Day: February 9, 2019

Material for home insulation

There are various materials that have high thermal insulation properties. But they are all mounted on walls in a similar way.

Warming of the house outside can occur in three ways:

  • Heat-insulating material is fixed with glue, and at the end is finished with plaster.
  • Creation of a three-layer non-ventilated wall. Insulation is fixed with a special solution. After that, an external wall one brick thick is built. Between the insulation and the new wall should be an air gap.
  • A ventilated facade is another option for how to make the house warm from the outside. The wall is covered with waterproofing material, and the insulation is fixed on top. After the windshield is installed, the frame is sheathed outside with clapboard. According to this principle, the house is being heated with siding outside.


Mansard roof do it yourself

In general, the slope of the side surfaces usually ranges between 45 ° and up to 80 °. The steeper the slope, the more sail it possesses, it must be taken into account: in regions with strong winds it is better to do more flat roofs. Then the wind loads will be perceived much better.

Types of roof systems of broken roofs

  Mansard roof do it yourself

Construction of a broken roof roof – one of the variants of the truss system (the most common)

For the manufacture of a broken roof frame, they often use lumber from pine, the grade is at least 2. The choice of cross-section of timber and planks depends on the size of the roof, selected roofing (its weight), wind and snow load in the region, and the rafter installation step. All these parameters are taken into account in the calculation. The technique is prescribed in SNiP 2.08.01-89 and TCP 45-5.05-146-2009. (more…)

What can whiten the ceiling

Of course, before starting such an operation as whitewashing the ceiling for the old whitewashing, the room needs to be prepared. Floors and furniture should be covered with technical plastic wrap. Wear rubber gloves on your hands. This is especially important if slaked lime is used for processing. As you know, it can corrode the skin.

All doors and windows before the whitewash ceilings water emulsion, lime or chalk must be closed. Otherwise, on the ceiling after drying, there will be ugly stains and stripes.

  What can whiten the ceiling

The use of special tools

Sprinkler gives a very thin layer of finish. Therefore, whitewashing the ceiling on the old whitewash with aqueous emulsion paint when using this tool should be made at least in three layers. This allows you to get a flat, completely white and clean surface. (more…)

Mansard roof insulation technology

Above the insulation, between the crate and the rafters, waterproofing is laid. The material is overlapped, laying starts from the bottom edge of the slope. Then the wooden countermounts are mounted – their thickness creates the required ventilation gap of the roof. Reiki can be fastened to the rafters with nails, but it is better to use screws. To the prepared construction from within between the rafters the insulation is laid and fixed.

  Mansard roof insulation technology

Truss foot, made of metal or wood, is a cold bridge, as its coefficient of thermal conductivity is much worse than that of a heat insulator.

For this reason, warming the attic, you should not limit the installation of a heat insulator between the rafters – on top of the already laid mats and rafters it is better to perform a continuous heat-insulating layer. (more…)

Lower frame frame house

Next, one corner of the future house and the installation of prepared bars or boards is mounted. All joints are laid with a special jute tape. When using a bunch of boards, you need to lay it on the edge so that all the joints between the boards are vertical.

On the straight parts, the details of the strapping are connected with a frontal stop using a special gasket made of jute tape. Fasteners of parts among themselves are using brackets or metal corners. When laying all the details of the strapping, one more additional check of the straightness of all corners of the structure and its horizontal position with the help of a level is performed.

For fixing the bottom trim with the foundation use two options:

  • With the help of anchor bolts, pre-installed in the foundation. The anchor bolt must be fixed in each pole at the base or around the perimeter of the strip base;
  • With the help of nails that need to drive into traffic jams, which are also installed in the foundation at the stage of its preparation for the final binding. This method of fastening can be considered more reliable and high quality. The installed bottom frame of the frame is once again checked for level evenness, and after it holes are made for lags.


Proper attic roof insulation

With this option, it is easy to work with insulation: it is easy to lay, it rests on the sheathing (laces).

Warming from the inside

This option allows you to postpone the interior for the required period (useful if there is a shortage of funds). After installing the truss system, this is what you need to do:

  • roll out and secure waterproofing;
  • to fill the crate (if necessary, a counter lattice);
  • mount roofing material.

For the first stage, this is all the necessary work. After the opportunity to continue, you will need to make insulation mansard roof from the inside. It will not be so convenient to work: it will be necessary to make a walling construction, which will not allow pushing the insulation higher than necessary. The cotton wool itself will have to be fixed somehow: it strives to fall on its head. (more…)

Open veranda do it yourself

Protect visitors to the veranda and flooring from the rain and the heat of the sun will help high-quality roof. Its frame is made of wood, using the vertical strapping of the terrace and the horizontal timber-base fixed on the wall of the house. When erecting the roof of the veranda, it is necessary to foresee a slope of not less than 15-20 o with respect to the horizon in order to avoid the accumulation of large masses of snow.

  Open veranda do it yourself

As roofing materials for terraces use as traditional metal sheets or a soft roof, and less widespread glass or color cellular polycarbonate. Thanks to the use of the latter, the roof of the veranda can have a radial rounding or dome-shaped form. Of course, this will require the manufacture of a more complex truss system, but it will give the appearance of a terrace a unique one. (more…)

Masonry walls of foam blocks technology

Progressive construction of houses or other objects involves the use of many types of building materials. One of them became blocks of high-quality autoclaved aerated concrete. This is a great alternative to expensive brick or environmentally friendly wood. The nuances of masonry, described below, will help to save on attracting labor, as they are simple sequential actions.

  Masonry walls of foam blocks technology

Stages of independent work

The whole process is a complex of actions, which can be divided into several stages:

  1. Preparation of the base.
  2. Cleansing of all elements.
  3. The subsequent laying of the first row of foam blocks.
  4. Match with level.
  5. The construction of walls and armopoyas for ceilings.

From what is used as a binder solution – glue or cement, will depend on the speed of work, the technology of masonry and the tools applied to it. (more…)