Day: January 30, 2019

Wall frame house technology

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  Wall frame house technology

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Any frame wall is a base, which in the next stage is sheathed and filled with various materials. In our case, a tree is used for the base.

The technology of building frame walls of wood

The frame is a rack, the cross section of which may be in the range of 38 * 150 mm. (more…)

How to insulate the walls of the house from the inside

Insulation for walls inside the house allows you to increase the thermal performance of the design. Works are carried out from inside the premises. Warming from the inside – unconventional technology. Usually use outdoor. But there are situations when there is no other way out.

  How to insulate the walls of the house from the inside

Internal insulation is recommended when it is not possible to conduct external insulation.

Most often, the interior wall insulation experts recommend in extreme cases, when there is simply no other way out. Also, the option is relevant for apartment buildings. It helps not only to increase the comfort of housing, but also to prevent the occurrence of such troubles as mold or fungus.

Warming the walls from the inside with their own hands has a number of drawbacks. For this reason, the method has many opponents. Ways of wall insulation from the inside cause such problems as:


How to insulate a log house outside with your own hands

  How to insulate a log house outside with your own hands

House with a male roof, nineteenth century.

Another feature was the construction of a log house under the very roof, the construction of which in this case was called mats. This type of structure was especially widely distributed in the north of Russia. The logs were raised to the very roof, they built the triangle of the pediment, on which they fastened the slings for tesa.

So, we see the following features that did not allow traditional wooden houses to be made in Russia:

  1. wall thickness sufficient to maintain heat;
  2. solidity of the walls, achieved by the density of logs and caulking slots;
  3. low level of hygroscopicity of wood due to its processing with an ax.

Consider these features as applied to modern homes from timber.

Modern house of timber

Modern house from a bar with a section of 150 mm. (more…)

Insert windows in a wooden house

  Insert windows in a wooden house

Qualitatively install plastic windows in an old wooden house with your own hands is quite possible. The main rules of installation are to follow the sequence of actions and take into account the peculiarities of the construction.

To begin with, measure the distance of the window from the base of the floor. The most optimal parameter is 80-90 cm. Ideally, the window sill is installed above the desk, the height of which according to the standard is 80 cm. The marking of the upper and lower borders of the window opening is performed using a professional tool – water level. Its height should exceed by 13 cm a similar parameter of the inserted plastic window, and width – by 12-14 cm. Plus, 1.5 cm is left on each side for sealing with mounting foam.

The next stage is the preparation of the window opening (measurements, installation). (more…)

How to strengthen the foundation and tie the basement of the house

The column foundation is subjected to such reinforcement. Near each reinforced support, but first a reinforcing mesh is installed. A wooden formwork is attached to it. The free space between the formwork and the base is poured with concrete. Such a structure reconstructs the base, and also contributes to an increase in the bearing load on the pillars.

Pile technology

This technique has become popular in the repair of the foundation of a brick house or any wooden structure. The only exceptions are dilapidated wooden houses with completely rotted lower rims.
The technology of this method has two varieties. Application of the first is possible in the event that the basement of the house has minor damage.
In the bearing structural part, holes are drilled through until the drill touches the ground surface. (more…)