Day: January 29, 2019

How to insulate the ceiling in a private home mineral water

The floor must be cleared of debris and metal particles that can break the delicate cloth.

First, using a level, you need to measure all the angles in the room, as this will affect the profile docking. As soon as the zero level is determined, you can begin to mount the profile rail on the wall with dowels or self-tapping screws. As a result, we get a room with a fixed profile around its perimeter.

Before installing the canvas room must be heated with a heat gun. It is necessary to ensure that the indoor temperature was around + 40 ° C. Only after that you can gradually unwind the film, making sure that it is not too close to the heat source. The material is removed from the packaging, not forgetting that it should be taken with clean hands.

At the stage of fastening the canvas should be heated to + 60 ° С. (more…)

How to install a door closer

Speaking about the installation of door closer, I mean two types of installation: outside and indoors. If the device is planned to be fixed to the interior canvas, stop at the standard installation method, in which the mechanism case is fixed to the canvas from the opening side, and the bar with the shoe is mounted on the box.

It is better to equip the entrance gates from the street with a door closer from the inside, otherwise it will be exposed to constant dust and moisture. In addition, in cold weather the mechanism may freeze and then the door will not close at all.

Therefore, in most cases they stop at the inside installation, and then they already act in accordance with the design features and the opening direction of the entrance gate. According to the fire safety regulations, the external doors should be opened outwards, which means that the device case should be mounted on the joint or on the additional fastening plate. (more…)

Proper installation of plastic windows in a wooden house

After the preparation, proceed to the process of installing the window.

First of all, we disconnect the window frame from the casements, if the window is deaf – remove the glass unit. We do not remove the protective film from the windows – it will protect the profile from possible damages and scratches.

Installation of a windowsill

  Proper installation of plastic windows in a wooden house

Installing a window sill in a wooden house If you want to install a window sill, then first of all we mount it. When installing, adjust the plane using a level and backing plates (pieces of wood, plywood, etc.).

If the window sill is also made of PVC, then under the cap of the screw it is necessary to put a washer (so that when screwing the screw it does not fall into the cavity of the window sill). Screw the screws into places located under the future frame (so that it is beautiful and the caps are not visible). (more…)

How to dig a well with concrete rings

The gate with which the bucket of water can be lifted can be made of a log with a diameter of 0.2 cm. A hole is made in the central part of each end of the gate, into which an axis and a handle of the gate are then inserted.

Metal components of the gate are usually made separately on order or from improvised means. On the side of the handle of the gate you need to put on 2 washers, and one – on the other side.

Pucks serve to prevent the gate from moving and contribute to its durability. For a more visual idea of ​​what design options for the upper part of the well can be, you can watch the video below.

Now you have all the necessary knowledge about how to carry out the work of digging a well without additional costs and your own hands.

  How to dig a well with concrete rings

Sobolev Yuri Alekseevich

How to dig a well on the country site itself

Mankind, alas, cannot do without water, it affects physiological needs, and it is also necessary for technical purposes. (more…)