Day: February 11, 2019

Installation of wooden floor on logs

In cases where the distance between the ceiling beams is too large, fix the two layers of beams, perpendicular to each other. This, however, will not be necessary if the finish is wide thick boards.

Fixation methods

The methods of fixing the lag to the base depend on its type. The traditional method of fixing a log on concrete or reinforced concrete beams using long nails is already outdated. Yes, and he did not provide a long use lag.

Most often, builders use U-shaped fasteners or corner of galvanized steel. On one side, the corner is fixed to the concrete base with dowels, and on the other side it is screwed to the timber with screws. The fastener enters the lag by 3-5 cm. Similarly, the bars are attached to the brick posts on a dirt base.

  Installation of wooden floor on logs

If the length of the beam is not enough to cross the entire premises, often, prefabricated structures are used. (more…)

Manual concrete preparation proportions

The characteristics and properties of the concrete solution are directly related to the quality of the binder, fine and coarse filler, shut-off water and additives. The main ingredient is cement, all other proportions are measured from it. The relationship between the brand of binder and the final strength of concrete is reflected in the table:

Simply put, the binder grade must be 2 times higher than the required grade of the mortar. Portland cement with the maximum content of calcium silicates in the composition (up to 80%) is best suited for concrete preparation. The proportion of impurities should not exceed 20%, in practice this means additional marking on the packaging D0 or D20. Checking the release date when purchasing is required, this type of binder quickly loses its useful properties. (more…)

Installation of the stairs in a wooden house step by step instructions

Marching ladders, in turn, are subdivided into types:

  Installation of the stairs in a wooden house step by step instructions

Marching stairs are simple and concise, this type is most suitable for making their own hands

Both the first and second types are considered not difficult to manufacture and are most in demand.

Such stairs are a spiral that goes up to the second floor. This type saves a lot of space, but it is labor-intensive in production.

The spiral staircase is original and beautiful, but it is better to entrust its production to professionals.


These systems combine the two previous types. Their production is the most difficult and therefore not suitable for self-erection.

Combined systems are more complex in production and it will be quite difficult for a beginner to mount them.

Making the stairs with your own hands – instructions for making

First, we will determine the material of manufacture and prepare the tools necessary for work. (more…)

How to warm the attic roof

  How to warm the attic roof

In a heated room, the greatest heat loss occurs through the roof, since, in accordance with the laws of physics, warm air rises. Heat penetrates through the roofing pie and is transferred to the topcoat, which in winter is covered with a layer of snow. Snow has a porous structure, and due to internal air pockets it acts as an external heat insulator at air temperatures below -2 degrees.

If the heat loss of the house through the roof is high, the roofing material is heated, which causes the snow to melt. When the air temperature drops, the melted snow forms an ice crust. This is dangerous for roofing, as when freezing water has a negative effect on the outer surface of the roof. Ice, unlike snow, is not a heat insulator, in addition, it is denser in structure – an ice crust on the roof significantly increases the load on structures. (more…)

How to warm the attic from the inside

Regardless of the type of insulation (except for expanded clay), it is mandatory to install the membrane or vapor barrier films (lower layer) and waterproofing (upper layer).

Attic wall insulation

The walls of the attic can be formed by the slopes of the roof. Thus, they do not need warming, since already insulated the roof of the room. Also walls can be built from any other building material. In this case, they need to be warmed. For insulating the attic wall from the inside, the same technology is used as for insulating the ceiling with the obligatory arrangement of the batten. In addition, walls are often insulated with cellular concrete (foam concrete or aerated concrete). This is a convenient option, because no need to use hydro-vapor barrier films, crate, etc. work.

Insulation of the attic gable can be performed from the outside along with the insulation of external walls or from the inside, as part of the work on insulation of the attic from the inside. (more…)