Day: February 7, 2019

Water pipe in the country with their own hands from the well

The connection of the two components in the well (cut)

Now we can proceed to the main and final phase of the pump installation – for this we will not be able to do without the rod, which is wound on the inside of the adapter – this part is clearly visible in the photo, which shows how the adapter is disconnected – something like a black bowl on top.

So, now you need to first immerse the pump in the pipe, hold it by the flexible polyethylene pipe, and then continue diving with the help of the rod – immediately make a mark on it so that you know whether the inside of the adapter has reached the outer part (the mark on the rod is the outer part of the pipe). Most likely, you will not be able to get into the grooves from the first time, but this is not a reason for frustration, make a few more attempts and you will definitely get. (more…)

Scheme dvuhskatnoy roof

  Scheme dvuhskatnoy roof

2. A heater (mineral wool) is installed between the rafters themselves.

3. From above rafters together with a heater again becomes covered by vapor barrier.

On the resulting frame roof mounted sheathing, which will be the basis for roofing. It is made of boards, moisture resistant modifications OSB and chipboard. In this quality, galvanized steel profiles can be used as corrugated flooring.

Video “How to make a gable roof”:

Laying depends on the type of future coverage:

– under roofing material and other rolled materials, shingles are made continuous crate (intervals between blanks to compensate for thermal expansion no more than half a centimeter);

– under the metal profile or slate – sparse, in increments of up to one and a half meters;

– for most materials – standard, 30-40 centimeters. (more…)

How to reinforce the tape foundation with your own hands

Reinforcement of the tape foundation is done directly with the hands in the formwork prepared for pouring or next to the free area. The first method is the most reliable, as it allows you to control the correctness of reinforcement. But the second to make their own will be easier.

Step by step instructions for the assembly of the steel frame:

1. Lay flat stones or bricks at the bottom of the trench to lay the longitudinal bars to lift them 5 cm above the surface.

2. Make cross-webs from a smooth rod of a smaller diameter and lay them in increments of not more than 60 cm.

  How to reinforce the tape foundation with your own hands

3. Mount the vertical posts in the same way on the longitudinal reinforcement.

4. Attach the rods of the upper belt and secure transverse rods to them.

5. Lay the finished modules on the bottom of the trench and tie the longitudinal elements overlap. (more…)