Day: January 28, 2019

How to make interior partitions in a wooden house

The board partitions are in many respects similar to timber, the only difference is in thickness. If it is not possible to fix the boards in the load-bearing wall, then this type of partitions is used where differences in the pattern of walls and partitions are permissible. The advantage of wooden partitions is the low cost of materials, so they are used in bathrooms and various utility rooms. In this case, the frame form two adjacent vertical boards that attach to the walls or floor and ceiling. It is also permissible to install the frame boards horizontally. Then between them insert facing boards. Also, the frame can be made from one board and sewed on one or two sides with facing boards, setting them at an angle of 90 °. Facing boards are fixed with nails and screws. Also, the frame can be made of timber with a thickness of 2-3 times larger than that of the board. (more…)

The device plumbing in a private house

From the standpoint of the dependence of the water supply source on external factors, two fundamentally different types of water delivery to the user can be distinguished:

Centralized water supply at home

In fact, the same autonomous, but within the region. In this case, the user does not need to worry about arranging the source of water. It is enough to connect (crash) to the central water main.

Connecting the house to the central water supply

All actions are reduced to the phased implementation of a number of requirements, including:

  • appeal to the regional communal organization MPUKHP KP “Vodokanal” (Municipal Enterprise “Management of Water and Sewer Management”), which controls the central highway;
  • obtaining technical characteristics of the sidebar. The document contains data on the place of connection of the user’s pipe system to the line and its depth. In addition, there is indicated the diameter of the pipe line and, accordingly, instructions for choosing a home wiring pipes. It also indicates the indicator of water pressure (guaranteed water pressure);


How to punch a well with your own hands without drilling

  • Well on the sand. More common this type received due to the low cost of work and the ability to perform work manually. From a structural point of view, a sand well is a single column with a bottom filter (see diagram). Debit wells ranges from 5 to 100 cubic meters. per day. The depth of drilling is limited to 10 meters (with machine drilling 30 m). For pumping out water, a hand pump is used (a hand column for a well) or a pumping unit. Service life is 10-15 years.

  How to punch a well with your own hands without drilling

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  • Well on limestone or artesian well. It is much less common. The reason for this may be: the high cost of the work and the need to agree on a drilling project in local licensing organizations (such as KP Vodokanal). Well construction solution is more complicated. It consists of two columns – casing, and working. (more…)

How to make floor lags

The finished coating is ground, primed, varnished or painted.

The wooden floor on the logs has external aesthetics and a long service life. In addition, such a coating is environmentally friendly, the floor of coniferous wood can create a comfortable microclimate for the whole family. Having done laying the floor on the logs with your own hands, you will gain new useful skills and significantly save.

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  How to make floor lags

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How to make lags?

For arranging wooden floors in the house to you, no matter what kind of wood materials you will lay in the future – boards, plywood or chipboard, you will first need to lay logs on the base of the floor. (more…)

How to fill the tape foundation

You need to start with the manufacture of retaining clamps. It is better to do this using a pre-prepared template. The template is a section of a thick board according to the size of the foundation cross section. If the board is taller and wider, draw a section of your foundation on it. In the board you need to drill in the corners of four holes with a diameter of 16 mm. The axis of the holes should be 40 mm from the edges of the foundation. Drive long M16 bolts with washers into the holes, and tighten the nuts through the washers from the back side. Around the bolts of the template can be bent reinforcement bars for clamps. It will be easier to bend the rods if a piece of a hollow tube is put on their ends.

The longitudinal reinforcement is knitted with wire to the clamps on the surface, this is how the finished frames are obtained. (more…)

How to make a basement in a private house

This system is most often used for large basements. The purchase and installation of forced ventilation is quite a significant cost, for this reason, not everyone can afford this luxury. The advantage of this method is that it gives the opportunity to most approximate the microclimate of the cellar to the natural conditions. The main principle of its work is to force the creation of a stream of fresh air with the help of special fans.

Heating the basement of a private house

In order for the basement to be dry and warm, you need to take care of the heating system. The choice of equipment depends on how much heat energy is needed for heating.

  How to make a basement in a private house

Storage of agricultural products

As a rule, it does not require additional basement heating. Most often, the neighborhood with heated living quarters on top is quite enough. (more…)