Day: February 6, 2019

How to put slopes on plastic windows

Edging plastic panel

Fit to the perfect (as far as possible) coincidence at the top and bottom, set in place, driving one edge into the groove near the window. When the result is satisfactory, dub the outer vertical edge at one level with the stucco of the wall. This can be done with a stationery knife on the spot, or you can draw a line on the panel (with a pencil, thin marker, scratch it with something sharp) and then refine it with something convenient.

After removing, on the outer edge, we also drill holes for studs. Set the panel in place, take the foam, and bottom-up fill the gap. Too much foam and here – not good, because plastic can bend. Because fill in short portions, trying to fill as deep as possible.

On the vertical parts of the slopes, you can do it differently: on the ready-to-install panel on the far edge, which is wound up under the frame, apply foam before installation. (more…)

How to make a pool at home

It is imperative to install filtering equipment that will effectively clean water from debris and various microorganisms. Depending on the choice of cleaning method, it can be carried out after a certain time or permanently.

The structure of such equipment includes a pump, multi-way valve and filter element. The average filter life is about 2 years. In addition to the filter unit, special chemicals can be used.

If the structure is located indoors, then it is possible to make and install an air dryer, heat exchangers, flow-through water heaters near the pool. Electrical heating can be used for small pools, and large ones are usually connected to the central heating system.

Now you know how to build a pool with your own hands. As you can see, this is a simple task that can be done by any home craftsman, after which your dacha will be transformed, and you will be able to rest outside the city even more comfortably. (more…)

Metal frame with your own hands

The framework for drywall sheets can be made of wooden slats. The principle of attachment to the walls is the same. It is more difficult to set the guides on the level without hangers. The frame is usually made with metal corners. It is set in blocks and adjusted by level.
Lack of wood in warping when moisture from the air. The frame must be treated with protective materials. To create a smooth structure you need to have experience with wood. The validity of the material is less than the metal profile.
Alignment surfaces drywall, fixed on the profile, convenient. The disadvantage is that the area of ​​the room decreases.

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The track from the wood cuts with their own hands

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How to properly insulate the house with mineral wool

Next, you need to treat the wall with a primer. After that, proceed to the fixing plates. Prior to this, prepare the glue by mixing it dry with water to a uniform consistency.

The application of glue occurs with gentle movements on the surface and the back side of the insulator. It is necessary to fix the plates from the lower corner of the building, gradually moving upwards. For additional fixing use dowels “umbrellas”.

After the procedure, with glue, it is necessary to fix the reinforcing mesh. From above it is covered with a special solution that will hide all gaps.

Next is priming, plastering and finishing. This article described in detail how to properly lay the insulator, protecting the house from wind and cold.

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How to make a pile foundation with your own hands

After the completion of drilling operations, it is necessary to make devices for the arrangement of wellheads. For this, cylinders are made from the roofing roofing material on the inside diameter of an opening about 250-300 mm long. These devices will serve as formwork and casting guides. After that, the cylinders are inserted into the wells with their own hands.

The failure of the above formwork promises a lot of trouble in the form of leakage of concrete milk, increasing the roughness of the outer surface of the supports and the loss of strength of the pile tip. After the device heads are made and lowered into the well the reinforcement cage of the future columns. The skeleton is knitted with knitting wire, and it consists of 3-4 vertical rods of construction (8-12 mm) reinforcement, connected by transverse horizontal ties with a step of 0.5-0.6 m. (more…)