaster Baumit SilikonPutz fur coat 2mm
    – Styrofoam

    4: base
    And this is about the base
    1. Preparation and priming of the foundation with a penetrating ST primer 17.
    2. Pre-sanding EPPS (extruded polystyrene foam, do not take Teplex and other fingers pushing). Epps sanding on both sides with a hacksaw.
    3. To output in the places of junction of the system the front fiberglass mesh of Bauteks (blue, Eurofacade), Vertex, Valmiera for the subsequent wrapping of the insulator ends. Adjacent to the blind area, to the facade.
    4. Glue EPPS on the base, it is better to glue on the comb, or on the rivets and edging. Glue ST 83, ST 85, can polyurethane adhesive ST 84. (more…)

    The device of the bases of columns of concrete

    8. A barrier wall is erected between the pillars, preventing the penetration of debris and moisture into the foundation of the structure from the outside.
    9. The foundation is waterproofed using a layer of bitumen deposited on the top of the pillars.

    Laying the column foundation with their own hands, developers often make mistakes, resulting in damage to the base and walls of the house. Here are the most typical ones:

    • Unevenness of the basement subsidence. This may occur due to incorrect calculation of the depth of the bookmark, different values ​​of the reference depths or unequal load on the base supports. To eliminate this phenomenon, it is necessary to make the most accurate calculations of a planned load distribution.
    • The use of low quality material: sand mixed with clay or cement of the wrong brand. It should be noted that during long-term storage, the quality of cement decreases by 30%, or even by 50%.
    • Incorrect estimate of the primer bearing properties. To avoid this, a competently executed project will help.