Installation of panels of finishing material is made using various fasteners, the price of which is not so high. The following are the main options that are applicable under normal conditions.

All of them allow you to perform a hidden fix:

  • finishing nails are thin metal rods that do not have caps;
  • countersunk self-tapping screws are fasteners designed for concealed installation;
  • Klyymery belong to the retaining parts, which need additional fixation brackets.

  Imitation timber how to mount for interior decoration

It looks like a kleimer for fixing panels.

If you carry out the fastening of an imitation of a timber with ordinary nails and screws directly into the front part, then the aesthetic characteristics of the coating will be significantly impaired.

Fixation points

Each panel is a profiled plank of wood. which has a groove and a comb. (more…)