Day: February 13, 2019

Metal frame DIY do it yourself bath

For the roof we take soft tile or metal tile. In extreme cases, profiled. But before that you need to do the warming. We work from the outside, we start with the following list of materials:

  1. Vapor barrier.
  2. Insulation.
  3. Wind-moisture protective membrane.
  4. Tile or professional sheet.

Note! Three items from the list are perfect for work and with the walls of the bath.

Read more about dvukhskatny version of the roof on the frame:

Construction of floors, roofs with explanations.

Work is performed by sector between the rafters. And after installing the protective membrane put a tile with a tile. Example for a landmark:

What to take in the decoration of the walls in addition to wood

To use modern materials for cladding is now more profitable, more beautiful and sometimes faster. Yes, and with good lumber with such an abundance of competitive goods more difficult. (more…)

Instructions for the construction of a frame house with their own hands

  Instructions for the construction of a frame house with their own hands

Installation of the roof of a frame house is a very important event. Rafters (pictured) of the roof can be done both before and after wall cladding. I did the first trim, but often do the rafters before the trim (especially the Finns, who on the roof very quickly put the farm from the factory)

I delegated this stage, I could not master it myself, very heavy boards for rafters, you have to drag it to the very top and do everything very precisely.

Frame-shield house with their own hands. Wall cladding

Before sheathe the walls, you need to check their slope vertically. It is better to sew up the walls completely, and then cut the openings in the casing, so tight.

Usually the walls are sheathed with OSB, but I do not like this stove, it does not let off steam. It is better then to use the MVDP Beltermo or inch (as in my photo). (more…)

Mauerlat for four-slope roof

Projects (drawings) of the four-slope roof

  •   Mauerlat for four-slope roof
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Overlap of the second floor on the wooden beams

The device overlapping the second floor on the wooden beams, as you can see – the procedure is simple. It is possible to assemble such a design, including independently. But, of course, performing the installation of the ceiling, you should strictly adhere to the established technologies. In this case, the design will be reliable and durable.

  Overlap of the second floor on the wooden beams

Never do this in church! If you are not sure about whether you are behaving properly in a church or not, then you are probably not doing the right thing. Here is a list of terrible.

20 photos of cats made at the right time Cats are amazing creatures, and everyone knows about this. And they are incredibly photogenic and always know how to be at the right time in the rules.

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The device overlap in the frame house

Different materials are used as sound insulation of floors, we consider the main ones:

  1. Mineral wool – these include all types of mineral wool used for sound insulation. It is recommended to use a more dense, although the sound waves are well damped and light glass. From the impact noise all the same will save only an integrated approach.
  2. Bulk – various backfilling, for example, ecowool, sawdust, sand, expanded clay and other materials with sound insulation characteristics.
  3. Sheet materials in the form of vibration-proof sheets, special floor coverings for final finishing, cork coatings. They are often used in complex methods of sound insulation.
  4. An integrated approach to eliminating noise consists of a combination of different solutions, for example, the use of layers of different density and strength.


Roofing a roof with his own hands

  Roofing a roof with his own hands

If the structure has a small width, A-shaped trusses are installed without a ridge girder. The horizontal lintel (bolt) gives the structure rigidity and reduces the load on the spacer, which is transmitted to the walls. The attachment of truss legs in the upper part is enhanced by a wooden or metal plate lining.

The lower part of the rafters can rest on the mauerlat with the cut-off end – in this case, the truss system is performed without overhang. If the project provides for the construction of a roof with an overhang of rafter legs, a recess is cut in the lower part of the rafter so that the rafter of the horizontal part of the cutout rests on the power plate.

The construction of the roof of the house can be done without laying the wall cover on long walls. In this case, beams are mounted across the long walls, and the length of the beams exceeds the width of the building. (more…)

Lower binding of the frame house on a strip foundation

There are two main ways of connecting adjacent beams:

  • in half-wood – smooth grooves with a thickness equal to half the thickness of the timber are mirrored in the joined elements;
  • in the semi-lap – the cuts are made at an angle so that when connecting the details of the strapping, no voids are formed.

Experts recommend using the plane. It will help to perform more accurate cuts. The instrument is bought at a nearby supermarket or rented.

After preparation of the bars and the waterproofing device, the stage of laying the trim in the design position begins. First of all, proceed to the design of the corners. To do this, nails plan their location. Do this consistently, starting from one of the outer corners. After that, using a string stretched between nails and a construction square, check the correctness of keeping the corners. (more…)