Day: February 15, 2019

Rough floor in a wooden house

  Rough floor in a wooden house

Anyone who intends to engage in the device of the lower flooring should take care of the presence of good ventilation subfloor. Some experts advise to make a certain number of large holes in the corners of the building. Later they can be closed with a special grill. The entire underground must be treated with an antiseptic solution.

Lags call a special bar. which are used for installation in a wooden house finishing floor. For their manufacture it is quite possible to use a tree of the second or third grade. Such wood often has a not too smooth surface, so before use it can be slightly leveled. The side to which the finish will be installed later can be hewn with an ax.

It is not necessary to achieve a perfectly smooth surface, but it is necessary to try to make the log as even as possible. (more…)

Insulation for interior walls of the house

Thermal insulation of the apartment wall inside the apartment

In such cases, sound insulation is no less relevant issue than insulation. Moreover, modern insulation usually combines these qualities – finishing the wall of the house at the same time and warms the structure, and reduces the indoor noise level as warming from the inside of wooden walls.
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1.1 Why is it really necessary to insulate the walls?

Most often, in apartments, only one “side” of the structure is insulated – walls. In most cases, this is quite enough to significantly improve the indoor climate.

On the insulation of the floor and ceiling, you can think of the inhabitants of the extreme (first and last) floors. If your floor and ceiling are adjacent to the next apartment – their thermal insulation is not a mandatory issue, unless you want to achieve the best possible result. (more…)

Metal ladder do it yourself

If you are thinking about how to make a ladder of metal on the second floor with your own hands, then it is preferable to make it easier. To do this, pipes can be used as a frame, and massive birch plywood can be used as a material for the steps. It is often preferred to pine, for the reason that it has a less impressive cost and excellent strength. In addition, the birch does not arch when it loses moisture.

Initially, to determine the number of stages, as well as their parameters. For the framework, a pipe should be used, the cross section of which is limited to 100 x 100 mm, and an angle of 40 x 40 mm is required. It is recommended to replace the pipe with a channel, since it has impressive rigidity and does not create the effect of vibration under mechanical action, which is inevitable when walking. (more…)

The cost of building a house with their own hands

Finally, there is such a thing as designer supervision. “If you did a project in a project organization, then you should hire its representative to control what and with what quality is performed,” said Yuri Sidorov (Veles Capital Development). – It costs about 20% of the project cost. Another option is to contact a special organization for technical supervision. The cost of such services is usually 5-7% of the cost of construction and installation works (construction and installation works). ”

But from what the experts warned as if from fire – this is from the “shabashniki” who flooded the Moscow region with the proposal of “any rimont”. “It is clear that with the help of scrap, sledgehammers, chainsaws and a nail box, you can connect the unconnected and divide the indivisible,” said Anton Matalygin, deputy general director of NLK Domostroenie. (more…)

Proper wall insulation from the inside

Wall insulation from the inside: the consequences

And the third option – weatherization of the wall outside. In this case, the dew point is in the insulation. How to remove it from there is a different story (to make a ventilated facade or to choose the right vapor permeability of materials), and for our topic it is important to understand that in this case the wall inside the room will definitely be dry and warm.

Summarizing, we can say, if possible, do the insulation outside. Warming of the walls from inside the premises has to be done only in a few cases:

  • if they are not allowed to warm outside (the building is a historical monument or a ban of local authorities);
  • if the wall goes into a joint between two buildings;
  • wall goes into the elevator shaft.

But before you begin this work, inspect the floor, ceiling, and windows well. (more…)

The walls of the house from which it is better to build

A plus is also the fact that the enlarged dimensions allow for quick laying and reducing the labor intensity of the process.

  The walls of the house from which it is better to build

Ceramic bricks are very reliable. They are resistant to negative natural influences and keep the house look attractive for many years.

If you answer the question of what to build a strong and reliable house with your own hands, then the answer will be exactly porous ceramic stone. Other materials can come out cheaper, but here you can save in the process of operation, on masonry mortar and insulation. New walls of such products have an attractive appearance. As finishing it is possible to use the following options:

Lightweight concrete

This group includes a large number of different species. We can single out the following most popular ones when it is necessary to build a country house or a residential building with your own hands:


Pile foundation tape do it yourself

The most important point in laying the foundation is the planning of its depth and the general marking of the territory.

First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the level of soil freezing at which construction will take place. Since any type of soil is suitable for this type of foundation, it does not play a special role. When the depth of freezing of the earth is known, the depth of the piles can be calculated, which will be laid 0.3-0.5 meters deeper than this level. Now you can begin to calculate the number of piles, the length and width of the tape. To begin with, the selected area is cleaned and maximally aligned to the level. Then the marking is done using rebar, hammered into the ground, or wooden pegs, clogged at the corners. It looks like the photo below.

  Pile foundation tape do it yourself

The markup must be made necessarily both on the external and on the internal perimeter, thus the width of the tape is outlined. (more…)

Water heating the floor of a private house with their own hands

The design capacity of the boiler should be 15-20% higher than the total capacity of all floors in the room.

Circulation pump for underfloor heating

Required to ensure the movement of the coolant in the system. The pump built into the boiler will not cope with the load if the area of ​​the house exceeds 100 sq. M.

Pipes for a warm water floor

  • According to experts, copper pipes are considered to be an ideal option – durable, characterized by high heat emission, but their cost will significantly increase the installation budget;
  • Metal-plastic pipes are leading in terms of price / quality ratio. Their composition eliminates the appearance of corrosion and accumulation, which leaves the diameter of the pipe bore unchanged. In addition, metal-plastic pipes are lightweight, easy to bend and have a high temperature limit.