Day: February 1, 2019

Strengthen the foundation of a private house with your own hands

There is another progressive way to strengthen the foundation of the house – with the help of brown injection piles. This technology belongs to the category of modern, but is not suitable for independent execution. For the production of drilling operations will require specialists and special equipment.

The essence of the method consists in drilling inclined wells penetrating the body of the old foundation. The diameter of the well can reach 250 mm. The depth of drilling depends on how deep the solid layers of soil are located.

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Fine concrete mix is ​​poured into the finished holes, and reinforcement cages are immersed. A house reinforced with brown injection piles receives many additional points of support. Their number is determined individually for each building. (more…)

How to make a foundation for home

The lack of a foundation for arranging such for an ordinary house can be considered its considerable cost: the cost of materials and the cost of the device itself will require considerable. The foundation is convenient because the building will stand on a single slab with good stiffness, which eliminates the possibility of deformations and cracks.

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Pile foundation

The execution of the pile foundation is made from the group of piles or individual elements that are combined from above by a slab of concrete or reinforced concrete, with a beam grillage. Pile-type foundations are recommended in cases where significant loads are placed on weak ground or when weak ground needs to be pierced and supported on stronger ground. It is advisable to use pile foundations when weak soils lie at great depths: loose sandy, subsiding soils, water-saturated sands. (more…)

How to make a ceiling beam of boards

For such purposes, it is recommended to choose softwood or larch wood, since such material has the best strength relative to hardwood. Bars, boards or logs must be dry – humidity not exceeding 14% is allowed. Usually, lumber acquires such moisture in a year when the proper storage conditions are created.

  How to make a ceiling beam of boards

Wood moisture measurement

Beams should not have a large number of knots, it is advisable to reject the forest, which has pronounced obliquity or tiltedness – the fibers should be placed along the bar or board. It is good if the lumber was treated with an antiseptic and a composition that improves the fire resistance of the wood.

Depending on where wooden floors are used, it is necessary to make a choice of bars or boards according to the dimensions of the section, on which the reliability of the structure depends. (more…)

Installation electricians do it yourself

  Installation electricians do it yourself

Typical wiring diagram of a private house: groups can be many different

If the calculated load is less than 15 kW, the input automat is set to 25 A. The counter is also selected accordingly. At higher power consumption, the installation of a transformer will be necessary, its parameters and parameters of all equipment will be indicated in the project.

Recently, when connecting a private house to the power grid, they require the installation of a meter and automatic switch on the street. This requirement is not legally confirmed, it is easier for the electric service to control consumption. If you want, you can fight; if not, choose a counter and a machine in a case with high dust and moisture protection – protection class not lower than IP-55. For installation inside the building, the protection should be less – IP-44, respectively, and the price will be lower. (more…)

How to level the plywood floor

  How to level the plywood floor

The scraping and polishing of the board flooring reduces the thickness and, accordingly, the strength, the operational life of the structure, and the putty dramatically increases the production time. Therefore, the alignment of the wooden floor with plywood allows you to save time and increase the strength of the substrate for the finishing coating. This option is more expensive than using chipboard / OSB, but by default provides a high turnaround time and a stable spatial geometry of the black floor.

Purpose of plywood flooring

Usually the need for laying plywood arises from the property owner in several cases:

  • the second layer of the subfloor – sheet material allows you to dramatically increase the carrying capacity of a thin edged board or an excessively large stride lag beneath it;
  • saving time – if the flooring of the grooved board is worn out, the flatness of the surface is broken, the longitudinal distortion of the individual floorboards is observed (“hump”), and the flooring is decided to be left, then the plywood will make it possible to correct these defects with minimal cost.


The construction of the stairs to the second floor

Installation of the stairs to the second floor do it yourself with the installation of a pillar. In the floor of the first floor and the ceiling of the second make a hole equal to the diameter of the column. Insert the pipe into the hole, put on an enlarged washer, tighten the nut. Further, the assembly is simple: appropriate elements are mounted on the rod, and the baluster is installed and fixed in parallel with the installation of the stage. The dimensions of the steps for this spiral staircase with the given parameters are in the drawing.

  The construction of the stairs to the second floor

Drawing of spiral staircase elements with dimensions

Steps are cut from a glued board or furniture board. You can use an array, but of furniture quality, that is, without any defects and dried, with a moisture content of not more than 8-12%. Although glued wood is considered more reliable: it definitely will not lead and it will not crack when drying. (more…)

How to lay piece parquet

To obtain a floor that visually represents a seamless glossy surface, the slats are fixed longitudinally to the window. Before installation, the plates of the first row are laid out taking into account the distance from the wall, marking the cutting line from the last element.

For strong fixation, before mounting each subsequent row at the junction of the connection of two planks, connect the next row board, slightly loosening it to align the connection horizontally. This is done with all joints. For cutting the slats fit jigsaw. Such a tool does not damage the surface of the elements.

Parquet can be laid on the deck and diagonally, having previously drawn a scheme for the ease of installation on the basis of the scheme.

  How to lay piece parquet

Deck installation looks interesting despite the simplicity of the pattern. (more…)

How to insulate the house from the inside

  How to insulate the house from the inside

When the frame is complete, you will need:

  1. Install slabs of mineral wool between the bars so that there are no gaps.
  2. Attach the insulator with dowels.
  3. Tighten the vapor barrier film from above and fasten it.
  4. Horizontal tension membrane.

The joints on the membrane, you can additionally stick with tape.

Fine finish and headlining

The last step of warming mineral wool is the surface plastering with drywall, clapboard or plywood using self-tapping screws or nails. The fastening of the clean material is carried out on the framework bars.

Warming of the ceiling is performed using the same technology. If it is necessary to warm the inside of the attic or attic, then it is recommended to apply thermal insulation on top of the ceiling. For residential premises it is better to use a film for vapor barrier in 2 layers: 1 layer is under the slabs of mineral wool, and 2 – above the insulation. (more…)