Day: February 2, 2019

How to revet a house with bricks

Laying brick: 1 – installed reference anchor; 2 – “prick” insulation on the anchor; 3 – clamping washer; 4 – hydraulic washer; 5 – the level of the side bracket, which is mounted in a horizontal seam; 6 – facing wall

If you decide to enclose a wooden old house with bricks, then before that it just needs to be treated with antifungal agent. In this case, the treatment must be performed twice, a second time in a few days.

It is important to know that the foundation and plinth need to be prepared first. On how correctly made the foundation and will depend on how easy it will be to impose bricks on the house in the future.

For high-quality brick cladding, a full-fledged foundation is needed, at least 25 cm wide. At the same time, a foundation with a blind area is not suitable, as it will not stand the weight of a brick wall. (more…)

How to make a basement waterproofing

Many experts prefer to work with mastic cold applied. They create on the walls of the basement in a private house a thick protective layer that penetrates all the cracks of concrete or brickwork. A seamless film with a high elasticity index is formed on the surface.

Please note that for seams (knots) special bitumen mastic is used. The knot of contact is first embroidered, then filled with cement mortar, and after it is dried it is processed with mastic.

Application Method

The technology of applying mastic is quite simple. This will require either a brush or roller. The material is applied by type of paint. The main thing is to evenly distribute the mastic throughout the treated surface. Stripes overlap with each other. Some mastics are called liquid rubber. These include the brand “Elasstomix” or “Elastopaz.”


Installation of double-glazed windows in a wooden house

  Installation of double-glazed windows in a wooden house

This design is designed to give window designs independence from shrinkage of the walls, to prevent any load on the frame during deformation of the bearing walls.

Okosyachka performs the following functions:

  • does not allow boards to move vertically in the window opening area;
  • does not interfere with vertical shrinkage of walls;
  • accepts mechanical loads from bearing walls;
  • strengthens the wall of the building in the window area.

How to make a casing

The most simple casing design is as follows. Make a vertical groove at the ends of the logs of the window opening, which has a size of 50×50 mm. In this groove set the bar of the same size. This method of installation casing used in the installation of wooden windows.

When installing plastic structures apply a more advanced method of mounting okosyachki. (more…)

How to make a foundation for your own home

If you are building something with the expectation that the building will last for many years, then it is imperative for it to build a foundation. It does not matter whether it is a residential house, bath, garage, fence or greenhouse.

Articles in the category dedicated to foundations for a house will allow you to independently begin building your own house or any other structure that requires a reliable foundation. Even if you are not a fan of doing your own hands or you simply have no time, the information provided will allow you to monitor the progress of construction work carried out by hired workers.

How to make a foundation for your own home. Step-by-step instruction.

The foundation is the foundation of any capital structure. From what will be the foundation and how well it will be made, depends on the durability of the future construction. (more…)

How to make a basement in the house

The exhaust pipe is installed under the ceiling of the basement. Its upper part should extend onto the roof of the house and be as high as possible. To improve the basement exhaust pipe, it is necessary to lay it in close proximity to the smoke ducts (for example, the heating boiler channel). The upper part of the inlet pipe can be placed in the attic, and the lower – under the floor of the basement room. In the summer months, there is often not enough natural thrust, so many homeowners install a fan in a chimney.

In addition to the ventilation ducts, the airing of the basement can be done with air vents, which can be presented in the form of small windows located in the basement wall. High humidity is eliminated by airing.

Blind area device

The blind area is the first barrier to the penetration of thawed and rainwater into the house. (more…)